Why Breakfast is Important during Pregnancy


Why Breakfast is Important during Pregnancy
We all know how breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it becomes even more important for pregnant women, as they eat for two lives at a time. While doctors suggest to consumer extra 300 calories per day; it therefore becomes essential to ensure no meal is skipped especially breakfast. In this post I offer you 5 reasons that say why breakfast is important during pregnancy.

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Most women tend to skip their breakfast, as they get so busy preparing their husbands to office, whilst taking care of other family members. To them breakfast mean their morning tea. Talking specifically about pregnant women, during their first trimester they suffer from morning sickness and thus don’t feel like eating.

Here are 5 reasons that say why breakfast is important during pregnancy

1. You are eating for your baby too

Just as you cannot skip feeding your baby post delivery, in the same way the baby needs food when inside your tummy too, as it grows on a constant basis. A steady supply of nutrition is essential to ensure its growth.

Since the metabolic rate of the body is high during morning, the essential proteins and other nutrients break down easily during these hours. Hence, breakfast becomes the most important meal of the day, especially for the expecting mothers.

You are eating for your baby too
Source: precisionnutrition.com

2. Side effects show up later on

By skipping breakfast, expecting moms may face complications during delivery. The risk of low blood sugar levels, premature delivery also increases and because of the deficiency of nutrients due to skipping of meals, birth defects may also occur.

3. Breakfast provides energy

As I have already mentioned that metabolic rate of body is high during the morning, so all the nutrients including fibre, minerals, proteins and carbs break down easily thereby providing energy required for the rest of the day.


And expecting moms require more energy than others because of the constant growth of the baby. In order to save themselves from getting tired quickly and lackluster; it becomes essential for them to have breakfast on regular basis.

Breakfast provides energy
Source: healthmeup.com

4. Breakfast fights morning sickness

When you are frequently visiting toilet from your bed, it can be a frustrating thing to eat anything. But believe me, a bowl of cereals topped with yogurt and berries or two slices of whole wheat toast can actually settle down your stomach. For those suffering from morning sickness should never skip their breakfast. Besides, they should never take their prenatal vitamins empty stomach.

5. Skipping breakfast may lead to preterm labor

After going to sleep for 9-10 hours without eating; pregnant women who skip the first meal of the day become prone to preterm labor. It also leads to certain birth defects thereby causing health problems to the baby. If you are planning for a baby, it equally becomes essential for you to start preparing your body.

Skipping breakfast may lead to preterm labor
Source: homexgarden.com

So those were my top 5 reasons why breakfast is important during pregnancy. Hope you found this post useful!


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