What Do Your Shoes Say About You?


Shoes Say About You
Women’s obsession with shoes has been a mystery to all of mankind. Nobody can explain why women feel this pull towards footwear. Shoe shopping is almost a therapeutic experience for some women. So what is it about shoes that makes us go head-over-heels crazy?

You sometimes almost feel an invisible pull towards a shoe in the store display. You feel like you have to have that pair of shoes, and if god forbid, the sales personnel tells us that they don’t have that shoe in your size, then you feel a keen sense of loss. Is this normal or is this just a shopaholic’s weakness? Well, to be honest, shoes are never just shoes.

Shoes and Personality

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes. So in a sense, our footwear becomes a part of our identity, an essence of who we are as a person. This is probably why shoes are such an important part of a woman’s attire.

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There has been more than one study carried out to ascertain if you can get to know a person just by looking at his or her shoes. Researchers have concluded that you can determine a person’s gender and economic status by looking at their shoes. While this is a pretty straightforward determination made based on how expensive the shoes are and whether they are men’s shoes or women’s shoes, if you go a little more into it, you can even get to know a person’s personality based on the shoes they wear. Now wouldn’t that be handy? The next time you meet a person, you can determine their personality just by looking at their shoes.

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If you love wearing boots, then chances are that you’re a very energetic social person. You love going out with friends and love to travel. You have a strong sex appeal and are not afraid to explore your potential.

Source: upscalehype.com


If you prefer wearing wedges, then you are a very down-to-earth person. You take calculated risks and are an out and out extrovert. You are loyal and trustworthy and expect the same from those around you.

Source: dbeststyle.com


You are a confident individual. You are ambitious and love to take on a challenge. You love being in the spotlight and strive to live life to the fullest. You are keen to experience new things in life and are more of a trend setter than a follower.

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Source: whicdn.com


You are creative and are always looking for opportunities to prove your worth. You think in unconventional ways and are always looking for a more efficient way to do something. You are pretty laid-back and cannot be confined by the rigid formalities of rules and regulations. You make friends easily and tend to drift away from them just as easily. In short, you are dreamer.

Source: wordpress.com

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It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing an expensive perfume or a trendy outfit, if your shoes are withered and old, then that one detail tells me a lot more about you than the perfume or your outfit. That is almost always the case isn’t it? The details are in the seemingly inconsequential elements. The next time you’re in a crowded elevator, play a guessing game of trying to guess a person’s background by looking at his or her shoes. You’ll be surprised at how often you get things right.


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