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10 Popular Beauty Myths Busted

by Fashionlady
10 Popular Beauty Myths Busted

Don’t cross your legs. Stay away from oil. Juices are very healthy.
There are a million tips and advises when it comes to beauty. From our mothers to best friends and even the maid, everyone’s got a good beauty tip that they swear by. Sadly, it turns out that at least 90% of these ‘good’ tips have no backing from truth. Yes, it’s all false. Find out what you have been doing wrong in your quest for perfect looks. Here are the most popular beauty myths – busted!

1. Crossing legs while sitting causes Varicose/spider veins

Probably devised to dissuade women from crossing their legs – I don’t see why, though! This beauty myth is so not true. On the other hand, standing for long duration may have this effect on your vascular network. When you stand for a long time, especially in heels, your veins are working harder to pump blood from your legs to the heart. And, in case one of these are malfunctioning, the blood could clot in that valve and thus lead to varicose veins. So, go ahead and cross those long legs with no spider vein scares.



2. Brush your hair a lot to make it healthy and shiny

This one is really a no-brainer. Anyone with basic knowledge of science would know the relation between brushing your hair and static energy. So, over-brushing can only over-dry your hair, which isn’t exactly healthy. For shine, you should consider a good shampoo and conditioner. Brush your hair just enough to de-tangle it.

3. Regularly wearing nail polish can turn your nails yellow

Yes, wearing dark nail polish can stain your nails and give it a yellow tinge. But it is not harmful. The nails are only stained and you can put on another coat of polish right on top. Try using a milder base coat to minimize the staining. Also, make sure you invest in high quality products that cannot damage your nails. You could restrict the use of those dark shades too.

Regularly wearing nail polish can turn your-nails-yellow


4. Hair grows back thicker if you shave

Not true again! Take a close look at a strand of hair – do you see how it is thick towards the root and gets thinner towards the tip. When you shave, you cut off the hair close to the root – that is the thicker part now becomes the tip and so, when it grows out the hair looks thicker and darker. Shaving do not have any effect on your hair’s color or texture.

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Hair grows back thicker if you shave


5. Dry skin gives you wrinkles


When your skin ages, it’s ability to retain moisture decreases considerably and thus contributes to wrinkles. However, this is true for all skin types. People with dry skin may get wrinkles sooner than those with oily skin, but dry skin is not a cause for wrinkles. And, no – Petroleum Jelly cannot help you either. It is one of the best moisturizers you can get, but your tub of Vaseline cannot reverse aging.

Dry skin gives you wrinkles


6. Plucking out one grey hair can give you ten more

False! There is no chain-reaction threat here. How can pulling out a grey hair from one follicle result in ten more strands of grey hair? Hair follicles are independent of each other, plucking hair from one cannot affect the others around it. Go, get rid of that single white hair now.

Plucking out one grey hair can give you ten more


7. You need sunscreen only when you go out in the sun

A popular misconception about the use of sunscreens. In fact, you need sunscreens on a cloudy day or when you are indoors too. Even a window cannot filter out the harmful UV rays that cause tanning, aging and even skin cancer. You can, however, choose the SPF amount according to the weather or routine. Read more about it in my article on “Sunscreens for all Skin Types.”

You need sunscreen only when you go out in the sun


8. Stay away from oils and creams, if you have oily skin

You may have also heard about how oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing. False, both times. Lack of moisture can actually worsen your oily skin problem. Over-drying can cause your skin to produce more oil in an attempt to maintain the natural moisture and thus give you that shiny face. Also, some oils can work in harmony with your skin, by mimicking it’s natural oil-producing process. You just have to make sure that you are using the right amount – a drop can do no harm.

Stay away from oils and creams, if you have oily skin


juice glass


So, these were some of the popular beauty myths that we are tired of hearing and maybe, even following. Now, that we have busted it, you know what to do – do what’s right for your body. Superstitions cannot help you gain those looks you dream off. Now, do you have any beauty myths to bust? Tell us too.

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