Trending Fashion Accessories: Must-Have Add-Ons This Season


Trending Fashion Accessories Must-Have Add-Ons This Season
Summers are here and it’s time to flaunt all that you had stashed in your wardrobes. But are your accessories and outfit ideas in vogue right now? Don’t worry; we can help you get sorted out. Given below are the latest spring add-ons. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

It’s The Season of Arm Candies!

You can never have enough of them! It’s time to release your inner Coachella love. Bring out all the arm cuffs and arm bands that you had stashed so long. Whether you are stacking them on your wrist or flaunting them higher up in your arms, this is the season of arm candies. Get them all out, but remember too much of everything is bad! Don’t load your arms and hands with everything. Choose with care and mix and match with love.

Fashion Accessories Brands: Where can I get them? Check out the range from Mango, Zara, Forever 21, Accessorize, Forever New and Claire’s

Trending Fashoin Accessories ArmCandy

It’s All About Ear Cuffs

Emma Watson is sporting them and so are Gigi Hadid and Suki and Kendal and Kylie Jenner! Yes, ear cuffs are very in this season and a lot of Hollywood as well as Bollyhwood bigwigs can be seen sporting their cuffs. If you want to be a little adventurous, you can even invest in ear spirals. Ear cuffs for pierced ears as well as clip on cuffs are very popular this season.

Fashion Accessories Brands: Where can I get them? Forever 21, Accessorize, Forever New and Claire’s

Fashion Accessories_Ear Cuffs

Midi Rings

Gone are those days when you sported humongous stone rings. It’s the age of midi rings and especially dainty ones are doing the rounds in the fashion world. Stack multiple rings on your fingers for a more casual and hip look.

Fashion Accessories Brands: Where can I get them? Exclusive range available in Forever 21, Accessorize and Claire’s

Trendy Fashion Accessories_Midi Rings

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It’s the season for Rose Gold!

Whether it’s the Michael Kors watch you are sporting or the wallet you are carrying, Rose Gold is so in this season that most designers can’t get enough of it! Invest in a beautiful watch or a ring in rose gold to be in vogue.

Fashion Accessories Brands: Where can I get them? Rose gold-plated stainless steel watch by Marc Jacobs

Trending Fashion Accessories_Michael Kors watch


Chain Strap Mini Bags

Don’t stuff everything in your humongous bags. This is the season for tiny fashion and these chain strap minis are doing quite the business. Luxurious and hands-free, it gives women ample opportunity to balance that wine glass and flirt with the cute bartender!

Fashion Accessories Brands: Where can I get them? Prada

Trending Fashion Accessories Aviators in Tortoise Shell

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Word Jewelry – Trending Fashion Accessories

No don’t worry; you won’t look like someone from 90’s hip hop scene. Word jewelry is making a major comeback and a lot of fashion bigwigs can be seen flaunting these custom-made pieces.

Fashion Accessories Brands: Where can I get them? You will have to get it custom made

Iridescence Everywhere

Pretty iridescent accessories are everywhere. So whether it’s the bag or your heels, iridescence is big this spring. Team them up with something gray and see them shine on! Not only do they look feminine, but they give out pretty strong vibes too!

Where can I get them? Tory Burch heels

Iridescent accessories

Stock up on these must have accessories for this spring ladies!



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