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Victoria’s Secret Reveal 9 Trade Secrets That Were Never Told Before!

by Fashionlady
Victoria’s Secret Trade Secrets

Victoria’s Secret Trade Secrets

Being a Victoria’s Secret angel is a dream come true. This year Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid changed their lives when they debuted as Victoria’s Angels. Their never ending legs and to-die-for body made the wait for the new collection even more worth it!

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But there are things that every Victoria’s Secret model must do and there are no exceptions to it! Like literally! They don’t follow a strict military schedule, but they do have a routine that every angel must abide by.

Let Us Take You Through 9 Secrets That Were Never Told Before!

Victoria’s Secret model

Source: instagram.com

They Practice In Heels

Did you know? The moment their costumes are decided and heels are picked, they start practicing in them. No two questions about this rule. Also, it helps them when they make the final walk. No twisting of ankles on the D-day.

Victorias Secret Trade Secrets

Source: instagram.com

Nude Thongs FTW

Most angels prefer wearing a nude thong under their spicy lingerie. Although their fittings are done perfectly, they don’t want any ‘accidents’ to occur.

Victorias Secret nude lingerie

Source: instagram.com

Say YES To Bra Inserts

Miranda Kerr’s Wikipedia page says she’s a size 32. But when she walked the ramp, she NEVER looked 32. More like 36! Because she has her bra inserts to thank for!

Victorias Secret bra inserts

Source: icydk.com

Double Sided Fashion Tape Is Their Saviour

To avoid further accidents, everything is set in place by a double sided fashion tape which further assures the angels that they can twirl around as much as they want!

Double Sided Fashion Tape

Source: instagram.com

Hair And Makeup Takes HOURS!

Hours before the show starts, models sit in their chair and get their hair and makeup done. Most angels have a dedicated fashion stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist.

Victorias Secret before show

Source: instagram.com


Hair Extensions Are God Sent

Every angel (except one) had massive amounts of hair extensions fixed on to their scalp this season. Not because they wanted length but because they wanted volume! Massive amounts of it.

Victorias Secret show

Source: instagram.com

Victorias Secret fashion show

Source: instagram.com

They EAT

Yes! You saw that right! All models eat and have healthy breakfast and dinners. There’s no skipping meals. Here’s your proof.

Victorias Secret models eat

Source: cosmopolitan.com

Well, why didn’t I know all these secrets before?

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