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A Different Version of Lifted Ponytail Tutorial

by Fashionlady
Lifted Ponytail

Ponytails and the good old childhood days have a memorable story, isn’t it? We all wore those cutesy ponytails all through our school days, teenage days, and we die to wear it till this day. If you notice, ponytails have a way of lifting our face quite naturally.  No surprises there that this hairdo has been quite a hit since the 50’s with Hollywood beauties swinging their lovely ponies. Ponytails enthusiast like Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande, Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner, Priyanka Chopra, etc have captured media attention for stepping out in style in this sleek up do.


The high ponytail comes to rescue as the ultimate solution to all those messy hair days and rush hour times. This never-say-die hairdo will keep inspiring us, the common folks forever.  It is effortless and easy to pull it off with any apparel.

Strangely enough, this style has inspired plastic surgeon namely Philip Miller from the city of New York. He created this revolutionary method of facial procedure inspired from ponytails. According to him, when a woman pulls her hair in a ponytail, it creates an inner pull of the skin starting from forehead to cheekbones. He states that, it is the same pull in the area of sagging skin that needs to be treated during early 30s. Miller’s technique is intended for skin technique, cheek lift and elevating brows.

That being said, achieving ponytail goals is never a problem. Given the fact that there are million of hair tutorials on uplifted ponytail, it makes an interesting subject to pursue. If you are wondering what makes this tutorial on bumped up ponytail different? Well! This one has a full insight on how to amp up the ponytail to its fullest limit.

From all the hair tutorials that you have skimmed through all along, you know very well that the initial step can be achieved with just a good hair teasing brush and hair elastic. Here is a whole set of ideas that will help you get the perfect uplifted hair you desire.

This lifted ponytail tutorial features how to create a chic up lifted up do. Avoid trying this hairstyle on just-washed hair.  Instead use a dry shampoo to nourish your hair without making it greasy. Just spray the dry shampoo and massage it into your hair like any other normal shampoo. This technique gives your hair a fresh, bouncy feel without making it wet.

You can check out the steps to create lifted ponytail style

Step 1:

Go an inch back from hair parting and take a section of hair. Tease the section of your hair from behind using teasing brush. Continue the teasing of hair by taking thin sections and let them fall on your face.  Do not go over the board with the teasing aspect. You just need to comb only few hair sections.

Step 2:

Take couple of hair strands from the sides and repeat the teasing procedure to increase volume.

Step 3: 

Now take the hair from behind the ears and tie it into a half up do style. Give the top of your head a little ruffled, less perfect look by pulling few strands to fall casually on the sides of the face. Grab the rest of your hair and tie it up using different elastic in the same spot as your half up-do.

Step 4: 

At this point, you will notice that the ponytail is limp. To bring better volume, tease few sections right near elastic band. This will liven up the ponytail tail lift.

Step 5:

Take a bobby pin and slide it through one loop of the elastic and secure. This will hold the ponytail tight and upright.. This is a wondrous trickin creating more volume to the look.

Use a hairspray to secure everything together in one place.

Step 8:

Use a hairspray to hold everything together in one place.

Try these steps on how to do high ponytail and notice the stunning difference. Do you have your own version of lifted ponytail? Yes? We would love to know!

Share with us your comments on this lifted ponytail tutorial. Till then, keep swinging the trend.

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