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Tant Saree: Wearing The Six Yard Long Slice Of Bengal

by Fashionlady
Tant Saree Designs

Tant Saree

Durga Puja is nearing. Puja Pandals shall be soon filling the landscape of Delhi, Kolkata and key cities and Puja shopping and revelry is the most eagerly awaited thing on the cards.

Sari-shopping spree is one of the key highlights of Durga Puja every year. One of the most favoured and primary choice for festival wear in Bengalis is the handloom-woven Tant Saree.

bengali tant saree

A traditional Indian saree worn by most Bengali women, the bengali tant saree comes in a wide variety – the Shantipuri, Jamdani, Dhaniakhali, Dhakai, Tangail, Tasar, Garad, even the Matka and Gheecha. The light-weight Tant Saree is crafted by the weavers that are spread all over West Bengal particularly at Nadia, Murshidabad, Hooghly and Dhaka and Tangail of Bangladesh.

Tant Saree designs are economically priced and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. It is the low cost factor and the comfort of cotton that makes the Tant Saree apt for daily wear as well as festival occasions.

Bengali tant saree

Source: utsavfashion.com

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Tantonomics – The History Of Tant

The Jamdani Tant was famous during the Mughal era. As it so happened the British Government made an attempt to minimise its production in a bid to save the textile industry.

Once the British rule ended, the weavers decided to relocate themselves to Bangladesh while some of them stayed back in West Bengal after getting the required help from the Government. Ever since the weaver community is making non-stop consistent efforts to nurture the tradition of Tant.

History of tant saree

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The Making Of Tant

The process adopted by the expert craftsmen in weaving Tant is worth every thread. The borders of the Cotton Designer Tant Saree are woven a little thick, which minimises its wear and tear. Interestingly, a Tant Saree is 6 meter long as against 5.5 meter which is the conventional length of a saree.

Earlier, handlooms were used to make bengali tant saree but now power looms are being pressed into action.

Tant saree making

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The Fan-Following Of The Cotton Designer Tant Saree

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Tant is making its presence felt loud and clear through its thick borders and pastel colours. As for the motifs, florals and paisleys are the ruling patterns in a bengali tant saree.

Among the new lot, hand-painted and embroidered motifs are also making an impression on the discerning lover of Tant Saree designs, who is being bombarded by the current crop of net and georgette sarees.

It is no surprise that Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal is an avid admirer of the Tant Sarees. She is quite a regular in wearing Tant Sarees purchased from Dhaniakhali.

Care And Maintenance of Tant Sarees

Good things don’t just need to be kept in the wardrobes but maintained well. While washing a Tant Saree for the first time, it is important to soak it in warm water with few teaspoons of rock salt in it. This minimises the colour bleeding of the saree in the subsequent washes.

Use Charak to give your Tant sarees a new look. Try and go for a mild detergent to maintain the longevity of the Tant sarees and avoid drying it in direct sunlight.

Cotton designer tant saree

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So this is the story of bengali tant saree. Hope it will help you regain your love for it this Durga Puja and for many more years to come. Here’s wishing you all Shubho Bijoya, Dussehra and a sparkling Diwali.

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