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20 Stylish Hairstyles For Oval Face

by Fashionlady
Hairstyles For Oval Face

Hairstyles For Oval Face

Got an oval face? Confused about how to style your hair? Cheer up gal, because oval faces can be flattered with some of the most fashionable hairstyles. Yes, it is true! Hairstyles for oval face can be varied and quite a fun to try out. All you need to do is to get a suitable haircut or tweak your current hairstyle slightly.

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Here Are Some Of The Best Haircuts For Oval Faces

With so many haircuts and styles doing rounds on the internet, we have hand picked Some Of The Best Haircuts For Oval Faces. Learn how you can style them up in the trendiest way.

1. Short Sleek Bob With Side Bang

When it comes to the best hairstyles for oval faces, short sleek bob always tops the chart. Such a slightly angled bob with soft side bang is quite low-maintenance yet very stylish. Keep the length up to your neck and go for a subtle color that complements your skin tone.

Haircuts for oval faces

2. Straight Highlighted Layers With Side Bang

Layers and bangs are two most flattering styles for oval face shapes. Needless to say, these can give you a sexy killer look, if combined together. Well, how about this straight medium-length layered locks with gorgeous highlights and graduated side-swept bang?

Oval face hairstyles

3. Short Chic Pixie With Sharp Front Bangs

Pixie is one of the most stylish short hairstyles for oval faces. Just pull it off the right way and you will be all set to dazzle the floor with your super chic avatar. Take inspiration from this short blonde pixie with sharp bangs falling right on the forehead. Amazing!

Best hairstyles for oval faces

4. Layers With Feathered Front Bangs

Make your oval face look rounder by opting for a thick front bang with feathered texture. Keeping it up to your upper eye lids will cut the extra length of your face in a pretty manner. It goes very well with straight layered hair with slightly tapered ends.

Oval face haircuts

5. Simple And Smart Stacked Bob

A stacked bob not only gives fine hair enough volume, but also helps in managing the extra width of the forehead of an oval face. It is simple, smart and absolutely elegant. Moreover, it suits almost all sorts of looks – from formal to casual – just perfectly.

Short hairstyles for oval faces

6. Side-Parted Thick Waves

While considering the best hairstyles for oval faces, you just can’t ignore flowy breezy waves. Part your thick medium-length hair to one side and let your waves flow down your shoulders gracefully. Jazz up the look with a few streaks of highlights here and there.

Hairstyles for oval face women

7. Sweet Girl-Next-Door LOB

LOB or Long Bob is the latest hairstyle trend and it goes exceptionally well with oval faces. Keep the look simple and easy-to-maintain by creating a part and leaving the tresses free. You may also curl up the ends of the hair inwards for a sweeter and neater appearance.

Oval face hair

9. Inward Feathered Layers With Side-Swept Bang

Feather is one of those oval face haircuts that can never go out of fashion. Want to make the most of it? Create feathered effect on your layers in an inward direction and balance the entire look with a broad side-swept bang. We simply love this hairstyle!

Haircuts for oval face

10. Messy Tousled Waves

Have you ever tried tousled waves on your long blonde beautiful hair? Believe us, it will suit your egg-shaped face like anything. Jut spritz some sea-salt spray onto your locks and you will be good to go. For some added twist, keep the whole hairstyle a little messy.

Messy Tousled Waves

11. Long Tight Curls With Intense Layers

Deeply in love with your long curly hair? Modify it wonderfully for your face shape just by getting it layered intensely. Tight curls are one of the most popular oval face hairstyles and it certainly gives us a sexy as well as sensational look.

Curls With Intense Layers

12. Messy Shaggy Medium-Length Bob

Finally, if you are looking for a hairstyle that is smart and edgy enough, this shaggy and slightly messy bob will be your best choice for sure. Go for it if you really feel that you can pull it off like Taylor Swift. Well, are you game?

Messy Shaggy Medium-Length Bob

13. Shaved Hairstyle

Bring out your bold and edgy vibes by flaunting this short hair for oval hair. Keep the length of your hair super short on one side and shave the other side. If you don’t mind carrying a risque look, then this oval face short hair look is definitely for you.

Shaved Hairstyle

14. Simple Ponytail

One of the best hairstyle for oval faces that is simple yet elegant is to put your hair up in a ponytail. Give a side parting instead of middle parting and show off your beautiful oval face features. Need inspiration for this hairstyle for oval shaped face? Check out Emma Stone rocking it casually.

Simple Ponytail

15. Long Bangs

Like we mentioned earlier, bangs on oval faces are one of the best haircuts for oval faces. Jut ask your stylist to give you curved bangs so that they can frame your eyes. You could try the below hairstyle for long oval face.

Long Bangs

16. Top Knot

Looking for hairstyles for long thin hair oval face? How about trying out the top knot hairstyle. This is the perfect hairstyle for oval face especially if you have long and thin hair. This way you can avoid your hair to look limp and fragile.

Top Knot

17. Short Curly Hair

While getting a haircut for curly hair oval face, you need to keep certain things in mind like avoid getting bangs, layering should be done in such a way that your hair doesn’t fall on your face, do not cut your hair too short without layering it, opt for a longer cut with layers, etc.

Short Curly Hair

18. Long Wavy Hair

Take some much needed inspiration from Julia Roberts on how to get a haircut for wavy hair oval face. Make sure to use proper highlights to keep the look in style.

Long Wavy Hair

19. Long Beachy Waves

While getting a haircut for oval face with straight hair, the best way to style it would be to get some beachy waves.

Long Beachy Waves

20. Pompadour Hairstyle

If you are currently sporting a short haircut, then one of the best hairstyles for oval faces is the pompadour hairstyle. Take a look at how Halle Berry has been sporting this style.

 Pompadour Hairstyle

This was our list of top 20 most stylish hairstyles for oval faces. Don’t wait, just go and get your favorite hair cut RIGHT NOW!

We will love to hear from you how happy you are to give your hair a trendy makeover.

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