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Summer Eyeshadow That Can Be Flaunted While The Sun Dances At Its Mid-Day High

by Fashionlady
summer eyeshadow tutorial

summer eyeshadow

Warm colors or cool, neutral or browns, what summer eyeshadow colors would best suit our Indian toned eyes? This is a question which every fashionista would like to know, which is why we are here writing about the choices of summer eyeshadows that you could wear and flaunt while out at work or play. Take a look at the myriad styles that can be worn with just about anything – formal to Indian, western to indo-fusion ensembles too, these summer eyeshadow palettes can make your eyes drool worthy.

One Of The Best Summer Eyeshadow Tutorial We Would Like To Share

Here is a tutorial that we would like to share with you, on how to apply your eye shadow by choosing the right eye shadow shade for your skin tone. Take a look!

Step By Step Eyeshadow

For The Cool Tone Look That Beats The Blues

Blue is making a comeback as a hot favorite for the summer months this time, and here is a way to do eyeshadows for summer using blue shades.

  1. Begin with an eyewash, taking a neutral shade of brown and wiping over the eyelids
  2. Now take a lighter shade of yellow and highlight the brow bone or the apex of the eye
  3. Keeping and sticking to powdery matte shades in blue would be the best thing to do, which is why we would start dabbing a little blue eye shadow on the mid section of the lids, going all the way to the outer corner of the eyes.
  4. The remaining blue shadow on the pencil should be lightly dabbed from the inner corner of the eyes to the crease line and all the way onto the outer corner of the eyes.
  5. Use an applicator brush to now dab a light shade of matte yellow on the mid-section of the eyes and blend the shade into the crease line for a fairy like effect.
  6. With the help of a dark kohl pencil, draw a lash line right on the lashes of the lids and use an angular brush to smudge it in.
  7. Use gel liner and draw a double line on the upper lids and a single half line on the lower lids; black preferably
  8. Apply mascara to the lashes and curl them outwards
  9. Correct the brow and set it with mascara
  10. The blue cool summer look is now yours to flaunt.

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Do Eyeshadows For Summer

Let’s Learn About The Simple Eyeshadow Tutorial

For those who want their eyes in neutral tones and a little warm too, here is a simple eye makeup tutorial that can help you make a fashionable statement under the summer sun.


1. Use the concept of eyewash with the help of a matte shadow applied over your lids and closest to your skin tone.
2. Take a light brown matte shadow in powdery tones and apply all over the eyelids
3. Now take a deeper brown shade of eye shadow and apply from the mid section of the eyes, all the way to the outer corner of the eyes, forming a soft V.
4. Blend the deep and the light shadow on the eyes, from the mid-section to the inner corner of the eyes.
5. Now with the help of a light shiny yellow, dab a little of the eye shadow in this shade on the mid section of the eyes and blend it into the crease line.
6. Highlight the brow area with the same shade
7. Use a brown pencil to outline the lids and the lower lash line, and with the help of an angular brush, smudge it in.
8. Mascara in brown to invisible tones should be used.

This is how you achieve the golden smokey eyes for the simple yet stunning eye makeup look.

simple eyeshadow tutorial Do write in and let us know how you liked our two fabulous step by step eyeshadow tutorials? If you would like to present summer makeup tutorials of your own, we invite you to send in your instructions with pictures too.

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