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Trends We Noticed From Tarun Tahiliani’s Spring Summer Collection 2016

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Tarun Tahilianis Spring Summer Collection 2016

Tarun Tahiliani Fashion

With summer knocking the door, what could be more refreshing than Tarun Tahiliani’s Spring Summer Collection 2016, unveiled recently in the capital city, Delhi at the Empario Mall. Nicknamed as ‘Karl Lagerfeld of India’, his latest collection put him in the same cast as those international designers, who had done away with the last six months fashion trend to present an entirely new and fresh range of fusion wear, inspired by the nomadic tribes of Kutch, Gujarat. Let’s isolate few trends that this latest Tarun Tahiliani’s fashion is bound to create.

Tarun Tahiliani

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Hallmarking Trends

True to his distinguishing dream-like couture, the stellar Tarun Tahiliani’s spring summer 2016 showcases clothes oozing the mesmerizing aura of fantasy and romance. On the lines of a bohemian rhapsody, the knee weakening handcrafted collection breaks the regular color panel and skillfully blends the dramatic flair in sheer wispy delicacy.

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Tarun Tahiliani summer 2016 collections

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Color Trends Given A Shake-up

All three lines ups of the collection (ready-to-wear, occasion wear and Shahjanabad) display a luminous choice of colors. Giving earthy tones a very subdued and low-profile look, the onset is from subtle pastels of white and ivory which gradually explodes into dramatic easel with tons of yellows, blues and dramatic ombre effects. While colors like ravishing red, cobalt blue, sunny yellow or marshmallow pink find new reincarnations. Ultimately, the show looks dominated by shades like magenta, red, orange, pink, beige and even black and white.

tarun tahiliani summer collections

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Drapes, Textures And Detailing Given A Revamp

With the latest collection, we can state emphatically that Tarun Tahiliani’s fashion has redefined the Indian fabric, taking it to new heights. The intricacies and drapes draw inspiration from the regions of Kutch, Kumbh and even Kerala from the south. Layering and patterns are given an entirely new persona. The local style of draping, a signature style of the Kutch region has been artistically blended with western outfits to showcase an entire range of contemporary fashion fused with tribal motifs. Patterns too show the kind of detailing and attention that the designer had showered it with.


The fabric dominating the ramp is light weight, crush free and crinkle free fabrics. Not only are they ideal to wear in summer, but they can also be easily molded in vibrant and dressy outfits, befitting the season. The detailing and adornments of inventive embellishments, digital prints and the sensual drapes evidences the couture and craftsmanship of this vibrant designer.

Tarun Tahiliani collections

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Sneaking A Peak At The Collection

The Tarun Tahiliani’s spring summer 2016 is clearly a fresh breath of air. The collection embarks with pastel shades of white and ivory surfacing in tulle lehenga skirts combined with delicate tops and capes to gradually move to rainbow-hued ombre kaftans, dresses and jackets. The play of fabrics and silhouettes was indeed arresting. The finale couldn’t have been better with Bollywood actors, Katrina Kaif and Aditya Ray Kapoor coming out as show stoppers. Let’s sneak at peak at some costumes and trends which undoubtedly will be in vogue and toast of the season.

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best Tarun Tahiliani Spring Summer 2016

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The Showstopper Outfit

Even though the outfit is the finale, it surely is a stellar and the highest point of the collection. The ivory pre-draped saree accessorized with the nose-pin and the signature white bangles of the Kutch region, adorned on Katrina created a real goddess like allure oozing from the actress. The delicacies and the embellishments woven in the blouse are worth looking into. Completing the look was Aditya Roy Kapoor in an understated off-white Sherwani. They sure looked a killer and a ‘perfect muse’ to this enthralling handcrafted collection.

tarun tahiliani spring collections

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Similar collection in sarees, layered skirts, crop tops, dresses were seen in chanderi, handloom and jacquard. Bold colors, dramatic motifs, graphic shapes, geometric patterns with delicate embellishments of crystals, and other intricate embroidery looked extremely sophisticated and stylish.

India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

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The Ombre Crinkle Range

The patterns and the sheer eruption of colors from ombre of red, pinks, yellows, greens, blues, etc. gives a feeling of rainbow let loose. Be it draped, kaftans, shirts, dresses or jackets, the cool ensemble shows the sheer artistic mastery of the designer.

Tarun Tahilianis fashion collection

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Tarun Tahiliani’s fashion collection definitely carries the warmth, vibrancy and the brightness associated with the onset of spring. Undoubtedly, it will turn out to be a trendsetter with layers, minimal sheers, drapes and light flowing markets ruling street as well as runaway fashion in the days to come.

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