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Try These Smoky Eye Look For Day Outings With An #OOTD

by Fashionlady
Smokey Eye Makeup

Smoky Eyes Makeup Tutorial

This season accentuating just one feature of the face is a big rage. Hence, it’s no surprise that bold eye makeup, specifically smokey eye makeup is the toast of the season. A very dramatic style of eye makeup, it is usually adorned at night and reserved for fancy occasions. Giving you a sultry eye look, we have seen it sparkly, metallic, bronze and just about every color of the rainbow. However, thanks to celebrity makeup artists, you can indulge your love for sultry smokey eyes makeup in a style which is absolutely perfect to pull off during the day (even everyday) and look absolutely captivating and mesmerizing! Catch up with some of the amazing smoky eye tutorial for the day and get your killer look bang on!

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How To Do Smokey Eyes For The Day: 5 Wonderful Tutorials

How To Do Smokey Eyes

Source: weddingseve.com

Beginners Smokey Makeup – Eimear McElheron

If you are just getting into smoky eye makeup, this basic self-explanatory tutorial by Elmear McElheron is terrific. The entire work has been beautifully broken down into steps which can be easily emulated. Final look is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. What would further appeal to you is that it being a basic makeup, you have ample flexibility to amp it up and make it more dramatic to easily transit into night makeup. All by itself, with minimal face makeup, it’s a terrific everyday eye makeup for you to hop to work or college.

Brown Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial – Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is quite a reputed makeup artist. Her tutorial on using varied shades of brown instead of black creates an absolutely mesmerizing effect. The overall effect is the right cut of dramatic vibe without being too dark which makes it great for the day. It looks amazing if you have brown, hazel, blue or even green eyes. In this easy to follow tutorial, she has even mentioned the brushes and shades number and completed the face makeup to ease any undue stress you might face for a polished look. Follow and enjoy the drama that you create!

Bronze Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial – Lauren Curtis

Aussie makeup artist Lauren Curtis has shown us a beautiful way of doing a bronze smokey eye makeup with plenty of eyelashes that is subtle yet accentuating enough to wear it to work, college or any other day outing. If you are looking for a more understated look, you can definitely tone down on the eyebrows and simply finish with mascara and eyeliner. This eye pop up look is sure to make heads turn. To make it suitable for evenings as well, all you need to do is add some contour in the creases which will definitely elevate your look!

Day Smokey Eye Tutorial – The Makeup Chair

Like the beginner’s tutorial, this one is a fantastic training material for those just dabbling and experimenting with the look. It’s a fantastic launching pad to get the hang of smoke eye makeup and experiment freely with colors to understand what suits your face well. Try experimenting with skin tones like pink, brown, beige, etc. which is bound to give you an accentuating eye without looking like the boundaries have been crossed. This is the best tutorial for getting a basic smokey eye which is decent and glamorous enough to grace any day time occasion.

Neutral Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Teni Panosian

This tutorial by Teni Panosian makes you an expert on getting a subtle eye makeup which you can easily adorn for any day time occasion. It’s not only appropriate for office and college but is also quite apt for a casual dinner date. The use of soft, light eye shadow color which is built around with darker tones creates a mesmerizing effect!

Few Tips To Help You Master The Day Smoky Eye Makeup

Even though it’s very easy to become an expert with these tutorials, the following tricks and tips should be up your sleeve. With these, you can easily avoid any goof ups and possible mess that can arise:

  • Before adding eyeliner to your lash line, ensure that you have completely applied your eye color as they may tend to fall out. Adding a layer of translucent powder underneath your eye can be a smart trick as it can catch any color which actually does fall. Once finished, you can brush off the powder.
  • Any extra eye-shadow outside the eye makeup should be removed using a Q-tip and eye makeup remover.
  • It’s always recommended to use a mascara shield before applying mascara to prevent any transfer of it to the done eye makeup.
  • Never use blue for smokey eyes. It creates a very smudged and unattractive finish.
  • Grey can be used blindly for both day and night smoky eye makeups. It always looks chic and glamorous.
  • Always pair your smokey eyes with a blush-on which are strategically placed. You can never go wrong!

Finally, I hope you experiment with all the tutorials. Do let us know which worked best for you. You can even post your picture on social media and share it with us! We would love to see your completed look!

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