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12 Fashion Items That Shouldn’t Be Kept In the Wardrobe Post 20

by Fashionlady
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Dress your age, wear makeup your age and be your age! Phew! The moment we women touch our 20s and go a day beyond, the world seems to play truant with us, night and day. Well, there is a little amount of truth here, of course unless you are the singer Mariah Carey who hasn’t forgotten her teeny-bopper ways of life, fashion and sense of style, carrying off something on you in clothes meant for the teens and twenty-something’s, doesn’t look like a cherry on the icing of a cake. So, here are twelve items in your wardrobe a fashionista in her 20s should just go ahead and donate or give away.

1. Everything pink

From pink lace bras to pink panties, pink lipsticks to pink rouge, pink dresses to pink tops, pink denims to pink shoes and everything pinkish-pink, ditch them all. Keep one or two items if you really want to, but for the sake of diva times, there are other colours that compliment women in their 20s! Plums, reds, oranges, caramels, blues, yellows, greens and the list can go on!

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Fashion Items everything pinkish pink

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2. Hello Kitty No More

So it was cute and funny, hilarious and quite a statement back in the good old teen times, the HELLO KITTY saga should have stopped when you touched your twenties, but no, it hasn’t! Consider donating the lovely HELLO KITTY collection to someone who can flaunt it for college wear please!

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3. Those purses

Tacky as they are, the so-called chunky quirky purses may have won you plenty of accolades while being a teen or a twenty-something PYT. Now that you are in your thirties and a woman of grace and elegance, consider tote bags, clutches and saddle bags, made from leather and metallic touches.

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Tips for Designer Handbags

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4. Cheapo Barbie perfumes

Enough is enough, those days when the pockets were tight and you really wanted to smell nice, the only option was to run to the local beauty store and pick up a range of cheap perfumes. Your boyfriend may have loved the whiff back then, but now he dates a classy lady! Wearing cheap perfumes, nah!

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5. Wonder why you have damaged hair

Blame it on the nonchalant attitude you’ve had all these years with regard to the crowning dark glory you were born with. All hope is not lost, your hair can be rejuvenated and with the right spas and therapies at home or at a parlour, so ditch the cheap hair care products now!

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6. 3D nail art

Okay so once in a while when you get along with the mature girls, a little fun time playing dress-up is okay. However, nail art and that too every day with a 3D effect, doesn’t speak high about your seriousness in life. Your boss and colleagues wouldn’t take you seriously! Mature manicures and proper nail care please!

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Womens 3D nail art

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7. Bras sans the support

Cheap bras no more! Repeat after us “CHEAP BRAS NO MORE”. You now are a working woman, an independent girl with her own sense of style and elegance, so why ruin it all with an unsupportive bra?


9. Prom clothing

OMG, get them away and now! These are so last century and proms now are way better in fashion and style than what it was back then. Take a look at the splendid and very classy prom clothes on display around the World Wide Web, should you want to still wear one!

Fiber Optic Gown Dress for womens

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10. Backpacks with cartoons on them

Agreed you have had a lovely relationship with Mickey Mouse and Minnie, and your backpack to school showed the world how religiously you followed their shows too, but wait, why aren’t you sporting the latest from Orange is the New Black or Sex and The City? If you have to carry a backpack to work, it should be black, browns, caramels, bottle greens or greys!

Despicable Me Favor Bags

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11. Hideous PHONE CASES

Let’s not even get started with the stickers and the embellishments teens’ today paste on their costly smartphones and gadgets, in the name of being COOL and HIP! Beware of following suit!

Womens fashion style

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12. Ugly UGGS

Urmila Matodkar in RANGEELA sported the UGGS like a diva and the same she did in all her movies, till she disappeared without a trace. Do you see what they UGLY UGGS can do to a PYT?

Rangeela Girl Urmila Matondkar

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There are many more items we women in our 20s should just let go off, and if you would like to add to the list your own, do drop us a line!

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