15 Maternity Outfits Which Did Not Flatter Kim Kardashian’s Figure


Kim Kardashian Maternity Outfits
Kim Kardashian is no plain Jane. And there is no room to disagree on this. She is the one who has dictated fashion like a wild girl with all the spunk and hotness she has flaunted and is still flaunting on runway corridors.

How could she still be the eye popper in her maternity outfit? Does it mean it’s time to clap clap or sob sob and say yuck? Is it worth endorsing her astonishing looks?

Kim Kardashian, the mom-to-be, is no way mum about her pregnancy or her super wild fashion experimentation. There was a time when she was hot, kissable and desirable. But post her marriage to rapper-turned-designer Kanye West, she is virtually dressing out of the box. Maybe it’s her way to show off her fun quotient with maternity fashion, yet be in the news. But yes, no way is she sticking to conventional and boring maternity outfits. Who knows when she goes for labour pains she is dressed in one of her weirdo designed outfits?

Opinion matters a lot, so here we go checking out her maternity outfits that are a far cry from her curvaceous looks. Get some tissues in front of you. You will badly need them. All the best!

Kim Kardashians maternity style
Source: celebitchy.com

Kimspeak…the way it should be

There is no stopping Kim in letting the whole world know her pregnancy highs. Recently she mentioned in her blog how her pregnant looks are making news as she enters second trimester.


How thoughtful of her, what say?

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Kim Kardashians maternity
Source: beautygirlsmom.com

Kim’s larger-than-life maternity pictures

March 29 – Kim Kardashian at a meeting at Kris Jenner’s office.

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Outfits
Source: wordpress.com

February 27 – Kim Kardashian went whacky in a maxi dress with tribal pattern.

Kim Kardashians mad maternity outfits
Source: wordpress.com

February 24 – Kim Kardashian at the Oscar viewing party of Elton John.

Kim Kardashian at the Oscar viewing party
Source: wordpress.com

February 22 – Kim Kardashian spotted in peplum snakeskin pant.

Kim Kardashian pregnent style
Source: wordpress.com

February 21 – Kim Kardashian while leaving her house in a monochrome black and white shift dress.

Kim Kardashian monochrome black
Source: wordpress.com

February 13 – Kim Kardashian at the Topshop LA opening.

This is when Kim came with her then boyfriend, now hubby Kanye West dresses in a Prabal Gurung black dress that she paired with leggings made of leather. Look at the feathers coming from under her bust line. Her growing frame and her top embroidered bodice was so very unflattering for her bustline, don’t you think so?

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Kim Kardashian at the Topshop
Source: wordpress.com

February 7 – Kim Kardashian spotted in a jumper suit (sheer) as she leaves her house.

Kim Kardashian spotted in a jumper suit
Source: wordpress.com

January 15 – Kim Kardashian on her way to the taping of Today show.

Kim Kardashian look in her maternity
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Kim Kardashian can’t sit still. Catch her leaving her hotel and on way to the Good Morning America TV show slated in none other than New York Center flaunting her pregnancy bump.

Kim Kardashian look imaternity
Source: wordpress.com

Kim Kardashian out for dinner at Cipriani in New York. What a stunning leather trimmed LBD!

Kim Kardashian out for dinner at Cipriani in New York
Source: dailymail.co.uk

Kim Kardashian showing her maternity curves in bejewelled dress.

Kim Kardashian showing her maternity curves in bejewelled dress
Source: dailymail.co.uk

Kim Kardashian dressed for 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Kim Kardashian dressed for 2013 MTV Movie Awards
Source: huffpost.com

Kim Kardashian at her gym in Los Angeles. See her low cut vest and her pregnancy curves in full display.

Kim Kardashian at her gym
Source: blogspot.com

Now that you gave seen the confident and sexy Kim Kardashian, let us not mourn much of her maternity dresses. To each her own as they say! Do let us know how you feel of her new found costumes – sexy or non-flattering?


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