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5 Ways On How To Firm Skin Using DIY Recipes For Women Above 50!

by Fashionlady
How To Firm Skin

Ways Tto Tighten And Firm Skin

This is a post dedicated to our moms and grandmothers. Women above the age of fifty and are yet in need of that holistic touch, and we shall tell you how to pay it forward to the immense sacrifices they have made and help them to know how to firm skin. Yes of course, you could take them to a reputed skin clinic and pay a bomb for such services, but why waste money on how to firm skin, when the easy DIY way in the comfort of your home can help?

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Ways to Tighten & Firm Your Skin

Here are five easy ways to tighten & firm your skin, which will help your mother and grandmother a lot. Read on please!

But First

  1. One needs to stop smoking which is a cause of premature skin ageing
  2. Go less on the tanning and sunbathing, if you ever have done it and stay away from the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially between ten in the morning and three in the afternoon.
  3. Wear long sleeved clothing, sunshades and wear SUNSCREEN with SPF 50 that blocks the radiation of the sun.
  4. Sunscreen should have UVB and UVA that block the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun
  5. Check with a specialist to know if your skin is prone to skin cancer. Ageing skin is prone!
  6. If your skin is dry, you need to use the right moisturizer and lotion
  7. Right diet and plenty of water intake is a must to help the body repair and refresh the skin with
  8. Speak to your doctor about the types of anti ageing creams you can use as per your skin type.
  9. Educate yourself on the plethora of skin treatments you can opt for. There are ways to tighten & firm your skin, along with home remedies for sagging skin, which experts know off.
  10. Use DIY ways to firm sagging skin with resources from the kitchen.

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Skin After Pregnancy

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Five Ways Women Can Get Firm Skin After The Age Of Fifty

Egg Packs For Ageing Skin

Egg whites have plenty of anti ageing elements, omega three fatty acids and zinc in them, along with biotin that helps produce more fat in the body and when topically used, can help produce elastin and collagen too. To firm skin on legs, stomach, face and the neck, you may whip the white of an egg and apply it on the face. Wait for ten minutes and then wash off under cold water. This should be done thrice a week and in a months time there would be a noticeable difference.

Best Remedies For Sagging Skin

Source: food52.com

Potato And Carrot Body Wrap

With plenty of vitamins and collagen production in potatoes and carrots, the ageing skin would tighten up soon. You would need one large potato and a carrot (mashed into a paste) and applied all over the body. After this, you must wrap the area with a plastic sheet for half an hour. This allows the ingredients to go deep into the skin and the thermogenic effect created helps firm the skin and drive out toxins too. do this twice a week for half an hour and watch how the skin all over the body and the face firms up.


Ways To Tighten And Firm Your Skin

Source: kimchimari.com

Raw Curd For The Face

To diminish wrinkles and lines on the face, you would need an anti ageing element that is rich in vitamin A. raw curd is live culture and rich in vitamins too, which can be consumed and applied as a face pack topically too. add to a cup of raw curd a tablespoon of honey and then apply all over the face and the neck. Keep it for an hour and then wash off under cold water. This should be done almost thrice a week to make the skin firm and nice.

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Remedies For Sagging Skin

Source: organicauthority.com

Rose Water Packs

With the rejuvenating properties of rose water, you can have a calming and at the same time, a firming effect on your skin. Fight free radicals and wrinkles, saggy skin on stomach, and droopy skin on face by washing your skin twice everyday generously with rose water. In doing so, the cold rose water helps warm up the capillaries and allows for better circulation of blood vessels. Wash off and have a great looking skin in no time.

Home Remedies For Sagging Skin

Source: yoganonymous.com

A Cup Of Coconut Milk

A cup of raw coconut milk, freshly grated can help all signs of ageing, including saggy skin and droopy skin too. thanks to the hydrating properties, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in coconut milk, your skin would be blessed. Apply the milk all over the face for ten minutes and then wash off under cold water daily.

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