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Styling Secrets Every Girl Must Know

by Fashionlady
Styling Secrets Every Girl Must Know

Styling Secrets Every Girl Must Know

Styling is one thing that we girls can never get bored of. Though not all of us are born with an ‘eye for style’, it can’t stop us from getting enthusiastic, right? We keep watching fashion channels, reading fashion magazines and following YouTube fashion gurus to discover all those styling tips and tricks that can make us look unique and help us stand out from the crowd. After all, who likes to be a girl-next-door every single time?

Well, let me help you in your way.

Check out the following top fashion and styling tricks that can help you carve your own style and stay forever stylish:

Know Your Body

The sooner you identify your body shape and strong features, the better your styling sense will be. You learn how to figure out the most appropriate outfit, while balancing the proportion of your body flawlessly. You also become skilled at picking the right jewelry or accessories to highlight your most attractive body parts. And these actually make all the difference!

Know- Your Body


Tailoring is a Must

Your favorite off-the-rack attire may turn out to be the biggest fashion faux-pa for you, if it is not tailored according to your shape and size. No matter how budget-friendly or expensive a clothing item is, just find an expert tailor and get it fitted perfectly. This is one of the most basic yet vital rules that you need to follow in order to look like a true fashionista.

Tailoring is a must


Experiment a Lot

Reboot your wardrobe and revive your fashion sense. Think something unconventional than your traditional dressing style, hairstyle and makeup applications. Leaving your comfort zone and taking fashion risks will help you define your very own style. Keep experimenting with your appearance and give yourself gorgeous makeovers frequently. Trust me, you will love it!

experiment a lot


Feel Sexy Inside

Who says undergarments have no connection with your choice of styling? There are plenty of options in the market and you should know how to decide on the most suitable ones for flattering your shape as well as style. So, find lingerie for your body shape and size to match your clothes and to complement your look the best. If you feel sexy inside, it will definitely show outside.

Feel Sexy Inside


Be Vivid and Colorful


Forget that boring styling myth that not all colors suit all skin tones. Whether you have a pale white complexion or a completely dusky skin tone, you should celebrate it in the best possible manner. Get out of the dilemma of what goes with your skin color and what doesn’t, and experiment with every single shade that you want. It’s super fun. You’re welcome!

be colorful


Go Feminine

It just can’t be denied. Women look their best when they dress up the most feminine way. If you want to grab all the eyeballs around you, dress simply like a lady and look utterly graceful in no time. Bright pastel shades, medium to large floral prints, soft lacy additions, etc. can give you a vibrant and appealing look easily.

go feminine


Get Eye for Detail

A trendy fashionable look needs to have an eye for detail. Just follow the latest fashion trends and you will grasp how makeup, hair, shoes – everything contributes to a well thought-out look in the same way. Undone locks, stained shoes or exaggerated makeup will mess up totally with your style. So, keep a close eye on even the smallest details. Nothing should be underdone or overdone. Rather, maintain a balanced look.

Confidence is Key

They say ‘success comes from inside out, not from outside in’. But what is that one powerful ‘mantra’ which can amp up your inner style quotient? Yes, it’s confidence. Be it the super gorgeous Angelina Jolie or the hot and sexy Deepika Padukone, confidence is the key that has taken them a long way. The most confident woman is the most stylish woman, period! So, stay confident and wear your attitude the right way.



The best styling secrets are now unlocked for you! Are you lovelies listening?

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