Ever Heard Of Color Correction Makeup? Here’s The Scoop On It!


Color Correction Makeup

From dark circles to blemishes, spots on the face to scars and pimples, acne to pock marks and wound leftovers too, our skin is a mess- let’s agree to that. Now how many times have you sighed watching our Bollywood and Hollywood divas looking so flawless at award functions and parties, sans a single spot on their skin, wondering if you would ever have such flawless makeup? Sounds familiar right? This is why you should read and use the tips on the color correction makeup we are about to discuss with you.

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What Is Color Correction Makeup?

To understand what color correction makeup is, we would have to know what it is really. Before applying foundation, the first thing we mostly do is to apply concealer, so that the blemishes and spots are faded off and that the makeup looks flawless.

How To Use Color Correcting Makeup
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How To Use Color Correcting Makeup

Concealer is a cosmetic weapon of sort, covering a multitude of sinful issues on our skin and tactfully correcting our skin- hence the name, color correction. So, let’s get to the basics first on how to use color correcting makeup, which will make us better informed cosmetic users.

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Color Correcting Makeup Guide
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Start From The Basics

With the help of color correctors, you can get done away with skin imperfections, pigmentations, discoloration and general sallowness of the skin too. Even if you have mild to terrible skin discoloration issues; color correction can help, with foundation used as well.

Makeup Color Correction Chart
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What Would Be The Best And The Right Product For You?

Not just any concealer, but one that has the right color matching your problem and with good consistency is what you need. This would help mask and cover the problems on the skin, especially if the case is extreme – a heavy product would then be needed that has a very intense hue.

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Source: wordpress.com
Source: wordpress.com

Some of us want to even out mild to moderate issues on the skin, for which a sheer formula would be best to use- the ones with soft hues. Remember we had spoken about the color wheel in our previous posts?

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The color wheel is the best guide to know which problems on your skin can be managed with which concealer.

Color Correction
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The color corection guide or the color correcting makeup guide clearly states that complementary colors or opposite colors on the wheel, cancel each other out!

1. For red skin problems, you must use sheer formulas in green to cancel it out. This could be pimples, acne and rashes in red that need to be covered, or any red skin issues.

2. For pink problems, you would need yellow. But if the pink tones are too strong, you would need to use a mix of yellow and orange. Yellow concealer is best to hide skin issues such as rosacea, sensitive skin and broken capillaries too.

3. For yellow skin issues, you would pink concealer to work its magic.

4. For bluish toned issues, you would need orange or peach concealer to help fade off the under eye circles, dark spots and the blemishes on the skin too.

Color contouring
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Do I Need To Use Color Corrections Always?

NO! You only follow the makeup color correction chart and use color correctors if there are too many spots and problems on the skin to deal with; not otherwise. If you do run out of concealer, which is a rarity, you could use lipsticks or a darker foundation base and then a lighter one above it to camouflage the issues.

Colour Correction Makeup
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Have fun!


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