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Super Pretty And Feminine Christmas Hairstyles That Are Totally In Vogue!

by Fashionlady
Christmas Party Hairstyles

Christmas Hairstyles

It is that time of the year, when you would b partying like mad and dancing around with friends. Yes, Christmas is coming and you have got to be out there, painting the town red with all the frenzy within you. New clothes, lovely shoes, chic makeup and a new hair do; it is time to be the diva you always wanted to be. With that being said, we have a couple of very pretty Christmas hairstyles, which we think you should try. They would make you look ultra chic and pretty for sure, and who knows who’s watching you- they may just ask you out to the dance as well on Christmas eve! So here are a couple of must do Christmas hairstyles, which we want you to try!

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Take a look at these lovely Christmas hairstyles

Christmas Hairdos

1. Royal Braided Updos

For the royal braised updos, we would look at sectioning the hair into two sections. The front section should be side braided and pinned at the nape of the neck; set it with fixing spray. The back section should be curled with hot tongs and then rolled into a messy mid bun. Set the same with fixing spray and let it sit. Use hair accessories to the minimal to keep the look royal!

Christmas Hairstyles

2. The Half Way High Pony Wave

The half way high pony wave is femininity personified. For this Christmas party hairstyles, you would need to divide the hair into two sections. The front section with the help of a teaser brushed should be middle parted and combed into sections side ways- pin the hair near the ears. The hair at the back should be divided into three ponytails- lengthwise. Each length should be sprayed with fixing spray and then curled with a hot tong. Once the curls are made, the hair should be spread out and set all over the nape of the neck. Set the whole look with fixing spray and accentuate with an accessory.

Christmas Hairstyles

3. A Vintage Look

On the lines of the great Gatsby look, you could try a vintage hairdo this Christmas. Make a low messy bun at the back and for the hair in front, with the help of styling mousse and hair pins, create pin curls. Set the look with fixing spray and allow the hair to sit. After a minute, place a maangtikka or a passa on the hair, and this would bring the vintage look around.

Christmas Hair Accessories

4. For Girls With Short Hair

For the dance parties at Christmas, if you are wearing your hair short- style it up. This is a very easy hairdo, which needs rollers only. First set the hair with water and hair mousse; blow dry the hair and then add hair rollers onto the hair. Wait for half an hour, and then remove the rollers. The hair in front should be sectioned into a fringe and rolled back- pin with a bobby pin. The hair on the sides should be rolled upwards and pinned into the scalp. The hair at the back should be rolled upwards and left loose. Place a chic hair accessory to complete the look!

Xmas Hairstyles

5. The Twirl Updo

This twirl updo would be an elegant hairstyle to wear for formal Christmas parties. For the same, you would need to divide the hair into three sections. The hair in front should be curled with a roller and allowed to rest. The hair in the middle and the lower nape of the neck should be curled with hot tongs and rolled into low buns- secure with hair clips and a net. Remove the roller from the hair in front and apply hair spray there. Twist the fringe and place it on either side of the forehead.


Christmas Hairdos

6. Side Wave Bounce

The side wave bounce as seen on singer Rihanna is a feminine dance hairstyle that can be worn at the parties. You may add Christmas hair accessories to this Xmas hairstyles if you want; stick to one side and keep it minimal though. For the hairstyle, you would need to first dampen the hair and then blow dry it well. Apply hair mousse and set the rollers on the hair for half an hour.

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Complete your makeup and then remove the rollers. With your finger, brush the curls outwards and then set it to one side. Puff the hair infront and set the look with hairspray.

Do let us know what you thought of these seven Christmas hairdos, which are very easy Christmas hairstyles!

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