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Small Cute Tattoos For Those Who Like To Keep It Small And Tiny

by Fashionlady
small tattoo ideas

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Oooooooh! I love tattoos but what do I get? Should I get a big, bold tattoo or a small cute tattoos? Should I pick a colorful design or the simple undaunted black?

Wondering on the same lines, then come on girls, take a stroll along our collection of the most small tattoo designs and pick one which suits your persona.

To your delight, we present Paw print (Grrr), the girly Bow, the cute Ladybug, the sweet Cherry and the ancient Sankofa tattoo designs. So get ready for the ‘Awww’, ‘so sweet’, ‘how cute’, ‘definitely this one’ exclamations following every pattern you lay your eyes on.


Have pets? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter, if you love the animals which exemplify traits like fierceness, power and strength then you are at the right spot.

Paw print small tattoos meaning is incredibly simple. It signifies personal touch to the wearer be it a favorite pet or an individual trait or promoting a community/culture. Listed below with enigmatic pictures are few small paw tattoo design ideas.

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Paw Tattoo Ideas On Foot

String of paw prints along the foot shows the passion for running.

Paw Tattoo Designs

Source: pinterest.com

Small Tattoos for Girls

Source: pinterest.com

If you are not an athlete and don’t like too much of it, wear a small cute tattoo of single paw. I like the sweet little heart in the paw. It looks so endearing.

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Small Tattoos on Legs

Source: pinterest.com

Paw prints tattoo ideas are evolving. Engraved on any part of your body, especially over a scar signify that you are moving forward in life and gracefully welcoming the change.

This pattern can also be a great way for parents to exemplify their love for their children by having a letter and color associated with each paw.

Paw Tattoo Design

Source: tattoomagz.com

Few cuter, gullible tattoo designs are below, enjoy the treat.

cherry heart tattoos

Source: tattoo-journal.com

Paw Small Tattoo

Source: tattoo-journal.com

Tattoo design behind the ear

Cute Tattoos Behind the Ear

Source: tattoo-journal.com

Paw tattoo on finger

Small Paw Tattoo on Finger

Source: pinterest.com


Women and girls donned bow tie on their clothes and in their hair as a symbol of femininity in the ancient times. Now, they have progressed to tattooing bows as a decoration. The color of the bow adds more essence to the tattoo. And these bow tattoos meaning varies with the color, placement and size.

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‘Forget me knot’

Bow Tattoos

Source: pinterest.com

These cute small bow tie tattoos are just simply gullible – ‘bow to the purity and innocence’

Cute Small Bow Tie Tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

Bow Bands

Another sweet, simple small bow tattoo design is the band form – Black is for strength – ‘bow to the strength of life’

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Bow Tattoo on Wrist

Source: blogspot.com

Red symbolizes sexiness, victory and the band style is awesome – ‘Bow of victory’


Red Bow Tattoo

Source: buzzle.com

Bow Rings

Blue is for virtue and pink for feminism. The ring pattern small cute tattoos looks like a perfect accessory – ‘Bow to the shrine of intolerance’

Bow Ring Tattoo Designs

Source: pinterest.com

Bow to the feminism and beauty of women

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Color Bow Tattoo on Finger

Source: pinterest.com

Bow feet – ‘Bow to the union of emotions’

Bow tattoos on legs or feet are one more endearing tattoo idea.

Yellow is for union, bond with the family

Bow Tattoos on Feet

Source: tattoo-journal.com

Bow for Cancer: – ‘Bow to the cancer patients’

A pink bow, we all know symbolizes fight against breast cancer. So represent your loved ones fighting with cancer with their name tagged along or a heart or butterfly, flower, etc.

Bow Tattoo on Cancer

Source: pinterest.com

The tattoo designs below are completely off the horizon of small, cute tattoos but trust me, they are so trendy and eye catchy.

Small Cude Tattoo on Feet

Source: buzzle.com


Want your tattoo to symbolize love, luck, happiness, friendship or protection, the ladybug tattoo is apt choice to make.

Below are a few cute ladybug tattoo designs for your pleasure.

Cute Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Source: tattooshunt.com

Or combine it with pretty colors, leaves, patterns, flowers etc., which also makes for a good tattoo idea.

Ladybug Tattoo Designs


Cute Cherry tattoos are to be picked with some insight girls. Don’t just get any cherry tattoo without knowing what it suggests.

Cherries usually depict sweetness and kindness but they also depict purity, innocence, sexuality, fertility or lust. Let’s figure out what tattoo suits you.

If your hunt is mainly ‘Cherry tattoos for girls’ then note that cherries on the stems depict freshness and youth.

Cherry Tattoo for Girls

Source: pinterest.com

A cherry picked from tree or a bitten cherry represents ‘loss of innocence and virginity’

Cherry Tattoos for Women

Source: tattoos.net

Get these sweet little tattoos at lovely spots and watch the guys get smitten.

Sweet Cute Cherry Tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

The cherry heart tattoo is simply wow. It’s like an icing to the top of a cake.


Ever heard of Sankofa? Trust us, Sankofa tattoos are one of the designs you see often. Of many tattoos and their meanings, we found the Sankofa tattoo meaning very illuminating and inspiring. It is a symbol from Adinkra tribe of Africa which conveys the idea of looking into your past and understanding that the good and bad of it has helped you become who you are.

‘San’ means ‘return’, ‘ko’ suggests ‘to go’ and ‘fa’ says ‘seek or take’.

The most common pattern you see is a symmetric heart – Go, seek what you lost

Sankofa Tattoo

Source: youqueen.com

Let past make you better, not bitter

Sankofa Tattoos Meaning

Source: youqueen.com

The other form is the Sankofa bird tattoo idea. Let us show you how pretty it looks. It looks contradictory to our concept of small but have a minuscule version of the design if you like what it says.

Small Sankofa Bird Tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

We can definitely say most of you are already looking out for the best tattoo parlors after having a glimpse of our collection. Keep following us and feel awed at the extending collection we share.

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