Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him


As Valentine’s Day is drawing near, some of you might have already come up with something to do and give to your boyfriends or husbands but others might still find it difficult to search for that perfect gift. So, for those having a hard time, do take a look at these gift suggestions that might help you.

Valentine gift for newly married or for the just-married Hubby

Love notes

Admit it, romantic love letters and hidden love notes always make you giddy. So does your man! He would love to read those funny and adorable scribbles you have written just for him. Stick a note on his morning coffee mug or something on the bathroom mirror, the possibilities are just endless.

Love notes

A home cooked meal

There is nothing a guy loves more than you cooking for him. Whip up something special in the kitchen like steak and pair it up with some wine that goes very well with it. Light up some candles and set the table and voila! Instant candle-lit dinner for two.

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Something adventurous

If your husband is constantly seeking for some adventure, enrolling him in a skydiving program will be the ultimate gift. If you find it too risky, invite him to zip-line or some biking in the countryside instead. Not only would you have bonding moments together but you’d also be one with nature.


Valentine gift for the long-time Hubby

Breakfast in bed

Surprise him with a very tasty morning meal of mouth-watering honey-cured bacon. Add some scrambled eggs with buttered toast and hot coffee to start his day. He’d love the idea of not getting up and making his own coffee even for just a day. While you’re at it, maybe you can do some extra cuddling in bed too.

Breakfast in bed


Valentine gift for the Boyfriend

A framed picture

If you two have been together for quite a while now and you’ve been through a lot already, a picture of the two of you would make a great Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend. A very memorable picture would show how much you value your time together and just how abounding your love really is.


Guys love wearing t-shirts so make sure you give him one this Valentine’s Day. Opt for something with a funny love quote written on it to make it extra special. Whenever he wears it, you will be the first one to pop in his head.

A video game

Guys love their video games so much but they’ll love you more if you get them a new one. Something that they have been looking forward to buying ever since. He would really appreciate it and see that you accept him for who he really is. Even if he’s a video game maniac, you still love him and his quirky self.

Finally, the list is finished. Go out and look around you. The world is full of potential gift ideas for the love of your life. Planning for Valentine’s does not have to be so hard. Be creative and just simply have fun and plan the night that both of you will never forget.


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