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25 Pairs Of Toe Rings That Feel Effortlessly Chic

by Fashionlady
Toe Rings

Flaunting accessories is a great way to exhibit your sense of style. Be it with ethnic wear or western, to be able to choose the right piece of accessory is an art. While many do not put in much thought, a perfect piece of jewellery can make one stand out. Among these accessories, the Dainty toe rings, for instance can be worn daily and is a great way to accentuate your feet .

Toe Rings Designs

Source: voyalajewels.com

With the festive season just around the corner, we have curated a list of toe rings designs that will enthrall you. Have a look and choose the best!

Importance of Toe Rings for Indian Women

After marriage, an Indian woman wears toe rings as a part of tradition. There are named differently in various languages. In Hindi, these are known as Bichiya. In Telugu, it is known as Mettelu Kalungura, in Kannada as Kalungura, and in Tamil as Metti.

Today, wearing Indian toe rings has become more of a style statement, but there are several traditional beliefs attached to it as well. Here are few important beliefs of wearing toe rings for Indian women :

Indian Toe Rings

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1. Strengthens Heart:

The nerve from the second toe is connected from the heart and to the uterus. Married women wear toe rings silver on the second toe to provide positive energy to the heart.

2. Energizing:

Silver is said to restore positive energies. Wearing silver toe rings can bring in positive energy and it is believed to eradicate negative energies through the toes.

3. Improves Menstrual Health:

A regular menstrual cycle denotes better reproductive system. The second toe and the uterus is said to be connected and keeps the menstrual system regular, keeping diseases at bay.

List of Trending Toe Ring Designs:

Toe rings definitely compliment the look one wishes to flaunt. Take a look at our picks of top 24 unique toe rings which sticks to the philosophy of less-is-more.

1. Diamond Studded Toe Rings:

These diamond studded toe rings are adorable and not off-putting at all. It is available in both gold and silver band with a sprinkle of diamonds. While this statement piece can be worn alone, stacking it with other designs can be great too.

Diamond Studded Toe Rings

Source: dougandkelleynorwine.com

2. Gemstone Designs:

When it comes to classic jewellery, gemstone toe rings know how to cause a stir. Not inexpensive, these bichhiya are available with smaller gemstones for a lower prices too. These are made in standard sizes, so you can wear it on any of your toes.

Gemstone Toe Ring Designs

Source: etsy.com

3. Silver Toe Ring Designs:

Silver toe rings are poised for a comeback! Large silver designs make these bichiya fancy. While totally chic, they really do stand out with all attires.

Silver Toe Ring Designs

Source: pinterest.co.uk/fanofzeppelin/

4. Traditional South Indian Designs:

Here’s proof that traditional South Indian toe rings can be edgy as well. Give your attire a little more awesomeness with these traditional design shown in the image below.

Traditional South Indian Toe Rings

Source: zmolu.com

Small Bead Toe Ring Designs

Source: newwomanindia.com

7. Rajasthan Wedding Style Toe Rings:

Traditional Rajasthan wedding statement toe ring designs make everything more versatile. These rings feature interesting floral elements. They’ll bring life to the festive occasions and looks great when paired with a lehenga with traditional embroidery.

Rajasthan Wedding Style Toe Rings

Source: pinterest.co.uk/rashikb/

8. Pearl Toe Ring Designs:

Sometimes a classic choice like the pearl can be one of the most elegant designs. These pearl designs offer high quality without costing much. And not only that, these can be worn every single day.

Pearl Toe Rings

Source: etsy.com

9. Baby Feet Toe Ring Designs:

When it comes to baby feet toe ring designs, you need to know exactly what you want for your little one. These designs shown below with intricate details at the bottom will make a luxe addition to your baby’s jewellery box.

Baby Feet Toe Ring Designs

Source: snobbride.com

10. Wave Designed Toe Rings:

If you are a lover of arty designs then this nature inspired wave designed toe ring is just for you. It features the shape of a wave and is wearable on all occasions. The wave symbolizes strength, mystery, and power.

Wave Designed Toe Rings

Source: thepinsta.com

11. Marathi Style Toe Rings:

There’s nothing more classy than a Marathi style toe ring! These look spectacular and can be worn daily. Even better, the Marathi styled designs are easy to wear and look very elegant.

Marathi Style Toe Rings

Source: pinterest.ie/ashwinichalke/

12. Gold Embellished Toe Rings:

These gold embellished metti are a simple and classy way to upgrade a casual ensemble. They are also available in white gold and rose gold too.

Gold Embellished Toe Rings

Source: etsy.com

13. Amvat:

Traditional Indian toe rings for the big toe are also known as Amvat. They come with simple features unlike the heavily ornamented.


Source: indiatrendshop.com

14. Double Toe Ring Designs:

The double toe ring designs features a double design which covers the entire toe. They look ethnic, and are comfortable to wear too.

Double Toe Ring Designs

Source: toerings.com

15. Three Finger Toe Rings:

Three finger toe rings are a set of rings joined by the loop in between the fingers. It is also known as Pola.

Three Finger Toe Rings

Source: theunstitchd.com

16. Sterling Toe Rings:

Sterling is the one of the most common materials for designing toe rings. These are smooth that come with studded stones or engraved designs. The sterling designs are widely available and loved by all women.

 Sterling Toe Rings

Source: fashionexprez.com

17. Flower Toe Ring Designs:

You can wear these dainty flower metti designs every single day. They can add an extra flair to a casual ensemble. The flower designs makes for a perfect everyday layering piece, and you can wear them to match your personal style.

Flower Toe Ring Designs

Source: sweetromanceonline.com

18. Butterfly Designs:

These cute butterfly metti designs are a fun update to traditional diamond or pearl jewellery. Its great how a few designs stacked together can make your whole look more refined.

Butterfly Designs

Source: etsy.com

19. Intricate Designed Toe Rings:

These intricate rings are either available in gold or silver, and are adorned with delicate stones. The vintage designs and shapes are what make these designs unique and awesome for daily use.

Intricate Designed Toe Rings

Source: allurajewellery.com

20. Yellow Gold Crossover Toe Rings:

The yellow gold crossover designs lend a fresh twist on elegant designs. For the perfect finishing touch, wear with open-toed silver heels. The unexpected pop of the yellow gold toe rings add a natural flair.

Yellow Gold Crossover Toe Rings

Source: ritastephens.com

21. Platinum Rings:

If you are looking for an aesthetic design, then you should opt for platinum toe rings. These rings are simple yet have an edge. It does not take the focus away from what you are wearing. You can throw in your T-shirt, ripped jeans, and aviators with these platinum designs.


Platinum Toe Rings

Source: gratefuldaysdahl.com

22. Simple Strand Toe Rings:

These simple strand metti designs aren’t of the same size. The look is designed to appear big, but is modern, and few come decorated with little diamonds.

Simple Strand Toe Rings

Source: etsy.com

23. Simple Band Toe Rings:

A minimalistic statement piece is band bichiya designs. The simple features can add sparkle to your platinum setting. These designs are something every woman would appreciate.

Simple Band Toe Rings

Source: fasqu.com

24. Toe Ring With Attached Payal:

Wearing the toe ring attached with a payal/anklet with an updo can look stunning. This type of design has been coming back and forth over the last few years, and is making a great statement now.

Toe Ring With Attached Payal

Source: sonchafa.com

25. Adjustable Toe Ring Designs:

Women love wearing toe rings that can be comfortably adjusted. You can wear them in two ways-on your fingers or toes. You can wear the toe ring designs minus stones as a daily wear, and then add studded designs for the evening, like a dinner event.

Adjustable Toe Ring Designs

Source: amazon.com

We hope these bichiya designs have helped you in selecting a design you wish to flaunt with your attire. Do you have any tips for styling these latest trend of toe rings better? Let us know in the comments below!

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