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16 Proven Benefits Of Olive Oil (Jaitun Ka Tel) For Skin, Hair, And Health

by Fashionlady
Olive Oil Uses

Do you have olive oil at home and don’t know what’s the best use of it?

Olive Oil Benefits

Also, did you know that Olive Oil has been mentioned several times in the Bible and has been seen as a symbol of the Holy Spirit?

Well, I have a ton of olive oil details to share with you.

What Is Olive Oil?

With the scientific name ‘Olea europaea’, Olive Oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, it has been well researched to have anti-inflammatory properties that go a long way. It helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases and comes with benefits in all sectors, due to its composition of essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Types Of Olive Oils:

There a few types of Olive Oils that are primarily used. Each of these has different grades and standards which are defined by the International Olive Council :

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Refined Olive Oil
  1. Olive Pomace Oil
  1. Lampante Oil

The benefits of olive oil are unrivaled and there are countless ways it could do good to you.

UN-known Facts Of Olive Oil:

Olive Oil is referred to as ‘Liquid Gold’, I have quick reasons why it is.

  • One of the healthiest edible oils
  • High in calories
  • Rich in energy
  • It has an excellent lipid profile. Saturated, mono-saturated and poly-saturated fats are distributed in healthy proportions.
  • Mediterranean Diet: The diet where you need to have a shot of Olive Oil everyday. This has claimed to be the secret to a longer and healthier life.

These facts could put you in a fix, so take a look at how exactly the benefits of olive oil benefit your hair, skin, and health.

Olive Oil Benefits

Benefits Of Olive Oil:

Before me taking you into more olive oil uses and individual benefits. I would want to ask you a few questions.

Do you use a lot of hair products for your hair?

Is your skin still dry even after moisturizing?

Are you not able to find the best oil to suit your health?

If yes, then your search stops here!

Here are some researched Olive Oil uses to let you know why you should prefer Olive Oil :

How Does Olive Oil Benefits Your Hair

It’s nature’s gift to your hair.

Yes !!!!!!!!!

2. Fight In And Out To Reduce Dandruff

Using olive oil on your hair could reduce the flakes to a large extent. Massaging olive oil into hair and combing it will reduce the flakes.So olive oil for hair seems to be a good option the next time you plan to oil your scalp.

3. Has A Solution To Your Split Ends

Split ends is a problem each one of you face at some point. Instead of cutting off inches of hair every time this happens, fight the problem. Olive oil for hair helps in smoothening the broken or burned ends of hair, by its application just on the last two inches of hair.

4. Removes Lice

Olive oil assists in removing head lice whilst using the right comb can enhance the quality of bringing out the live lice as well. It affects the lice just like an anti-lice oil would.

5. Enhances The Quality Of Processed Hair

Hair that has undergone a number of treatments with bleach, relaxers etc needs that extra moisture to keep the hair well in form. So if you want to keep your well-processed hair just the way it is or better, apply olive oil after 72hours of the processing.

6. Acts As A Natural Conditioner

Condition your hair with olive oil to see the best results of silky and shiny hair. The properties in olive oil help the hair to get rid of the frizzy texture and leave behind hair that can run smoothly through fingertips.

Wait, you’re not done yet.

Are you still contemplating those few doubts? If there are any recipes with olive oil that could make a better impact or how do I apply it? We’ve picked your doubts right out of your mind with the answers you’re looking for, regarding hair.

Q. How do you use olive oil on hair?

  • Heat the olive oil slightly.
  • Massage on hair thoroughly for about 15mins.
  • If you’re applying it at night, let it stay overnight. Or else, let it stay for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Wrap the hair in a shower cap or towel.
  • Rinse after 45mins of wrapping the hair.

Q. How do you condition your hair with olive oil?

Use your fingertips to massage olive oil into your scalp making sure the entire scalp is covered. Then use a comb dipped in olive oil to comb the hair so that it coats the strands of hair too. Put all of your hair into a plastic shower cap or wrap your head in a towel. After 30mins, rinse your hair with shampoo washing off the oil.

Q. Can you use the cooking olive oil for your hair? And how?

Definitely! You can use cooking olive oil for better hair growth and other benefits. It helps in protecting the skin on the scalp and boosts hair growth. The application of cooking oil on hair is exactly the same as normal oil – Massage the oil into hair roots and rinse it after 30mins.

Q. Any olive oil recipes for hair growth?

Recipe 1:

  • Mix equal quantities of olive oil, castor oil, and hibiscus petals into a small bowl.
  • Heat this mixture slightly.
  • Now apply this warm mixture onto the scalp gently massaging for about 15mins.
  • Wrap the hair with a warm towel to lock in the moisture.
  • After 45mins, rinse hair with shampoo.

Recipe 2:

  • Mix the beaten egg yolk with a few drops of lemon into a bowl of 1/2 cup of olive oil.
  • Apply this mixture on the scalp massaging for about 15mins.
  • Now, wrap the hair in a shower cap and let it stay for about 30mins.
  • Wash and rinse the hair soon after.

Till now, you have seen how Olive Oil benefits hair, but you shouldn’t neglect how it benefits the overall health.


How Does Olive Oil Benefits Your Health

Everyone has an opinion that Olive Oil makes you fat, but is it true?

Delighted already?

The following points will brief you about Olive Oil for health.

Olive Oil for Health

Source: pinterest

1. Contains Large Amounts Of Antioxidants

The antioxidants present in olive oil are plenty and they are powerful in fighting serious diseases(1, 2). These antioxidants are biologically active and fight against inflammation, cholesterol getting oxidized, heart diseases(3, 4).

2. Reduces Risk Of Heart Stroke

As unplanned as a stroke may be, you do have measures to lower the risk of it. Experts say olive oil must be a part of your diet(5).

‘People who consume olive oil have a much lower risk of developing stroke, the second biggest killer in developed countries’(6).

3. No Weight Gain or Obesity

You have read how olive oil contains a lot of fats, but does that mean it makes you fat? Eating fat does not make you fat always, and olive oil is one such product.

These fats are present in healthy proportions and do not increase your weight, whatever be the amount they are consumed in(7).

4. Helps To Prevent Diabetes

Olive oil controls the insulin and blood sugar levels in the body to lower the risk of being affected by Type 2 diabetes. Not only does it help in controlling diabetes but also delays the onset of the disease depending on the intake and duration(8 , 9).

Olive Oil for Diabetes

5. Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that is caused by the buildup of plaque cells. The properties in olive oil help to fight these plaque cells removing them from the brain. Studies show an olive oil-rich diet improves the effects on brain function.

Olive oil helps the improvement of joint functions with better ease for people with rheumatoid arthritis(10 , 11). It improves the inflammatory parts and reduces the oxidative stress when combined with fish oil and applied.

So, are you wondering what olive oil is best for intake and why? Good, because we have all your answers right below.

Q. Which olive oil is the best for health benefits?

There are types of olive oils, all largely available in supermarkets. Be sure to pick the right one. Which one, though??

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best and there’s no alternative to it. It contains all the antioxidants and bioactive compounds and has proven to be particularly effective against diseases benefiting the body.


Q. Can I buy the Extra Virgin Olive Oil at a supermarket?

Yes, of course, you could. Just be extra attentive and careful as a few oils with the ‘extra virgin’ label have been diluted for commercial benefits. Do your research on the best before buying one.

Q. Is Olive oil good for inflammation?

Olive oil reduces inflammation due to its antioxidants having anti-inflammatory properties. One of the phenolic compounds present in it, known as oleocanthal is the most accountable for the anti-inflammatory benefits.

Now, are you wondering how people have flawless skin? Looking for alternatives to achieve the same??Is olive oil good for your skin? There’s no doubt, it is definitely a YES.


How Does Olive Oil Benefit Your Skin

When you hear about Olive Oil usage on the skin, the first thing that strikes is the face.


Let’s see how it benefits you.

1. Good Moisturizer

Vitamin E and A present in Olive Oil(1) hydrate the skin and maintain the outlook of skin to be perfectly healthy and tender to touch. Olive Oil for skin facilitates healing and aggravates skin renewal making it the perfect moisturizer. Most suited for dry skin, as it tends to be oily and could result in acne on oily skin.

Olive oil to moisturize skin

Source: benefitsuses.com

2. Softens Cuticles & Grows Nails

Soaking your nails in olive oil softens the cuticles and keeps your nails shiny. Extremely helpful for people with weak nails, olive oil for skin also helps in strengthening the nails whilst cuticles are kept soft and tender. It keeps your nails growing strong.

3. Natural Makeup Remover

A natural makeup remover instead if buying those expensive branded ones. To remove light makeup, dab olive oil onto some cotton and rub it over the makeup area. For heavy makeup, use olive oil for the face with slight massaging and remove the makeup with a warm cloth.

4. Soothes Irritation

Olive Oil is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritation on skin and relieve rashes. Best suited for dry skin induces rashes.

5. Fights Aging

Research says(2) Olive Oil contains Vitamin E and Hydroxytyrosol that assist in prolonging your youthful skin, preventing skin cells degeneration. Using olive oil for face also increases the elasticity of the skin, fighting against wrinkles, hence saving the skin from sagging and aging.

Olive Oil for Anti Aging

Source: facialcarecentre.com.ph

Are you disappointed that some of your concerns aren’t addressed yet?

Well, the benefits are more. Here are more answers that are your route to flawless skin.

Q. Does Olive Oil massage benefit babies?

Olive Oil massage benefits for babies have been discussed time and again. The fatty acids in Olive oil help in strengthening your baby’s skin barrier. So giving a gentle massage with Olive Oil can go a long way in benefitting your baby.

Q. Does Olive Oil fade stretch marks and spots?

Olive Oil works in fading the scars, although it cannot diminish the stretch marks from within. So it definitely helps in reducing the stretch mark lines if used over a regular period of time. DIY recipes on Olive Oil helps to reduce dark spots over time.

Q. How to apply Olive Oil on the face and for how long?

Apply a coat of olive oil on your face with a cotton ball dabbed into it. Rub some olive on your lips too to avoid having chapped lips. Let the olive oil sit as a mask for about 25mins before you rinse it off with cold water. For very dry skin, let the olive oil mask stay overnight.

Q. Does Olive Oil make your skin darker?

An oil in itself can never darken skin. These oils may make the skin photosensitive or the sun sensitive, which can affect the skin when out and exposed to ultraviolet rays. So it’s advisable to rinse off the oil and apply a coat of sunscreen before going out.

Q. Does Olive Oil help for dry skin?

Most definitely. Olive oil works best on dry skin assisting in moisturizing the skin and curing skin problems like eczema too. It retains the moisture which dry skin is lacking to retain.

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Here are a few interesting points you’d like to know:

1. Does Vegetable Oil Work the same as Olive Oil for Hair?

Most definitely not. Every oil has different properties and works differently on hair, so it is not advised to generalize all vegetable oils into a particular vegetable oil category.

2. Does Olive Oil Fade Hair Color?

Extra virgin olive oil fades a few dyes that are red semi and demi-permanents. It has a ton of benefits for hair and mostly only fades the hair color which is in shades of red, the other colors remain unaffected.

3. Does Olive Oil Work for Constipation?

Yes. The recipe that works for constipation is Olive Oil and orange juice.
Mix a spoon full of olive oil into orange juice, try using this mixture in your diet more often to get rid of constipation.

4. Can Olive Oil substitute for Butter?

Yes. Olive oil is instead a healthy substitute for butter. There are conversions as to how many spoons of olive constitute how many spoons of butter, so look up the conversions before starting.

5. Can Olive Oil Substitute for Canola?

Yes, any recipe that requires the usage of a vegetable oil can be substituted with extra virgin olive oil. Considering its properties and benefits, olive oil has proved to be beneficial than most vegetable oils.

6. Does Olive Oil Stain?

Yes, like every other vegetable oil, olive oil too causes a stain. There are ways to remove the stain perfectly, and drying the oil up is definitely not the way.

7. Does Olive Oil Clog Pores?

The skin doesn’t absorb olive oil so easily to seep in, so this can cause dirt particles to get attracted and clog the pores of the skin.

8. Does Olive Oil Cause Acne?

Olive Oil is a comedogenic product, and most comedogenic products are prone to acne. Although when olive oil is mixed with another mineral oil, the grade decreases to <2, pushing it to the almost non-comedogenic side. Therefore, it is advisable to research on the quantity of olive oil before using it on oily skin.

9. Does Olive Oil help a tan?

Olive oil on your skin attracts the ultraviolet rays, in turn, giving a tan to the body. You will leave with a deeper brown tan if exposed to the sun with this oil on.

10. Does Olive Oil burn fat?

Olive Oil does make you lose weight but doesn’t magically burn the fat. It reduces the hunger pangs, in turn, reducing our calorie intake.

11. Can Olive Oil be used for baking?

Yes, olive oil can be used for most baking recipes. Although, olive oil has a strong taste making the taste of the recipe deviate from normal.

12. Does Olive Oil Evaporate?

Olive oil doesn’t evaporate like water, and instead of heating the olive oil to such high temperatures would also degrade the quality of the oil.

13. Do Olive Oil Ear Drops Work?

Olive oil drops can clear ear congestion and soften the wax inside the ear. It a natural remedy for removing ear wax and is very effective in doing so.

14. Does Olive Oil kill Fleas?

Yes, olive oil kills fleas and also moistens skin preventing irritation. If you’re looking to kill fleas on your pet, moisten a cotton ball with olive oil and rub it on their skin.

15. Does Olive Oil whiten teeth?

Yes, olive oil can be used to whiten your teeth and to keep the enamel strong. The oil removes the bacteria and toxins and is a healthy alternative to teeth.

16. Does Olive Oil Help Eyelashes Grow?

A daily night routine of olive oil helps eyelashes grow. It conditions the eyelashes and makes sure they’re healthier than before.

Side Effects Of Olive Oil:

Well, every product has its side effects too. Olive Oil is no different, so read on to see if they could take a toll :

  • High In Calories – Since Olive Oil is a rich source of calories, it is better to not cook an entire meal in it.
  • Can Cause Blackheads – Since the oil in itself is very greasy, it could sometimes create a layer that traps the dirt inside. This leads to blackheads.

For those who have already been using olive oil, were you aware of all the benefits and uses highlighted in the article? Also, what made you switch to this light oil? How is your experience with this oil so far? Do tell us in the box below.

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