Did Food Ever Look This Stylish?


Best food inspired fashion
Have you ever heard of the connection between food and fashion? Food may inspire the fashion collection like prints or silhouettes. What we are going to tell you is absolutely unique! Gretchen Roehrs, the product designer and fashion illustrator, from San Francisco is doing amazing job on her Instagram account @groehrs. She has been posting her fashion illustrations inspired from incorporating real fruits and vegetables, catching fancies of the fashion world!

In a recent article –

The illustrations seem to be inspired by New York City — where Röehrs was previously living. The glamour and spirit of the city’s most stylish residents are highlighted in each of her sketches. Her pieces are on display on her growing Instagram account — where you see how she gives food a whole new look.

Let’s have a look at her creativity –

1. Spice It Up Like This Pepper pants

Green pepper never looked this stylish when worn! She truly amazed our imagination by using cut pepper as different variations of tops like crop top, bustier, one-shoulder top with the pepper pants.

Womens Fashion Inspiration
Source: instagram.com

2. Oyster Outfit

Next time, you plan to taste oysters, you will be reminded of these oyster dresses! You may turn up wearing one! After this, it will look not at all a bad idea!

Oyster Outfit fashion
Source: instagram.com

3. Cherry Dress

Those who like to adorn short balloon cocktail dress will love this sketch. Juicy maroon colours of the cherry! Yum!

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Cherry Dress inspiration
Source: instagram.com

4. Killing It with Kale

This illustration of the sexy pose in kale dress may inspire many fashion designers! The multi flurry layers of the veggie look so tempting. If given a reality, the gown will catch the eyes of shutterbugs on the red carpet!


kale dress fashion inspiration
Source: instagram.com

5. Say Cheese & Hold Yolk

Who could ever thought of wearing a cheese bikini!! This fashion illustration has really evoked the imagination of how cheese and egg can be used to show what clothes can be. The bikini reminded us of 80’s style!

world of fashion inspiration
Source: instagram.com

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6. Liven Up Like This Loaf

So simple yet stunning, Roehrs has cleverly placed a piece of bread loaf as an off-shouldered, above knee length dress. Surely, anyone would like to have a bite of it!

fashion inspiration womens
Source: instagram.com

7. The Banana Jumpsuit

The best of all, this banana couture dress is simplistically outstanding! The bright yellow colour of the banana looks so tempting enough to slip into the very stylish jumpsuit dress. We could sense the oomph out of it.

Banana Jumpsuit womens inspiration
Source: instagram.com

8. Be Bootylicious with Broccoli

Watch out broccoli non-eaters! If you do not like to eat broccoli, but after seeing this illustration, you will surely fall in love with the veggie that you may end up wishing to wear one.

Bootylicious with Broccoli fashion inspiration
Source: instagram.com

Have these sketches really seduced your imagination? Are your fashion and food demons awake now? Do let us know in comments!


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