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What To Wear Under A Cardigan: Do’s And Don’ts

by Fashionlady
what to wear under a cardigan

How to wear a Cardigan

One of the most convenient trends for the light winter seasons is the Cardigan. Cardigans are adaptable and comfy, and can conveniently be mingled with any piece of clothing you own and worn on any occasion. Got a romantic date? Throw on a cardigan with your dress! Going to office? Pull on a cardigan with your pleated skirt and blouse! Whether your attire is formal or casual, cardigans fit in extremely well and add to your ensemble the touch of flair and charm it needs.

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However, you need to be careful when you pick out what to wear under a cardigan because they come in various shapes, sizes and styles. Thus, a proper technique is needed to combine outfits with it.

Here are some cardigan fashion tips

Let’s see which type of cardigan goes with what and also what it doesn’t go with –

Cropped Cardigan

It is generally the most frequently seen type of cardigan.

Stylish Ways to Wear a Cardigan

What to Wear with: Dresses and high waist skirts or pants work suitably. The cardigan’s margin should be such that it doesn’t surpass the line of your skirt/pant by any more than a few inches.

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sweater dress outfit ideas

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What not to Wear with: They don’t do justice with long tops and cause a disproportionate body shape.

cardigan fashion

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Oversized Cardigan

These cardigans are popularly appreciated as they give casual, laid-back vibes. Choose a cardigan with thick knitting type, deep V-necks and longer hemlines.

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Best Cardigan Style Tips

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What to Wear with: They go very well with your pair of skinny jeans and a tee.

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Cardigans for Womens

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What to Wear with – Dark jeans to lengthen out your body structure and add appeal to your figure. The drape will spawn long contours through the lengths of your figure.

Best Ways to Wear a Cardigan

What not to Wear with – A short or knee length skirt is a big no-no. It doesn’t adjust well with it.

Cardigans Womens Style

Boyfriend Cardigan

It’s warm, cozy and comfortable!


cute ways to wear a cardigan

What to wear with: Jeans, pencil skirts or shorts anything! They work with all apparel that has a slim fit on you!

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Cardigan fashion tips for Womens

What not to wear with: As mentioned before, they work with everything slenderized. So don’t try to adjust them with frilly dresses or puffy skirts.

Womens Fashion

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So that was which cardigan works with what. Now, wondering how to glam up your attire with a cardigan? Read on to earn some tips on stylish ways to wear a cardigan –

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The Belted Cardigan

To give shape to your cardigan, tie it around your waist with a belt. Select a belt that is thin. The belt will coordinate with light cardigans and not heavy bulky ones. Pair this belted cardigan style with a pencil skirt to get the perfect office outfit.

Cardigans Womens Style Fashion

The Stratified Cardigan

Grab a long cardigan of yours and layer it beneath a cropped leather jacket. Looks amazing and is easy to wear!

different ways to wear cardigans

The Draped Cardigan

A trend setting option is wearing a cardigan with an open front. It will look great when combined with a pair of straight legged jeans and tank top. Accessorize with a necklace.

Oversized Cardigan Outfit

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The Cardigan Buttoned Up

For a conventional look button up your cardigan. It will work wonders on cardigans with necklines that are rounded. Maybe wear a shirt below and take out its collars. It will have a smart look.

Cute Cardigan Outfits

The Tucked In Cardigan

Insert your cardigan in your high-waist trousers or skirts to flaunt your figure and waist region. For this you need a lean and fitted cardigan.

Cardigan Outfits for womens

The Reversed Cardigan

Why not wear your cardigan back to front? Yes, that works too! Just wear your cardigan over a tank top with an interesting design on the back and get going!

fashion tips for cardigan

The Cardigan Dress

This is a sweater dress outfit idea. Transform your floor length cardigan in to a dress simply by buttoning it up and accessorizing. You could even tie a belt around your waist, to give the dressy look.

How to Wear a Cardigan

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Try mixing and experimenting these outfit ideas with cardigans to create a whole new attire of your own. Along with all these cardigan fashion tips make sure to accessorize suitably. So now you know what to do with your distressed jeans, go and make your own fashion statement!

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