20 Wardrobe Fixes For Long Cardigan Outfits


Long Cardigan Outfits

If you are a cardigan person and love the entire concept of donning a knit garment that is part sweater and part coat along with a little magical touch of the bohemian style. Ease yourself into 2016’s most practical fashion trend, the long cardigan. Contrary to popular belief, cardigans are not exclusively a winter concept. Especially, the long cardigan is a style statement in itself. You can actually style your whole outfit around it. What’s more? If you are a fan of layering, the best thing about a long cardigan is that it seems custom made for satisfying your never ending love for layering. Besides that, long cardigan outfits are life savers in situations where the weather can get unpredictable, or simply when you’re alternating between extremes of temperature.

Ways To Style Long Cardigans
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But, since long cardigans don’t exactly belong to popular all-seasons-wearable kitty, people might get a little confused about what to wear under long cardigan. No worries! We are here for you.

Ways To Style Long Cardigans

In this article, we wanted to get our readers acquainted with the top 7 ways to style long cardigans. Here they are:

1. The Weekender Look

For a more relaxed weekend style you could don a nice single tone Long cardigan clubbed with your favorite jeans or fabric shorts along with a pair of contrasting sneakers. To add to the look, accessorize with a cap, hat, or beanie for weekends. The entire look is great for a short weekend getaway owing to the Easy-breezy style quotient.

What To Wear Under Long Cardigan
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2. Monochrome All The Way

While wearing long cardigans match neutrals and greys with darker shades and a pair of sexy shades. Pair a grey cardigan with dark trousers and a dark top inside. Also, don’t forget to add a matching handbag to get a complete taste of a current favorite fashion trend – the monochrome.

Wear a Long Cardigan With Black Dress
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3. Let’s Boot Up

When you want to wear a long cardigan with jeans, it is important that you get the entire outfit correct. Black jeans with ankle boots, for that instance also look very charming. But, this particular outfit completely seals the deal. The greyish cardigan clubbed with ice-blue jeans and black boots looks enticing and comfortable all at one go. The standout neck piece does complete justice to the entire outfit.

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Wear a Long Cardigan With Jeans
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4. The Ultimate Fashionista

Pair your long cardigan with a sexy pencil skirt and heels for an effortlessly perky look. Prints, patterns and stripes look great on long cardigans when clubbed with the right top and shoes. To complete the entire outfit, you could add a little cute sling bag and nice pair of shades, for the daytime look.

Wear a Long Cardigan
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5. Bold And Beautiful

Wear a long cardigan with a dress pulled in with a narrow belt, or a pretty lace belt that floats impeccably and looks stunning at the same time. A chunky bracelet would look stunning with it, and you could balance out the whole look with an oversized bag. If you want to go a little bold, you could go with bright accessories in vibrant colors like yellow, red and blue.

Wear a Long Cardigan With a Dress
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6. Crop Is In

On another day, the long cardigan might just come off as chunky wool clothing, but these type of patterned cardigans never lose their charm. Since, it is a standalone, so beautiful, leaving it open to flaunt the contrast might be a great way to go with it. To accentuate the whole idea, you can go with minis or shorts with a pretty crop top. Don’t forget to throw in some good light accessories.

Lace Long Cardigan Style
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7. Careless Beauty

Your long cardigan loves textures, ribbing, cables, leather additions and a fuzzy finish. So, you can either go with a detailed cardigan or keep the rest of your outfit light for a simple perky look or you could either go poncho style with short rolled back sleeves with cuffed boyfriend jeans in which case you can cinch your waist with a thicker belt to avoid looking fluffed up. You could even choose the street wise look teaming your long cardigan with a plaid shirt and ripped jeans on board. Team this with heels or ankle boots and end with a pretty slouchy scarf, which will provide a great contrast if slung around a slightly thinner cardigan.

Long Cardigan Style
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8. Summer Dresses For Winter

With the onslaught of winter, we often end up putting away all those pretty summer dresses somewhere deep in the closet. But you can still flaunt your summer dresses in winter by layering it up with a long cardigan sweater.

Summer Dresses For Winter
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9. Boot It Up

Pair up your favorite long cardigan outfits with a cool pair of over the knees boots for a glam look to come through.

Boot It Up
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10. Skinny Heels And Rolled Up Jeans

You can wear a long knit cardigan over your favorite top paired with jeans which are rolled up at the ankle and flaunt your feet in a sexy pair of heels.

Long Hooded Cardigan
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14. Stripes It Is

If there is one style which never ever goes out of fashion, it is stripes! Whether you love the horizontal stripes or the vertical strips or zigzag ones, no closet is complete without a striped outfit. So how about stocking up your closet with a long striped cardigan?

Stripes It Is
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15. Power Dressing

Add some more power to your formal look by wearing a long sleeveless cardigan over your formal shirt and skirt.

Power Dressing
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16. Maxi Style

Here is a fun way to style your maxi dresses and make your Fall look even more stylish. All you need to do is just drape a long open cardigan over your maxi dress. You can either pick up something that matches with your maxi dress or go completely contrast with it.

Maxi Style
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17. Patterns

You can choose from a wide variety of long cardigan knitting patters and flaunt them by wearing it over any of your outfits – be it a shirt dress or over a buttoned down shirt. From geometric to tribal to floral, the list of patterns is never-ending.

source: aliexpress.com

18. Cozy And Comfortable

Planning to wear your sexy LBD for a date night but worried about the chilly weather? Relax and just wear a long oversized cardigan. Go bold and pair it with a contrasting color.

Cozy And Comfortable Fashion
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19. A Pair Of Leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable pair of clothing items that we women own. How about making your overall look even more comfortable? Just wear a long cardigan with leggings and you are good to go.

A Pair Of Leggings
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20. The Boho Look

Try out this simple yet stunning boho look. Wear a long wrap cardigan with fringes over your summer dress or a pair of shorts, add some funky accessories and a boho hat to complete the look.

The Boho Look
source: lululz.com

Now that you know what to wear under a long cardigan and ways to wear a cardigan, your cardigan style would be on point. Whether you want to wear long cardigan outfits for summer or a long cardigan coat during winters, it’s all about how you style it.


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