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The Age Of Blake Lively’s Style – Yeah, Even This Is Everlasting

by Fashionlady
Blake Lively

Blake Livelys Style

It is beyond doubt that Blake Lively has covered a long way since the days of Gossip Girl. I for one, watched the series, only to keep up with Serena van der Woodsen’s wardrobe. Having progressed seamlessly from series to movies like The Age of Adaline, the wardrobe of this fashionista has only broadened and her style sense elevated. Let’s take a quick look at her look book and witness her transformation over the years.

Blake Lively’s Style In Gossip Girls

This is how Blake Lively was introduced to us, all amateur and still a star is her own rights. A plain striped T shirt comforted with the warmth of a leather jacket and black straight fit jeans to go with. This is how she entered the Upper East after a prolonged incognito.

Blake Lively Ccasual Outfits

The pilot might have been simplistic but the finale was beyond grand, the white gown with a gold bodice and molten gold literally flowing through the gown is a manifestation of the elegance the actress has amounted through the length of the series. Who wouldn’t skip a beat at the glace of the splendid gown picked straight out of the runway?

Blake Lively Wedding Dresses

Another look from the show, which is not only a favorite with me, but also among the designers who have all the knowledge of fashion, is this Ralph Lauren she slipped into at the Garden Party themed wedding of Bart and Lily. The dress was the #goal for all ruffled dresses ever made in the history of mankind.

Blake Lively Style In Gossip Girls
And that one time when she gave some serious competition to all the super models on the runway by pulling off this green number in her absolute golden girl glory. In the series, the dress is designed by Lil J, but the ghost designer behind all these masterpieces Eric Daman bagged all the recognition he rightfully deserved. And can we just talk about how adorable that super short bubble skirt looks against the golden skin of Serena.

Blake Livelys Best Gossip Girl Style

Blake Lively’s Street Style

Moving on from Gossip Girls, the actress is a diva even when on the street. From colored jeggings to skin tight denims, florescent skirts to brightly printed scarves, nothing is too far from Blake Lively’s street style. However only a close study would reveal that the girl prefers comfortable footwear when on the go, and sticks to pumps, wedges, and boots against high heels on the street.

Blake Lively Street Style

Blake Lively Fashion

Blake Lively’s Red Carpet Appearances

Not only can she rock the street, she has also come to draw all the flashes towards her at the red carpet. Half of the credit is due on her amazing selection of wardrobe and the rest of course goes to the personality he was born with. Would you trust me if I say the glamourous actress picks her red carpet ensembles by herself, all most all the time? Are we impressed or what! One after the other she has proved her expertise in choosing some of the dangerously killer gowns.

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Blake Lively Rred Ccarpet Style

Blake Lively’s Maternity Outfits

Even when she was expecting baby James, she didn’t shy away from flaunting the cute bumb. But unlike a lot of self-proclaimed Hollywood royalties, the lady she is, Blake Lively’s outfit maintained utmost class and aristocracy with her pregnancy looks. The good news is, the couple is expecting their second baby and we will soon be thrown into a bunch of Blake’s stunning pregnancy looks, all over again. We all have new reasons to celebrate guys.


Blake Lively Pregnancy Outfits

Blake Livelys Age Of Aadaline Style

Blake Lively Age Of Adaline
She is a diva on the street and a perfect lady at the ball. Nothing about this ace actress can even hint a flaw. If you were not already mesmerized by her persona, her elegance, her style, are you convinced of her exclusivity now?

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