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Update Your Beauty Regime With Winter Skin Care Tips

by Fashionlady
Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

A dedicated fashionista keeps updating her wardrobe with the season and changing trends. While in May and June, she adds halter tops with shorts and cotton trousers, in October and November, she shops for faux fur bags and leather fashion staples and this revising trend just goes on. A summer beauty game plan also has completely different set of rules than winter beauty regime. One must not ignore the winter skin care routine that must be adopted for youthful and soft skin.

The winter is in and every fashioner is geared up with all sorts of winter skincare regime. Let me just help my darlings with some hot tips to help them easily get flawless glowing skin even in freezing winter days and chilly nights.

Upgrade your beauty regime with following winter skin care tips. Continue reading!

Go For Milk-based Products

Your beauty regime must in one way or another include milk based products.

Let me tell you soap-based beauty products such as cleansers are your skin’s greatest winter enemies. Even gel items can be harsh on your skin, depriving your skin from water and natural oils and leaving the epidermis vulnerable to toxins. Therefore, always go for milk-based beauty items, which not only cleans but hydrates your skin as well.

Add Oil To Your Beauty Staples

Second winter skin care tip is using oil for moisturizing the skin. I know oil has been the greatest enemy to your acne-prone skin, but you can still add oil to your regime in small portions and for those with normal skin, oil is a must-have as it helps fighting with dry skin. Apart from moisturizer, this year add body oil to your kit. The Keo Karpin body oil is the best available in Indian market.

Skin Care Tips in winter

Avoid Exfoliation

We know exfoliation is an important part of beauty treatment. But when the temperatures drops, it’s suggested to slow down on this particular part of your facial. Over-exfoliation even in spring can damage the skin, turning it to red with patches and peeling off skin cells.

If you’re used to applying nighttime retinols then cut down that as well.

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Cleansing Process

You should go for a cleanser having lemon, cactus and aloe vera. The aloe vera is a tremendous way of restoring moisture content of your skin with some amazing healing qualities. It also acts as an anti-oxidant that speeds up the renewing of cells. These above mentioned ingredients help in removing dead cells and accelerating the regeneration thereby delaying the aging process.

Winter Skin Care Advice

Intake Of Water

Just like summer days, you should stick to drinking lot of water in winter as well. This is the best natural hydrating procedure to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Apart from water, herbal tea is another fighter for dry skin.

Say Bye To Powders

This winter just keep all of your makeup powders at bay. Instead go for, cream-based foundations and moisturizing blush. The best you can do is blend your foundation with daily cream before applying.


Don’t Forget Sunscreen

In winter, we love to sit outside and take a walk in sun. Take it as a thumb rule to apply sunscreen before stepping out of the house, irrespective of the season and weather. If you stay more than one hour outside, reapply the sunscreen.
Intake of water

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For Dry Skin

Use a lemon and turmeric based cream before taking a bath. This will protect the skin from further drying after coming in contact with soap. And after having bath, you should apply body lotion while the skin is still damp. It helps seal the moisture of your skin.

Hope you found this post on winter skin care tips useful!

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