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10 Things To Stop Wearing After College

by Fashionlady
Clothes Girls Should Stop Wearing After College

Things To Stop Wearing After College

College life is always special. It is the intermediary transition period between school and work life. It’s like walking over to adult hood from your adolescence. One of the best parts of one’s life, as they say, is the college time span. The carefree and super light living is something you might not get back pretty soon. Things we use in college or the stuff we do during that period leave a deep impression on our minds and many people want to keep living in that delirium. But, that’s not quite possible. At one point of time, you have to step out, make some changes to your lifestyle and face the real world head on.

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Womens things to stop wearing after college

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Now, we understand if you aren’t ready yet to let go of the magical period and the super special memories yet but there are things that you just need to stop doing already if you don’t aim at ending up as fashion disasters in your latter years. Make sure you’re not stuck in the past fashion-wise at least. The real world and your college dorm are two different worlds altogether and you need to start dressing for the occasion if you want any chance at getting some positive attention right in the beginning.

In case you are confused, we decided to get you a list of the things you should absolutely stop wearing after graduation, no matter how nostalgic they may make you feel. If you have to keep it, keep them in a no-go corner of your wardrobe.

Here is a list of things to stop wearing after college:

1. Rubber Flip Flops

Flip flops are a craze when you are in your college years. They are a part of the basic staples list that you have to own at any cost to look cool. Wearing flip flops gave you that carefree, charismatic, comfy feel that every college goer loves in their teen years. But, the sad news is, it’s time to let those worn out rubber flip flops go. You’re no longer in a college dorm, and your footwear should definitely reflect that.

Stop Wearing After Graduation

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2. Giant Oversized Hoodies

Black Hoodies, blue hoodies, printed hoodies, Superhero hoodies and slogan hoodies, are complete favorites among college goers and teenagers. Everybody has a type of hoodie they like and a lot of memories attached to it. But, its’ time the hoodies took a backseat. You can still take it out sometimes to relieve some memories but that’s pretty much it.

Things You Should Never Wear After College

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3. T-shirts With Quirky Quotes

T-Shirts with Quirky quote get you that extra bit of attention in class and amongst your friends. But, will your office colleagues and more importantly your seniors like the same idea? We’re afraid not. T-shirts with “cool” quotes may not be as appreciated as you think. So it’s best to chuck these of the list too.


Clothes You Should Never Wear After College

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4. Shiny Party Shirts

Your shiny all purpose ‘go-partying’ shirt might not be the best idea anymore. The difference between what you wear at a college party and what you wear to official parties should not be nearly the same. Ditch it and just go with something that looks a little classier when you hit the bars and clubs.

Things To Stop Wearing After Graduate College

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5. Pajama Pants

Even though walking to class in pajamas seemed like a great idea in college. You might have to rethink your sense of style when you walk out of that college main gate for the last time. Pajama pants can only be worn at home, ‘only at home’.

Things you can't wear after college

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8. Mini-skirts And Torn Super Short Hot Pants

This one is specifically for the pretty college chicks who just broke hearts of the college lads year after year. Though you might have been the fashion princess in your time and have flaunted your beautifully toned assets all over the campus, it is time for some things to change. Mini-skirts and torn super short hot pants are some of the clothes that girls should stop wearing after college.

Best things to stop wearing after college

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9. College Collectables

If you went to an A-league university, you would know better about the feels associated with apparel with your college’s name on the chest, sleeves or anywhere else. But, after graduation, the sad reality is that no one cares anymore. And that is why there’s absolutely no reason to wear it anymore too.

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10. Bucket Load Of Funky Accessories

Last but not the least, we feel those chunky, blingy wrist clutches, diamond studs and rings need to move down your list of favorite accessories to use after college. Stop using them already now.

top things to stop wearing after college

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Now, that you know the things to stop wearing after college, go space out your wardrobe immediately.

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