5 Times Celebrities Rocked The Crisp White T-shirt and Blue Denim Look


Celebrities in  White T-shirt and Blue Denim Look

There is nothing that beats a classic look! Like, honestly. Did you guys ever prefer classic over something latest? Wait, don’t answer that. We know the answer to that!

But what we are trying to say here is, classic looks are our go-to looks. When in doubt, we pull a classic. Just how we have a standard pair of black heels to match with all our dresses? Like how we can wear our favourite red lipstick at all times?

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Similarly, we all have a pair of blue denims that we non-chalantly team with a white tee shirt, every time we don’t know what to wear.

Let’s take a look at celebrities who have rocked the same look as us, with much more glamour!

Katrina Kaif in white t-shirt and blue denim

Katrina Kaif has never shied away from media attention and has always smiled for the cameras. One such occasion is this where she was casually dressed down, yet looked glamorous in a pair of blue ripped jeans teamed with white tee shirt and styled it with white canvas!

Katrina Kaif in white t-shirt and blue denim
Source: tumblr.com

Priyanka Chopra rocks the white T-shirt and Blue Jeans

We spoke about this look few days back and we are speaking about it again. You know why? Because we have fallen in love with it! Irrevocably! Though her entire look is pretty causal, it is her blue heels that added the dash of glam!

Priyanka Chopra in white T-shirt and Blue Jeans
Source: sajatya.com

Deepika Padukone looks smashing in white T-shirt and blue denim

Well, what do we say about this look? Never ending legs accentuated even more with the help of heels and a high low tee shirt. What can we say? Deepika likes to spice up things and is not the one to dress down! We would definitely recreate this look, what about you guys?


Deepika Padukone looks in white T-shirt and blue denim
Source: missmalini.com

Anushka Sharma in blue jeans and white tee

Anushka Sharma likes to travel comfy and we can’t blame her for that (given the amount of traveling that she does). So her style is all about skinny jeans and a baggy tee shirt. You like or you like? We especially love the ankle booties!

Anushka Sharma in blue jeans and white tee
Source: jabong.com

Sonakshi Sinha wears the white tee and blue denims combination in style

Here’s a classic example of casual yet chic! With the three fourth sleeves and ripped jeans teamed with bright shoes, Ms Sinha looks like a total rockstar! Added to this look, her straight hair and aviator just makes us wonder, why didn’t we think of this before?


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