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All About The Benefits And Uses Of Peppermint Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

by Fashionlady
Peppermint Oil

Uses of Peppermint Oil

For all you lovely ladies who like everything fresh and luxurious, the very thought of “oil” might be a dampener. But when your body needs something that nourishes the skin, hair and health, then the word “oil” sounds most welcome.

An essential oil, the Peppermint Oil can be your best secret to looking and feeling good – from head to toe (and gums)! Let’s find out about the goodness of Peppermint Oil. Ready?

What is Peppermint Oil?

A hybrid of spearmint and water mint, Peppermint oil brings you a cooling sensation, and a calming effect. Menthol and Menthone are the most active ingredients of Peppermint Oil. Peppermint has greenish-purple leaves (lance-shaped) and a refreshing cool flavor.

Did you know, peppermint is one of the oldest European herbs used for medicinal purposes?

Benefits Of Peppermint Oil For Skin:

One oil, many benefits. That’s PO for you!

1. Makes Skin Brighter

Just add a few drops of peppermint oil into your beauty regimen. The menthol in it has properties which brighten up dull skin.

2. Anti-Itch

Battling a skin rash or poison ivy? Mix a few drops of peppermint oil with lavender oil and apply it on the itchy area. You will certainly find a cool-and-soothing sensation.

Peppermint Oil for Skin

3. Anti-inflammatory

Peppermint oil is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic in nature. Which is why, it not only brings you relief from pain and inflammation, it also calms down the spasms that cause muscle cramps.

4. Improves eczema and psoriasis

Heard of “skin health”? Peppermint oil qualifies pretty well, when it comes to treating irritating skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis. .

5. Acne Treatment

Thanks to the anti-microbial properties of peppermint oil, it comes up as an excellent ‘natural’ ingredient to cure acne.

6. Sunburn Relief

The thought of “sunburnt skin” is enough to bring down the spirits. Worry not. Peppermint oil not only hydrates sunburnt skin, it also relieves you of the pain caused by sunburns. Just mix the peppermint oil with some nariyal tel (meaning coconut oil) and apply it to the affected area.

Benefits Of Peppermint Oil For Hair:

7. Improves Your Shampoo

To your regular shampoo and conditioner, add 2 to 3 drops of peppermint essential oil and then wash your hair. This will not only stimulate your scalp, it will also energize your mind.

8. Treats Dandruff

Peppermint oil is an alternative solution to pesky hair problems like dandruff, baldness and others.

9. Hair Growth

Peppermint oil naturally thickens hair, even nourishes damaged hair. So it’s an excellent remedy for hair growth. Just add a bit of peppermint oil to the shampoo you use and watch your tresses grow.

10. Relieves scalp irritation

There is nothing more disturbing in day-to-day affairs than irritated scalp. Thank God for Peppermint oil! It works as an antiseptic and relieves you of dry, itchy and irritated scalp.

Peppermint Oil

13. Blood Circulation

Peppermint oil stimulates and boosts blood circulation (and pulse rate), once the vapors touch your nerve. This helps increase the metabolism and prevents serious ailments like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia from occurring.

14. Sinus Care

Peppermint oil helps in opening up the nasal blockages. Just apply this oil to the bridge of your nose by diluting 1 drop of it in 1 tbsp coconut oil.

15. Joint Therapy

With passing years, joint pain and inflammation is a common problem (particularly in those who are not very physically active). Apply peppermint oil mixed with warmed coconut oil to the aching muscles and joints to get relief.


16. Reduce Hunger Cravings

So stimulating and uplifting the scent of peppermint oil is that it reduces hunger pangs. What an idea to lose WEIGHT!

17. Morning Sickness

Aromatherapy (and peppermint oil is the best example of it) is a good way to reduce morning sickness.

18. Natural Energizer

Energy Drinks? Stay away from them as they can be dangerous. Instead, take a few whiffs of peppermint oil. It will perk you up. And improve concentration and focus.

19. Allergy Relief

Allergy is the worst thing that can happen to any individual. But thank peppermint oil as it relaxes the “nasal” passages, clears out the pollen and “muck”. Peppermint oil when mixed with clove essential oil and eucalyptus oil helps reduce symptoms of allergy.

20. ADHD Support

Think your child is suffering from lack of concentration? Spritz peppermint oil on the t–shirt worn by your child before he/she starts to study. You can also place a drop of oil on the tongue of your child (or under her/his nose). And you will see improved concentration and agility.

21. Fever Reducer

Read about the cooling effects of peppermint oil, na? This makes it an excellent treatment to bring down fever, especially in kids. Mix peppermint oil with coconut oil and rub it on your child’s neck. Don’t forget this oil application on the child’s feet. This oil remedy will stabilize the fever in a better way rather than taking the allopathic drug route.

22. Treats Diarrhea

Bowel inflammation is not only troublesome, it can be embarrassing too. Want relief? Put 4 drops of peppermint oil on your palm, rub it around your navel. This will bring you relief from gas and diarrhea.

23. Vomiting

Ah! As disturbing as it is, but you can tackle “vomiting” through peppermint oil. Put 1 drop of it on your tongue or add a few drops of it on a tissue and inhale it. You will find relief.

24. Headache Cure

Research shows that a combination of oils, and that includes peppermint oil, reduces sensitivity to headaches. So, whether it is tension headaches or migraine, peppermint oil is a natural treatment and cure for it.

25. Colds and Coughs

Chest rubs done with natural oils e.g. peppermint oil help in combating colds and coughs. Peppermint oil has menthol which calms down sore throats and brings relief from cough by thinning the mucous.

Peppermint Oil Health Benefits

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26. Improve Bloating and Indigestion

Peppermint oil reduces spasms of the colon, relaxes the intestinal muscles. Thereby, reduces common gastro-intestinal problems like bloating and gas. Take peppermint tea or put 1 drop (just 1 drop) of peppermint oil to your water before you start your meals.

27. Reduce Nausea

Research study shows that peppermint oil reduced nausea “far better” than normal medical treatments used. Rub 1-2 drops of peppermint oil behind your ear to experience reduced nausea.

28. Respiratory Benefits

Want to open your airways? Get peppermint oil. It is a natural decongestant of your respiratory tract. Mix it with eucalyptus and coconut oil in order to reduce asthma and bronchitis symptoms.

29. Colic

Good news! Medical research has confirmed it that Peppermint oil is as effective as the drug “Simethione” which is used for treating colic problems in infants, without causing any side effects.

30. Dental care

“Peppy” is the flavor of peppermint. Add 2 drops of peppermint oil on your toothpaste. Ahoy, say goodbye to bad breath and aching teeth and gums

31. Freshen Breath and Reduce Cavities

Peppermint has been a “tried and tested” remedy to freshen breath, naturally. Just add a drop of peppermint oil under your tongue- followed by a glass of water – and see your breath getting automatically fresh!

32. Cancer treatment

Clinical studies show that the compound “menthol” present in peppermint inhibits prostate cancer growth.

Peppermint also protects against DNA damage caused by radiations and subsequent cell death.

33. Menstrual problems

Peppermint oil will not disappoint you in tackling monthly menstrual problems. It has been used to ease menstrual cramps, and has been quite effective.

Peppermint Oil for Health

34. Liver and gallbladder problems

Peppermint oil stimulates healthy bile flow from the liver and gall bladder. This is a very positive step in promoting smooth functioning of liver and gall bladder.

35. Urinary tract infection

UTI is a common problem in ladies. With peppermint oil, you can cure the infections of the urinary tract, and also reduce the frequency and effects of UTI.

36. Relief from stress

Down with depression, stress and mental exhaustion? Fear not. There is peppermint oil to provide relief. It also clears the mind.

37. Nail Care

Peppermint oil has anti-fungal properties. When topically applied, it reduces the chances of nail infection (caused by fungus)

Peppermint Oil for Nails

Let’s learn about the “ways” to use PO in the comfort of home…

Homemade Methods To Use Peppermint Oil:

1. Facial Scrub

What all you need: Peppermint oil – 4 drops, Olive oil – 2 tbsp, Table salt – 3 tsp


  1. Take a bowl first.
  1. Mix 3 tsp table salt with 2 spoons olive oil
  1. Now add 4 drops of Peppermint oil.
  1. Wash your face first
  1. Then coat your face with this peppermint facial scrub.
  1. After few minutes, when your face has dried, wash the scrub off
  1. Apply a moisturizing lotion at the end.

How it works: This peppermint oil scrub gets you healthy and radiant looking skin.

2. Toner

What all you need: Peppermint oil – 30 drops, Apple Cedar Vinegar – 40 ml, Filtered water – 115 ml


  1. Make your own preparations of facial toner with peppermint oil
  1. First of all, combine ACV and filtered water
  1. Now add 30 drops of Peppermint oil
  1. Your facial mist is ready

How it works: The “cooling” effect of peppermint essential oil comes out in full steam when it is used as a “toner”

Peppermint Tonner

3. Facial Mask

What all you need: Peppermint oil (diluted) – 5 ml, Green Clay – 2 tbsp, Grated Cucumber – 2 tbsp


  1. In a plastic bowl, whisk grated cucumber and peppermint oil
  1. Now add green clay to the mixture
  1. Apply this paste on your face as a face mask
  1. Once it dries, wash it off with slightly warm water
  1. Repeat this application of facial mask twice a week for best results

How it works: Blemish-free skin can be yours thanks to peppermint oil. This mask is go-to for oily faces.

4. Peppermint & Lemon Face Wash

What all you need: Peppermint and Lemon Essential Oils (5 drops each), Glycerin soap – 1/2 tbsp (unscented), Warm water – 1 cup


  1. Shed the glycerin soap (as you need only little of it, not much)
  1. Now add the shreds into hot water
  1. Once the mixture cools down, add the 2 EO’s (peppermint and lemon)
  1. Now transfer the treated liquid into a jar-shaped container
  1. Use a pump and spray the face wash on your face

How it works: Lemon is a good antibacterial and an astringent, and Peppermint EO nourishes and hydrates dull looking skin

5. Natural Peppermint Oil Shampoo

What all you need: Peppermint oil – 3 to 5 drops, Regular Shampoo (that you use)


  1. Add few drops of peppermint oil to your existing shampoo
  1. Cap the shampoo bottle and shake it
  1. Wet your hair thoroughly with warm water
  1. Now wash your hair with the peppermint-oil shampoo
  1. Rinse the shampoo from your hair
  1. Use conditioner

How it works: Soothes itchy scalp and keeps dandruff at bay. That is the power of peppermint oil shampoo

Homemade Methods To Use Peppermint Oil

6. Soothing Foot Soak

What all you need: Wash basin (so that you can fill it with water when you dip your feet in it), Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil – 4 drops each, Lemon Essential Oil – 2 drops, Coconut oil – 1/2 tbsp


  1. Boil water first. Then let it cool
  1. Add the oils to the cooled water
  1. Soak your feet in it for 20 min
  1. Pat your feet dry
  1. Apply a light layer of coconut oil to your dry feet and put on cotton socks

How it works: Did you know, Peppermint invigorates the foot skin and muscles? And that it reduces inflammation bringing relief to tired and sore feet.

Homemade Methods To Use Peppermint Oil

7. Peppermint Tea Tree Bath Salts

What all you need: Peppermint oil – 5 to 7 drops, Epson Salt – 2 cups, Tea tree essential oil – 3 drops, Freezer bag (1 gallon-size zip-loc one)


  1. Start off by putting Epson salt in zip loc bag
  1. Now add Peppermint and Tea Tree oil (in dosage as mentioned above)
  1. Mix oils and Epson salt in the closed bag and squish it for several minutes
  1. Store the prepared salt right away or store it in a jar
  1. When it’s “usage” time, add 2 cups of bath salts under the running hot water in a tub.
  1. Now soak yourself in this tub for 10-12 minutes.
  1. Do this thrice a week to benefit from it

How it works: Bath salts made out of peppermint oil and tea tree oil is a wonderful skin exfoliating agent and skin cleanser

Peppermint Oil As Natural Bug Repellent

Looking for a ‘natural’ mosquito repellent? There is peppermint oil.

What all you need: Peppermint essential oil – 10 drops, Tea tree oil – 10 drops, Lemon grass oil – 15 drops, Citronella essential oil – 15 drops, Witch hazel – 12 oz


  1. Start by mixing witch hazel with all other oils (all of them)
  1. Now transfer the contents in a glass spray bottle
  1. Shake well and whenever required spray it!

How it works: Peppermint oil is a good repellent for fleas and mosquitoes

Tip: You can also apply a drop of peppermint oil (concentrated) to your skin

Side Effects Of Peppermint Oil

There are a few side effects with peppermint oil. For instance, heartburn, and some allergic reactions – including headache, flushing, mouth sores. Potential side effects include:

  1. Disturbed Digestive System
  1. Skin Rashes
  1. Headaches and Dizziness
  1. Seizures (if taken in large doses)
  1. Breathing problems in infants and children
  1. Blisters in Nostrils and Mouth
  1. Slowing down of the rate of heart beat
  1. Harms Lungs
  1. Not Safe for Pregnant/Lactating Women

Now that you have read about the goodness of PO (peppermint oil), when are you using it (or you are already using it)? Write in, and tell us how you found the concept of Peppermint oil in your beauty and health chores.

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Payal Sen June 30, 2017 - 6:03 pm

Is it possible to prepare peppermint oil at home?

Deepika Dewan July 14, 2017 - 12:41 pm

You can prepare peppermint oil at home with this simple recipe :

1. Crush the peppermint leaves into a tight glass jar and cover the leaves with olive oil. Close the jar and shake.
2. Let it stay for 3 days, now strain out the oil into a jar and throw off the leaves.
3. Now, pour the oil back into the stored jar with fresh crushed leaves and repeat the procedure until you get the desired amount of oil.

Aaryahi Patel July 19, 2017 - 2:54 pm

Can we ingest peppermint oil?

Deepika Dewan July 20, 2017 - 3:04 pm

Taking peppermint oil by mouth when it is present in food is okay, but while ingesting it, there maybe a number of side effects that you could experience.


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