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Top 10 Crystal Jewelry Designs This Festive Season

by Fashionlady
Crystal Jewelry Designs

Crystal jewelry are defining the trajectory this festive season with glittering fine stones, with delicate line of necklace set, and bursts of color. Thanks to the latest trends showcasing rare designs- think necks cascading with statement making styles and fine nose pins seeming approachable. Below, we’ve rounded up all the jewellery designs that are shining the spotlight at the moment.

Crystal Jewelry Designs

Source: jonrichard.com

10 Crystal Jewelry Designs Everyone Will Be Buying this Season:

Here is everything you need to know:

1. Shimmering Swarovski Crystal Pearls:

This is an elegant shimmering white rhodium plated earrings with layers of pearls, in subtle, en masse design. There is a sense of classic in the air, which inspires bold reinterpretations of the festive staples. The crystal pearl earrings are embellished with sparkling pave with a brilliant shine.

Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Source: swarovski.com

2. Petite Gem Ring with Rose Amethyst Crystal:

Delicate and tailor-made for the chic, feminine girl, this rose amethyst crystal ring is strikingly beautiful. And it’s impossible to slip it away unnoticed.

Gem Ring with Rose Amethyst Crystal

Source: tacori.com

3. Green Pendant:

Green pendant jewellery pieces are a surefire hit to add a touch of novelty and daring to a look. When worn these pieces will be hard-to-miss on special occasions and knowingly designed to pack force to any piece worn to match with.

Green Pendant

Source: caratlane.com

4. Crystal Jewelry Set:

Crystal jewellery set trend such as this one never go out of style. We notice a few tweaks in design every season but this necklace set style remains forever relevant. This year, the classic style is taking on a bulkier design, making it hard to miss next to your stunning face.

Crystal Jewelry Set

Source: kuberlo.com

5. Red Crystal Bracelet in Rose Gold:

The red crystal bracelet design began picking up steam this festive season, and luckily for you, the style is going to be a big stickler for long. What does this mean for the rest of us? Our jewellery staple will continue to be full of playful colors and rare designs.

Red Crystal Bracelet in Rose Gold

Source: tacori.com

6. Vintage Floral Jewellery Set:

Crystal jewelry set are popping up everywhere from the new-arrivals at stores to catalogues of best jewelry brands. Our personal favorite is this vintage floral emerald jewellery set which is a stunner.

Vintage Floral Jewellery Set

Source: bellebridaljewellery.com

7. Marquise Cut Green Crystal Pendant:

Other than necklaces, rings, and earrings, pedants are taking on the spare transformation of the jewellery world and turning it into quite a spectacle. Well, maybe green crystal pendants aren’t really quite a side-thing, but get the picture.

Marquise Cut Green Crystal Pendant

Source: kuberlo.com

8. Arlynn Bezel Earrings Embellished with Swarovski Crystals:

The options of these Swarovski crystal earrings are endless. And it’s seen in the jewelry trend list like clockwork. Well it so happens that the trend will catch up this festive season. One look at our pick of arylnn bezel earrings below will leave you starry-eyed.

10. Waterfall Drop Crystal Earrings:

Take your earlobes for a dreamy fantasy with waterfall drop crystal earrings that are suited to grab all attention. Everything about the drop earrings this season are sleeker than ever.

Drop Crystal Earrings

Source: shopbop.com

These are our favorite pick of crystal jewelry designs this festive season that all sartorially driven people will be purchasing this season.

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