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What To Wear If You Have Wide Hips

by Fashionlady
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Getting a slim well-toned butt like supermodels is nothing less than a dream come true to most of us. And if you are one of those girls who are born with a wide hip structure, you have no choice rather than covering it up with right colored clothes for achieving a slimming effect. So, want to know about the best color choices to wear for your wide hips? Read on below:

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What To Wear If You Have Wide Hips – Basic Color Rules

When you have the basic idea of how to play with colors for accentuating your best features and downplaying your large wide hips, you become a winner. Yes, quite effortlessly! So, let’s start with the basic color rules that you need to be acquainted with before picking your clothes:

  • Shop your tops, bottoms, accessories and other outfit combos as per your preferred ‘color complements’. These are basically colors that lie on opposite directions on the standard color wheel. You can try out complimenting shades for your outerwear and accessories to camouflage your trouble areas.
  • If you choose colors in synch with your natural skin tone, you will be able to shift the focal point from your wide hips to your attractive torso. So, go for what compliments your actual complexion.
  • You can always rely on your favorite color palette for the upper part of your body. It is even better to stick to a light and fresh spring or summer hue to put emphasis on your torso.
  • Once you put a light feminine color on your upper body, it acts as an amazing background for all other clothes and gives your outfit a visually stimulating twist.

Now, here are the color options that you can explore in terms of your clothes, shoes and accessories, if you have comparatively wider hips. Check out clothes to flatter wide hips:

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Upper Wear

When it comes to putting a broader bum area out of sight, the most important task becomes to highlight the upper section of the body. For this, you have to pick light and bright colors, which can easily bring the eyes up. Nothing can be more playful than showing off your ‘hot spots’ with plain bold hues. Want to add some more spice to your look? Go for lots of detailing or large eye-catching prints.

Clothes to Flatter Wide Hips

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Bottom Wear

The color of your bottom wear should always be in contrast with that of your upper wear. So if you are dying to give your hips a visually slimming effect, find bottoms in dark colors like black, chocolate brown, grey, dark purple, taupe, navy blue, indigo blue, olive green, and so on. No matter whether you are wearing shorts or skirts, solid dark colors can de-emphasize your hips and make them look more elegant. For jeans, try to stick to dark washes instead of choosing light or medium washes.

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what to wear if you have wide hips

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Dresses For Big Hips

If you are planning to wear one-piece clothes like ‘A’-line dresses, jumpsuits or rompers, go for them after considering the colors properly. Such single piece dresses can downplay your bigger booty and define your beautiful curves only when you select them in solid dark or medium-dark shades. Large prints and patterns on them can also create an illusion of longer slimmer legs.


best Dresses For Big Hips

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The colors of your outerwear play crucial roles in hiding the wideness of your hips. If you wear a coat, make sure that it is dark enough in color and flows away starting from the waist. On the other hand, the colors of your blazers or shrugs should always be in your color palette so that they can go well with your tops or blouses and give you an interesting look.

best Clothes to Flatter Wide Hips

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A belt is the most useful accessory that one needs to make her hips look narrower. You can choose the size and width of the belt as per the proportions of your figure. But it is recommended that you stick to light tan, bone colors or neutral colors most of the time.

belts for wide hips

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bright shoes for wide hips

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Got enough color inspiration for camouflaging your wide hips? Just gear up to try them out, ladies! You will never look the same again, we bet!

Hope this article on what to wear if you have wide hips is helpful.

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