What To Wear Under A White Dress?


Summers and white dresses go hand in hand. Summertime means unanimous choice of sheer white clothing-both comfortable and very chic. But white clothes and especially sheer dresses and tops come with their own share of problems-like that problem when everything becomes see-through and you can feel the ogles and stares on you!

What To Wear Under a White Dress

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Though white clothes may not always be sheer, they are sometimes see-through dress which makes them pretty problematic. Your first course of defense would be to wear something white inside, but let us tell you, this is the worst mistake ever!

What Color Slip To Wear Under White
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Take a look at these celebrities. Have you noticed how they have paired their white attire with something which is not white? So what to wear under a white dress? In this article we will try and solve this perennial problem and give you a guide for what to wear under white clothing. Follow these instructions and you will know very clearly about what to wear with a semi see-through dress.

What Color Slip To Wear Under White Clothing?

Most people who are bold would wear something black or colourful under white see-through attire. We wouldn’t doubt your bold sartorial choice, but we feel that these might not always look that good. Instead there is a very smart way to cover up under your white dress-NUDE underwear! If you are wondering what colour slip to wear under white, then the answer here too is downright simple- A nude slip!

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The good thing about nude colour underwear is that instead of standing out, it will perfectly blend into your skin tone and this it will be effectively invisible. So the next time you decide to take out your summertime essentials in white and sheer, make sure you make a quick trip to the departmental store and snag a few seamless pairs in the color of your skin. We promise this one is an amazing investment!

See Through Dress
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Let’s Give You Some More Options To Try Out Before You Stack Your Closet With All Nude Stuff.

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Wear A Pink/Peach Bra Under Your White Shirt

As we said before, wearing a white or a colorful bra/underwear/camisole under your pristine white shirt would be a faux pas, so we suggest that you invest in good pink or peach underwear to make your wardrobe a little less drab!

Guide For What To Wear Under White Clothing

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Wear Nude Spanx Beneath A White Jersey Dress

If you are not that fit and if you have love handles then wearing a jersey dress or a bodycon dress may not be a flattering choice. But with Spanx, such a dress can look so much better. So under your white dress, wear a nude Spanx to make your dress look more fitting.

What To Wear With a White Dress

So you see, it’s not always that difficult to pair your white dresses with something beautiful and nude or light underwear always work best with these white dresses or shirts.