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12 Tips To Perfect The Skill Of Traditional Makeup

by Fashionlady
Traditional Makeup Tips

Looking for traditional makeup tips ahead of a special occasion? Look no further, as we’ve framed together few makeup do’s to make sure you look absolutely divine whatever the occasion calls for.
When it comes to traditional makeup, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons that come with it. You want your makeup to be subtle The 12 rulings on wearing traditional makeup with ethnic wear discussed below is everything you need to know and more.

Traditional Makeup Tips

How To Prep Up For Wearing Traditional Makeup:

The most essential step is to know where the occasion is going to be held; whether you’re selecting an ensemble from your traditional wear or even the makeup. The weather is also one of the big factors in deciding what type of makeup you would like opting for-matte or dewy or waterproof makeup. If it’s a small affair, then don’t overplay with the makeup. Instead opt for a look that makes you feel youthful and fresh.

With that thought, here are the easy tips for traditional look that you may follow up with to match with your ethnic wear.

Easy Tips For Traditional Look

1. Prep The Skin Early:

If you aren’t attentive about your routine skincare, then it’s likely to show on your face. Go for facial sessions once a week to see noticeable difference in your skin. This will also serve as a great makeup base according to makeup experts. You may schedule weekly or monthly treatments to attain glowing and firm skin. To avoid any last-minute skin irritations, avoid getting extractions a month before the event.

2. Go For Long-Lasting Makeup:

You may prefer to wear makeup that last every last dance, toast, and pictures. For that, start with primer on your eyelids and face after cleansing your face. Then moisturize and use a foundation for creating a smooth base. Apply the rest of the makeup in thin layers. That will include blush, lipstick, and translucent powder. Then give definition to your lips using lip liner. Apply extra coat of lipstick, blot, and repeat with lipstick application. This step seals the product to the lips and makes for a lasting lip impression.

3. Aim For Glowing Skin:

Luminous skin is timeless. But a strobe effect on the face looks bad in photos. For better balance and shine control, dust translucent powder across forehead, nose, and chin using a powder puff. Then apply a smooth, shimmery highlighter across temples and cheekbones. To make the eyes brighter, dab the highlighter on the inner corners and under brow bone. This will help you attain a sheer and natural look.

4. Strike A Balance:

Traditional, ethnic wear may comprise of basic embroidered blouse, to a lehenga. So its essential that your makeup, hair, jewellery, and attire complement each other. If you are opting for a more traditional look like jhumkas and kundan jewellery, then go for matte makeup. Or, if you are going for a contemporary look, then select a nude makeup palette.

5. Highlight And Contour:

A lot of you may be apprehensive about putting on heavy makeup with your ethnic wear. But its fine to contour and highlight your face with a fine balance. For a day time event, go for a subtle contour and for an evening look, go for a prominent makeup look.

6. Know How To Use False Lashes:

False lashes are a great way to make your eyes pop out and look more subtle than using a full strip. You may opt for varying lengths to create a natural, fluttery look. Wear the false lashes and wear them in between your lashes rather than nestling them on top.


8. Highlight The Brow Bone:

Complete your traditional makeup look using a highlighter shade over your brow bone. Doing this will add drama to the eyes. Select a matte shade and pad it along the outer corner of the brow bone to draw maximum attention.

9. Conceal Last Minute Breakouts:

Worried about last minute skin breakouts? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here is what you need to do. Apply foundation first. Then apply a creamy under-eye formula on the inner corners of your eyes using a brush. Work the cream outward. Then use your clean fingertips to gently pad the cream onto the skin.
To hide acne, apply a small amount of concealer on top of it using a synthetic brush. Do not sweep the concealer back and forth as it may heighten up the blemish.

10. Aim For A Timeless Look:

Whether you are normally wearing subtle makeup or prefer a modern look, the trick to simple traditional look is not to experiment much. One trick that always works is glowing skin, flushed lips, and rosy cheeks. Next, use gel eyeliner along the base of your lashes followed by applying it along the upper waterline. This provides you with an intense look without looking overdone.

11. Go For Simple Manicure:

Well-manicured nails are another way to finish off your traditional makeup look. Stick with neutral, softer shades if you have a pink skin tone. If you have olive undertones, then stay away from white nail paint which can come across as gray.

12. Carry A Touch-up Kit:

Always carry a touch-kit with concealer, lipstick, translucent powder, cotton swabs, and makeup brush. These are the best touch up makeup products to make you look great all day. Also, a lip gloss that matches the shade of the lipstick you are wearing will make up for a great touch-up look.

These are some of the best makeup tips for traditional look that you can follow up. If you like the ideas, then write in to us at the comment box below.

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