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What to Wear in Humid Weather

by Fashionlady
Humid Weather Fashion

What to Wear in Humid Weather

What to Wear in Humid Weather is one question that arises in almost every persons mind sometime during the year. When the weather is hot and humid outside, the whole process of picking an outfit and dressing up with care can seem pointless. After all, chances are that you are going to be sweating and feeling stuffy within an hour of stepping out, right? Yes well, be that as it may, we fashion lovers here at Fashionlady like to always look our best, no matter what the weather! If you’re like us and want to look cool and stylish even in stuffy, humid weather, then read on to know how.

Maxi Dresses

Choose wisely your clothing for humid weather. Maxi dresses are perfect for humid weather. Just make sure your dress is cotton to ensure it is breathable and not stifling. As far as the style and cut is concerned, opt for dresses that are loose and flowing as they will enable better air circulation and will help you keep cool.

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Maxi dresses for humid weather

Source: machopicture.com

Formal Skirts and Dresses

As for office wear, let the men wear the pants. Give your pants a miss and opt for formal skirts and dresses instead. This makes for a perfect hot weather outfit.The idea here is to avoid confining your legs in trousers, thereby making you feel stuffy and sweaty. Skirts and dresses will be more airy and will keep you comfortable. If you have to wear pants, then opt for palazzos or wide-legged trousers.

clothing for humid weather

Source: whyoffashion.com


Of course sandals are your absolute best friend when it’s humid. Sweaty, smelly feet is everyone’s worst nightmare and sandals will help you avoid those scenarios. If you have to wear close-toed shoes at work, then wear sandals from home to work and change to your shoes at work. This way you will avoid getting your feet sweaty during the commute to your workplace.

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Sandals at humidity

Source: balayfashion.com


Pick Your Fabrics Wisely

Swap your denims for cotton pants and shorts. Stick to breathable light fabrics as much as possible and stay away from troublesome fabrics such as satin and polyester. Wear loose tops that will allow your arm pits to breathe.

Blue top and white short

Source: cyndispivey.com

Braid Your Hair

One of the sure-fire ways to beat the humidity is to braid your hair. Alternatively, you can also put up your hair in a messy bun. Keeping your hair away from your face and neck will help you keep your cool. You can also make use of a bandana to secure your hair. It is a known fat that there is nothing more annoying than having your hair plastered to your face from swear or frizzing out and being all over the place due to the humidity. So be smart an braid your hair.

Hairstylles at humidity weather

Source: diego1999.com

Keep Makeup Minimal

Makeup has a tendency to melt in humid climate. So keeping your makeup to a minimum in humidity will help your cause. Avoid foundation and other such heavy makeup that will block your pores and eventually make you sweat. Stick to light makeup, keeping it natural as much as possible. You can always touch up your makeup if it fades away, but repairing ruined makeup is not such an easy task.

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Mminimum makeup

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