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18 Moringa Oil Benefits For Health, Hair, Skin And Nails

by Fashionlady
Moringa Oil benifits

10 Best Moringa oil Benefits

The highly stable Moringa Oil brings in the much needed hair care and health care. Flavonoids in it protect the skin and the hair at large when topically used. Here are a couple of DIY home remedies using Moringa oil and all the benefits it comes with.

Moringa oil an extract from Oleifera tree is a valuable source of beauty from nature, and with a potent stash of antioxidants in it. This is why, it is known for its high value and stability; reason enough for the beauty industry to use the drumstick tree oil in most of its anti ageing products, creams, lotions, potions and other beauty needs.[1]

In addition to that, the Moringa oil scientific name is Moringa oleifera, which is also known to help with strengthening hair strands and keeping the scalp in prime condition. When massaged into the hair and the scalp, Moringa seed oil kept for several minutes before shower can bring in the much needed minerals and vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. Hair follicles are nourished and kept healthy, and the dryness of the scalp would be done away with. Moreover, Moringa oil is known to be used for anti dandruff treatments too.

Even DIY enthusiasts and specialists from across the globe use Moringa oil. The blessings of drumstick tree for hair, skin and nails (cuticle nourishment) cannot be undermined one bit.

Moringa tree seed oil is also called as Bean Oil, drumstick tree oil, horseradish tree oil and benzoil oil.

So let’s take a look at the properties and key benefits of using Moringa oil, since we have given you an extensive review of what oleifera seed oil can do for us divas!

What are the Properties of Moringa Oil (Ben oil)

Moringa oil is therapeutic and beneficial for the body, the hair, the skin and our nails. With that being said, the unique nutrition it provides us all over and for our well being is one of a kind. Some of the properties to name with the use of Moringa oil would be.

  1. The oil is an antioxidant, which means it would fight free radicals and slow down ageing
  2. For many centuries, Bean seed oil has been used topically and as a cooking agent too; helps with beating down internal inflammation and external inflammation as well.
  3. As an anti ageing catalyst, this has been most sought after since it makes the skin feel soft and supple after use.
  4. It is also an anti microbial agent; helps reduce bacteria
  5. Cuts, nicks and wounds can be treated with Moringa oil too, since it doubles up as a disinfectant
  6. Cooking with Moringa oil is beneficial for the liver
  7. For dry lips and skin, rubbing the body with this oil is good since it acts as an emollient
  8. We all have dead skin cells that need to be shown the door; a regular face massages can help do away with the dead skin cells unwanted
  9. For aroma facials and therapies, Ben oil has been used as an effleurage agent.
  10. Makes for the base of most holistic perfumes too- Moringa oil and its wonders!

What are the Nutritional value per 100gm present in Moringa Oil

Protein (3) : 9.4 g
Scientific name: Moringa Oleifera
Calcium: 185 mg
Iron: 4 mg
Potassium: 337 mg

Now that we are aware of the properties of Ben oil, let’s talk about what is moringa oil good for.

List Of Moringa Oil Benefits

1. Plenty Of Vitamin E

There are three varieties of vitamin E found in the holistic Moringa oil.

  • α-tocopherol
  • ϒ-tocopherol, and
  • δ-tocopherol

All of them combined and found in the oil can be very strong antioxidants that help protect the skin from the harsh elements around and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Topical application is best!

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Vitamin E of Moringa Oil for skin

2. Your Body Needs Sterols

When Moringa oleifera oil is cold pressed, there would be phytosterols and cholesterol found in it; don’t be scared hearing the same, since these are the agents that have powers to keep the diabetes at bay- a healthier you thanks to the presence of Sitosterol. With Campesterol, inflammation is beaten and so would osteoarthritis be reduced. And with Stigmasterol found in Moringa oil blood glucose levels are brought down and cholesterol is easily absorbed too. This is one of the special moringa health benefits.

Moringa Oil is Cold Pressed

3. Bring Into The Body Flavonoids

Horseradish oil is a power house of antioxidants as we mentioned; flavonoids too. Flavonoids in bean oil protect the skin and the hair at large when Moringa oil is topically used or consumed in small amounts. Your blood vessels are strengthened and inflammation is beaten.

Moringa Oil for Blood Vessels

4. Anti Fungal

If there are fungal issues on the hair or the skin or the nails, a drop of Moringa oil can be applied and rubbed into the area daily. This would help kill the fungus since Moringa has anti fungal properties. From ringworm to eczema and psoriasis too, Moringa oil can work wonders when topically applied.

Oil for Chronic Problems

7. Moringa Oil Skin Benefits

Moringa oil has been and is still used as a facial agent, since it hydrates the skin and brings into the skin the much needed antioxidants. Using Ben oil when the air is nippy and the climes are cold, does away with flaky skin issues and fissures of the lips- chapped lips no more.

Moringa Oil for Glowing Skin

8. Use It As A Moisturizer

Just two drops for normal to dry skin, sensitive skin too and a drop for combination to oily skin of benzoil can help moisturize the epidermal layer and do into the lowest dermal layer of the skin; keeping it smooth, supple and soft. Massage the moringa essential oil into the skin and leave it for several minutes. Wash off with warm water thereafter. You can do this everyday, and in a weeks time you would notice how your skin glows.

This is why most beauty products have Moringa in them, since it can absorb fast and very easily into the surface of the skin. Moreover, we have to remember that there are omeage 9 fatty acids in this oil, which smoothens up the skin – behenic acid found in the oil does that. Dry skin would be pacified, and this oil can be used to treat face skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema too.


Properties of Moringa Oil for Hair

9. Moringa Oil for Acne

Moringa oil contains anti inflammatory properties that can help as a spot treatment of some forms of acne vulgaris and simplex that are annoying and painful. Moreover, even if you have scratched and scathed the acne when you were in your teens and because of which scars remain, Moringa seed oil can help heal the same.

Moringa Oil for Anti acne

10. Moringa Oil for Hair Growth

Moringa oil for hair – This has the power to restore the balance and the vitality to your hair and scalp without disturbing the natural pH balance and the sebum balance. Hot oil treatment using Moringa oil helps condition the hair and the roots, the follicles too- no more dandruff and scalp issues or falling hair to worry about anymore.

Moringa Oil for Lovely hair always

Moringa Oil Home Remedies

Since we have given you an overview of Moringa oil, and also told you about its properties and all the benefits it comes with; we would thus want to share with you a couple of DIY home remedies using Moringa oil. Please read on and do follow them.

1. DIY For Healthy Hair

Hot oil treatment using Moringa oil thrice a week would bring in the much needed nourishment the hair needs. Below is the way to use moringa oil for hair.

Step 1: The oil should be warmed and massaged into the hair and rubbed with the finger tips onto the scalp.
Step 2: This would then be followed with a hot towel treatment.
Step 3: Allows the Ben oil to go deep into the scalp and the hair follicle absorbs all the minerals and vitamins from the oil.

Consider this as a deep nourishing and conditioning oil hair treatment at home.

Moringa Oil For DIY for healthy hair

2. DIY With Ben Oil For Dry Scalp

Dry scalp can produce dandruff and asteatotis issues, which can be very embarrassing for us fashionistas that love wearing dark colors. Since Moringa oil is a fantastic hair conditioner, here are the steps for a dry scalp treatment.

Step 1: It would be best used as a warm hair conditioner before you shower.
Step 2: Thrice a week would be more than enough for ten minutes to keep the Moringa oil touch on the hair
Step 3: Wash off with warm water and then pat dry your hair.

We promise there wouldn’t be any tangles, dry scalp and no more scalp irritation to deal with as well.

DIY with Moringa oil for dry scalp

3. Need Your Sleep?

Moringa oil can be a good aid to help in getting proper sleep at night. Three to four drops of the oil should be massaged into the scalp each night with a drop of any aroma oil and left. This helps the body and its senses delve into slumber soon! Perfect tincture you need!

Need your sleep

4. Exfoliate At Home

Get rid of the dead skin cells on your body and the face, by mixing one part of olive oil with one part of Moringa oil. Apply the same as a massage mix on the skin and wait for a minute or two. Wash off with warm water, using circular motions. Do this thrice a week before you bath, and your skin would be supple and clean.

Exfoliate at home

5. Moringa Oil for Nails

For the nails, if they are very hard and crack off easily; one part of Moringa oil mixed with any bathing soap sud can help soften the nails. The mixture should be applied onto the nails for five minutes and then washed off with cold water.

Moringa oil for Nails

6. Anti Acne And Anti Pimple

Good bye acne and pimples, we have Moringa oil to the rescue thanks to the anit microbial properties in it.

Step 1: Apply two drops of the oil as a face massaging agent onto the skin

Step 2: With the tips of the fingers massage gently but deep. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin.

Step 3: With a warm wet towel, wipe the oil off and then use a herbal face wash to clean the face.

Moringa oil helps fight the germs and microbes, and the redness or swelling or painful acne would be gone in a day, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties it has.

Moringa oil for Anti acne and anti pimple

7.  No More Split Ends

Split ends when left unchecked can lead to hairfall; Moringa oil can save you from that. The oil can fight against not only dandruff but from split ends too. Hot oil treatments done once a week can stop the split end from happening, and helps with scalp and hair moisturizing too.

Moringa oil for No more split ends

8. Combat Sunburns

Sunburns are a pain, literally; Moringa oil can help soothe the area thanks to the abundance of anti-inflammatory properties it has. This is why, most anti sunburn cosmetics and products have Moringa oil as an active ingredient in them. The oil helps beat inflammation caused by sunburns.

Moringa oil for Combat sunburns

Finally, if you need more holistic touches to the lips, hair, skin and the nails, Moringa oil can help you with that too. Do follow the tips we have given on Moringa oil’s benefits and the properties it has, but if only the issues are minor. For major skin, hair and nails issues or body treatments and needs, we would always advise visiting a specialist or a doctor; his words would take precedence over what is written here and elsewhere.

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Be gorgeous and beautiful always!

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