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The Amazing Cryotherapy Weight Loss

by Fashionlady
Cryotherapy Weight Loss

Cryotherapy Weight Loss

Losing weight is the topmost priority of so many of us these days. There are natural ways (read Ayurveda and Yoga) and artificial means for it. While the first option takes its time to show results, the second option – say pills, are harmful.

Do not prefer these two?

Fret not.

There is an alternative yet safe therapy – the ‘cold therapy’ called whole body cryotherapy weight loss which has shown highly promising results.

Won’t you like to know the benefits of cryotherapy weight loss before you decide to go for it?

Cryotherapy Benefits

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Cryotherapy – An Emerging Health Trend

What is the meaning of the word “Cryotherapy”?

Any guesses?

It means “chilling out”.

Cryotherapy is a 3-minute (just!) treatment. And what happens in it? It involves standing in a deep-freeze chamber cooled with liquid nitrogen, while temperature is brought down to as low as -256 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yeah, it is a bone-chilling procedure which claims to burn up to 800 calories! I hope this answers your primary question does cryotherapy burn calories.

Cryotherapy also speeds up body’s metabolism, soothes core muscles, calms inflammation, improves sleep, reduces cellulite and also reverses the ageing signs.

Weight Loss -with Cryotherapy

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WOW! So many cryotherapy benefits rolled into one chilling procedure!!

‘Cryofitness’ is the better word for it, what say?

Whole Body Cryotherapy Weight Loss

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Who Has Experienced Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy has many followers. Loyal followers, I mean. And who are they? Professional athletes like footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, basketball player Kobe Bryant, and the entire Dallas Mavericks basketball team who give credit to cryotherapy for giving them an edge over other players, improving their recovery time, and increasing their athletic performance.

The Medical Side Of Cryotherapy

Is cryotherapy just a fashion fad or does it have anything to do with the health goals too?

According to a 2015 research paper in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, while cryotherapy has been used since the late 1970s in Japan to treat multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, it’s only been used in Western countries for the past few decades, primarily to alleviate muscle soreness for elite athletes.

“Cryotherapy is well-established for treatment of athletic injuries,” says Dr. Jon Schriner, the medical director of the Michigan Center for Athletic Medicine in Flushing, Michigan.

He further adds “Applying cold to an injury for 15 minutes at a time, three to four times a day is “highly effective”.

However, this doesn’t mean that for every injury, cryotherapy is the be-all and go-to solution. Try out the innovative things but only under medical supervision.

Pain Relief

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Facts About Cryotherapy

Being a safe and natural treatment, what makes whole body cryotherapy weight loss work?

Here are the cryotherapy benefits rounded up for you–

  1. Exposure to extreme cold temperatures ups the body’s metabolic rate to produce heat which can burn up to 800 Kcal per session. Physical activity and healthy diet increases the calorie burning rate further.
  1. With the passage of time, the accelerated metabolism lasts longer between sessions, leading to a loss of up to 300 calories per day. Those who practice whole body cryotherapy weight loss have reported burning up to 2 lbs of body fat per month, and more when accompanied with diet and exercise.
  1. Cryotherapy cold sauna weight loss treatment enables calorie deficit, which leads to fat reduction.
  1. Cryosauna helps in proper distribution of fat in the body.
  1. The sessions of cryo treatment improve blood circulation, and increase muscle tone which contributes to passive weight loss. Hope you are getting closer to know the connection between cryotherapy and weight loss.
  1. Regular use of Cryotherapy cold sauna weight loss treatment maintains a higher basal metabolic rate.
  1. How are cryotherapy weight loss and improved sleep connected? According to studies, poor sleep patterns compromise on the immune system by decreased production of melatonin and insulin resistance. When the immune system gets compromised, it leads to a variety of health problems such as weight gain, even cancer. Now when your body gets a shot of whole body cryotherapy weight loss treatment, the extra oxygen in your bloodstream causes relaxation to your body and brain, facilitating better night sleep. This in turn stimulates faster weight loss.
  1. Increased energy levels and lesser fatigue: After a long day at work, who has the energy to work out at a gym? But if you do a 2 to 3 minute dry cold mist cryotherapy cold sauna session, it helps stimulate all regulatory functions of your body. Making you feel re-energised (coupled with the improved sleep as a result of cryotherapy) as mentioned above. Lesser the fatigue, more will be your charge to go in for a weight loss workout routine!
Cryotherapy Benefits

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Cryotherapy Pricing And Other Factors

Okay, by now you must be thinking that cryotherapy benefits come at a PRICE. So what is the cryotherapy weight loss price or cryotherapy weight loss cost?

The correct picture is that whole body cryotherapy weight loss chambers are popping up abroad – where the 2 – 4 minute sessions range from $64 to $90 a session.

The person going through cryptherapy is given the following apparatus to wear:

  • Facemask
  • Earmuffs
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • And slippers

P.S: While additional clothing is optional for women, men must wear cotton underwear. Also, expect body shivering to happen at the time of cryotherapy session. So do not be surprised at the chill factor. Thankfully, the room remains unlocked – just in case you feel that you can’t take the cold.

Also, cryotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women or those down with serious health issues.

In case you are not prepared to go for a full cryotherapy session, there is also the option of partial cryotherapy treatments.

How different is partial cryotherapy, you ask?

In the Partial Cryotherapy, localized beauty treatments are used over a specific part of the body, like the face or thighs. Naturally, its pricing will vary from whole body cryotherapy weight loss.

I hope you liked this novel concept of cryotherapy weight loss. Have you ever gone through it or plan to after reading about this? Do share your views and comments on cryotherapy and weight loss and cryotherapy benefits as mentioned above.

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