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Transcend 2017, Day 1 & 2 Was A Fun Filled And Sensational Affair

by Fashionlady

Transcend 2017 Day

SIBM Pune’s Annual Cultural and Management Fest’s 27th edition, Transcend 2017 was launched on the 20th of January, 2017 with a grand opening ceremony that saw unprecedented footfalls. The ceremony was graced by the Chancellor of Symbiosis International University, Dr. S.B.Mujumdar.

The launch also witnessed the start of Transcend’s Flagship Events, “Strategia” and “Last Man Standing”, that have set Transcend a class apart over the years.

“Mock Stock”, the flagship event for Finance set sail in the morning and the flagship event for Human Resources, “cHRysalis” set off in the afternoon with rapid rounds to test the participant’s trading and industrial relation’s skills respectively.

The events slated for the later part of the day were a deluge of talent and glamour that was a delight to witness with the “Miss India Campus Princess Contest”, followed by “Rampage”, the fashion show.

Transcend fashion show

Just as it was with Sahil Shah’s brilliant stand-up comedy act that had the audience rolling in laughter at the event launch, the starry night was lit up by camera flashes and cheers from the overwhelming crowd as Raagalogik put the audience in a trance with their tribute to A. R. Rahman and Amit Trivedi in Pro Nights.


Transcend continued in full swing as Day Two wore on! Last Man Standing, Transcend’s Flagship Event became more fast-paced, grueling and enthralling as its Finale approached. The day also saw the conclusion of one of Transcend’s Flagship Event, Strategia, and witnessed the launch of Opstrat, the Flagship Event for Operations and ‘For The Greater Greed’, that brought together tests from all verticals of Finance in a fiery mix.

The stage thrummed with energy as participants took the stage amidst cheers from the enthused crowd in Choreonite, Transcend’s Solo Dance competition, followed by Swing in Sync, the Group Dance event. The night only grew in energy with the War of DJs competition taking the stage.

Transcend Solo Dance competition

The eventful night was adorned with a cherry on top when Progressive Brothers with Sunburn took the stage in an EDM Night that set the beat for Transcend 2017.

SIBM Pune concluded Day 3 with a bang with Bollywood sensation Raftaar joining in to end the show! Stay tuned for more about Day 3.

Images Source: transcend.sibmpune.edu.in

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