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Top 7 Signs That Prove You Are a Girly Girl!

by Fashionlady
Signs That Prove You Are a Girly Girl

Top 7 Signs That Prove You re a Girly Girl
Your love for makeup is unparallel, and mostly pink and fluffy is your kryptonite; you love anything that has to do with looking good and deep down there you know no matter how loveable you are, there is nothing that can actually ruffle your feathers.

Being a girly girl doesn’t mean that you have a personal choice to act in a certain way. You love what you love and there is no pressure! So you don’t have to worry if you love something a little more than others!

Here are signs which show that you are a girly girl!

1. Your Friends Are Your Touchstone

Besides chocolate which can make anything and everything better, you know that your friends are your touchstone. Girls’ night out can solve even the most complex equations and you know that you have your friends for anything and everything that chocolate can’t solve!

Your Friends Are Your Touchstone You Are a Girly Girl

Source: gravyandbiscuits.com

2. Sephora is your Holy Grail

It is something you look at with devotion: Sephora. It is why you exist! Sephora is that magical place which can always make you happy no matter what! But the problem with going to Sephora is that you want to lay your hands on almost every kind of makeup you see there! What a bugger! Your idea of a girls’ day out consists of spending the major time of it in Sephora, and I wouldn’t blame you either!

Sephora collection

Source: squarespace.com

3. Costume Parties and You Rock!

When it comes to Costume Parties, you know the drill: Top to Bottom perfect and flawless. For you, costume parties are really important and if you do decide to play the part, you will make sure that everything is immaculate, even to the last beauty spot!

Costume Parties You Are a Girly Girl

Source: costumecraze.com

4. Pink Forever!

Whoever said pink was a girl’s colour was probably right! You can’t really deny your love for everything pink. You know you love it, and you really don’t care if someone says something. After all, you can never go wrong on pink!


pink accessories Prove You Are a Girly Girl!

Source: divasanddorks.com

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5. Fitness is important, and if it isn’t the gym you have your ways!

Unlike the most of us who skip the gym and are done for the day, girly girls have tons of creativity up their sleeve! So, if it’s not on the treadmill that you are running, you can very well run in that sky high heels and get all your shopping done! That counts as cardio as well. You also have lots of other ways to get your cardio done-walking the dog too counts as one of them!

Fitness Prove You Are a Girly Girl

Source: lovemelrose.com

6. Heels, heels and more heels

Your love for shoes is so evident that everyone knows what to gift you next! You love shoes, but you and heels have an awesome connection. You can’t do without tottering on these beauties! You know you love them, and you really feel betrayed when at the end of the day, your feet are actually screaming for help! But don’t worry; you have the healing powers of Manicures and Pedicures to cure that in a jiffy!

Heels Prove You Are a Girly Girl

Source: cloudfront.net

7. Selfies: Your Artsy side!

Who said you can’t look artsy in your selfies? You have mastered the art and for you, selfies are just a click away. When you look at millions of girls struggling to get the light right, you are there, basking in the glory of the glorious selfie you just took! It just took a nanosecond!

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