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What To Wear With A Denim Dress? 5 Enthralling Combinations

by Fashionlady
What To Wear With A Denim Dress

Ways To Wear Denim Dress

You’ve probably come across the phrase that denims are a girl’s best friend. Even today, this phrase holds true. Initially designed for miners, Denim dresses have now made their way into the wardrobes of fashionistas, movie stars, teenagers and even the commoners. It’s tried and true blue color and coarse texture has appealed many in a chic yet not-so-trying-hard way. Whether you wish to achieve a casual rock star look or chic runway look, there is a denim dress tailored for each occasion.

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Wondering What Re The Ways To Wear a Denim Dress?

Ways in which you can wear it? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Read through to discover 5 exciting ways to make your denim dress ramp ready.

1. Boho-Chic Look

Inspired by the early ‘70s, the boho- chic look can be achieved by embellishing a worn-out bell sleeved denim tunic with some vibrant ethnic embroidery or a colorful piece of junk jewelry. You can easily couple it up with bare legs and pair of strappy sandals for the summer or thigh-high boots to bear the chilly winter. You may layer up this denim wear for women with an embroidered jacket to enhance its ethnic vibe.

Tip: To brave the cold blizzards, just pair up a denim shift dress with a swanky denim jacket.

Denim Wear For Women

2. The Pinafore Look

Are you fond of dungarees/ overalls? Have them stacked in the back of your closet? If yes, then just take it out and achieve a picture-perfect pinafore look. In order to recreate an off-the-cuff cow-girl look just shred the old overalls from the bottom and wear them over a lightly colored top. You could also pick a trendy dressy top to wear with jeans dress. For an endearing appeal, just loosen up the top two pins of your overalls and flaunt your bandeau, crop top or those envious tight abs.

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Tip: For a casual boy-meets-girl look, try adorning a dungaree and a white tank top. You may also want to tie up your hair into a messy bun to complete the look.

Ways To Wear With A Denim Dress

3. All-Covered-Up Riri Look

Drawing inspiration from singing sensation Rihanna’s All-covered-up Overalls, we can conclude that light wash denim overalls and classic noire pumps are perfect match. Pondering what to wear with a denim dress to make it all the more stunning? Add a bit of bling (a golden ring and layered gold chains) and you are ready to hit a party.


Don’t have denim overalls? Fret not. You can make your own. Just pair up a full-sleeved denim shirt with a pair of washed out jeans and voila, you can achieve the all-covered-up Riri look.

Denim Wear For Womens

4. The Old Back-To-School Look

Have a weathered stone washed overall that you haven’t worn in a while? If yes, then just team it up with a pair of white sneakers, straw hat and a shoulder bag to achieve a relaxed back to school look. This dress could also be come in handy to cover up your beachwear.

Tip: Tie a beaded belt along the waist of the pale shirt dress to add detailing to it. You may also consider wearing a pair of matching anklets and trinkets.

Best Ways To Wear Denim Dress

With a wide number of denim wear options available in the market; you need to choose the best one for you. Remember, lighter pale colors of denim are more suitable for a laid-back summery look, while the darker hues lend a more subtle and sophisticated look. What to wear with a denim dress is another dilemma that crosses over our brains when we pick our accessories. Hence, while picking accessories like Sunglasses, clutches, watches and much more remember that “Less is more”.

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