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Thigh Exercises For Women

by Fashionlady
Thigh Exercises-For Women

Thigh Exercises For Women
Say the most ignored part of our body during workout, and a large section of women will find it to be their upper legs. Surprising but true! Even though long, lean and strong thighs play a crucial role in emphasizing our washboard stomachs, we gals hardly keep it in mind while exercising.

But getting a pair of sculpted thighs is really easy and it does not need you to spend hours of your day in the gym. Feeling curious to know how to get thinner thighs? Check out the following effective exercises to slim down thighs.

1. Plyometric Squat Jump

No other exercise can give you stronger and firmer thighs than this one. It can work on almost each of our lower body muscles, thereby giving us perfectly-shaped thighs, calves, and all.

  • Stand straight by keeping your feet on the floor at a shoulder-width distance.
  • Get yourself into a squat position by lowering your hips out and bending your knees to 90-degree angles.
  • Place your hands behind your head with your palms together.
  • Jump up explosively and then again return to the previous squat position softly. Make sure that your knees are bent and your body weight is balanced by your heels while landing.
  • Practice at least 3 sets of 8 reps.
Plyometric Squat Jump


2. Side Plank Lift

A side plank can help you a lot in making your abs as well as core stronger. And when you add a leg lift to it, you get one of the best thigh exercises ever.

  • To start, lie down on your left side and lift your upper body a little by bending your left elbow at 90-degree angle and keeping your forearm on the floor with your palm facing downwards.
  • Stretch your right leg out and hold your waist with your right hand in order to balance your body. Let the toe touch the floor and keep your hips stacked.
  • Now, squeeze the muscles of your thighs and bend your left leg at the knee. Also, touch the section behind your right knee with your left toe. Do not move your upper body during this step.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and then relax.
  • Practice 15 reps, change the positions of your legs and repeat.
Side Plank Lift


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3. Single Leg Circle

This wonderful Pilates exercise will help you work your hips and the entire lower body. If you need to stretch and tone your thighs, you simply can’t ignore it.


  • Lie straight on the floor on your back. Your arms should be placed by your sides with the palms facing down.
  • Lift your left foot up slowly and steadily so that the toe points toward the ceiling. The leg should actually rotate a little outward.
  • Take a deep breath and move your left leg to trace five clockwise circles on the ceiling. Make sure that your left hip stays on the floor without moving.
  • Pause for a moment and then trace five more circles on the ceiling in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • Swap the positions of your legs and repeat.

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Single Leg Circle


4. Squat with Ball

Squat and thinner thighs are almost equivalent to each other. So go for this amazing ‘Backrub’ that will fight your ‘thigh flab’ efficiently and give you enviable legs.

  • Stand upright in front of a wall by keeping your feet at the shoulder-width distance.
  • Place an exercise ball behind your spine in such a way that it is positioned right between your lower back and the wall.
  • Lift your hands up in front of you, align them with your shoulders and make sure that they are parallel to each other.
  • Now, start bending your knees and get yourself into a squat position by lowering your body.
  • Stay in that position for 3 to 5 seconds and then return to the initial posture.
  • Practice 10 to 12 reps in one go.
Squat with Ball


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5. Flamingo Balance

Even though this exercise targets the entire lower body, it is most popularly known for its excellent thigh-tightening capacity. As a beginner, it is recommended that you practice it without dumbbell.

  • Stand erect on the floor with your right leg lifted backwards a little. Make sure that the leg is straight otherwise.
  • Bend your left leg to some extent at the knee.
  • Raise your left hand up in front and make it parallel to the ground.
  • Place your right hand on your right hip in order to provide sufficient balance to your body.
  • Now, lift your right leg a little more backwards, while keeping it straight and bending the knee of the other leg simultaneously.
  • Point your left arm outwards by moving it to the fore the same way. Follow it with a simple bicep curl.
  • Relax and repeat by changing the positions of your legs and arms.
Flamingo Balance


It is a pair of slim-trim thighs that can enhance the beauty of your round firm butt and perfectly-toned calves. These were some simple tips on how to slim fat thighs. So, are you ready gals?

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