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2014 Trends Forecast: How to make 2014 as the Best Year of Your Life

by Fashionlady

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2014 is going to be with the proverbial old and new alike. Don’t be surprised if you see women in bandhgalas at your office holiday party or if you’re frequently invited to BYOF parties (bring your own food). Possibly you may join the PANK (Professional Aunts No Kids) bandwagon or just become a Holiday Selfie like Rihanna this year.

Just like the best-seller, Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert in 2006, it’s all going to be Food, Travel and Fashion in 2014 with some twists and turns though.

As promised, FashionLady is back once again to update her esteemed fans on some of the 2014 Trends that you’re soon going to witness in the next 12 months. From food and travel to fitness, beauty and the quintessential fashion, I offer you some trending facts that will help you score 10 on 10 in your fashion quotient. Do have a read and yes, do not forget to leave a sweet ‘thank you’ note at the end!


Even though this is a full fledged fashion blog, let’s just keep fashion at bay for a while and rather focus on something that makes your taste buds tickle, whilst ruining your diet resolutions. Do have look at the top 5 food trends you’re going to savor soon!

Food Table

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1. Tasting the menus – As French put it this way, dégustation (It’s a culinary term meaning a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods). This latest concept of tasting only menus is going to be in the list of Top 10 Food Trends 2014.

You’ll be served small portions of different cuisines in a ‘Thali’ style by your chef. The concept of tasting the menus enables the chef a great opportunity to impress his guests by his wide variety of repertoire. On the other hand, this is a fabulous way to add a dish in the wishlist next time when you visit the diner.

2. Shakshouka for brunch – This is basically an Arabic dish of poached eggs prepared with a sauce of  tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. This dish, which is popular in Egypt, Libya, Alegria and Morocco, is soon going to become the hot spot in the brunch menus. So, next time when you plan for a Sunday brunch then do not forget to add this in your order.

3. Herb ice – Ice is no more a chilling agent for your beverages, instead it’s a whole new realm of flavors and shapes. Don’t be surprised if you find ice cubes in mint, basil, mint, strawberry or watermelon flavors. This summer, impress your guests with some flavored chills.

4. Freekeh taking away the spotlight from quinoa – Last year quinoa,which is a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds, was quite a rage in the world of cereals because of its high protein content which is even higher than brown rice, barley, potatoes and millet.

In 2014, Freekeh, the ancient Middle Eastern cereal food made from green wheat, is going to take over quinoa. The Cancer Research UK has already tagged this dish as a ‘favorite new super food’ for its high fiber content, which is double the quinoa and helps in managing diabetes.

5. Flavored butter – Innovative spreads are going to be under the spotlight in bakeries and eateries this year. Revving up the menu will be vanilla tapenade, garlic butter, chicken liver, jalapeno, honey-herb, sweet chilli and not to mention the crème de la crème blue cheese butter. The utterly butterly delicious 2014! Isn’t it?


When your culinary delights got a revival, how could travel be left behind? Do have a look at the top 3 2014 travel trends you can add in your itinerary!

PANKs – Even though, this term has been trending since past year, it’s going to be hotspot in travel 2014. As I have already mentioned PANK – Professional Aunts No Kids.

“They are a sizeable segment of younger women with disposable income, dynamic influence, and a digitally-connected lifestyle, primed and ready to be engaged by brands.”

This is the newest wrinkle in travel de jour, where unmarried aunts or married women with no kids are taking off their nieces and nephews on exotic vacations. As per Savy Auntie, a US based website who had coined this term, has researched extensively on this trend and found out that there are almost 23 million PANKs in US, spending around $9 billion annually on vacation trips with kids.

If you’re bored of your mechanical life and desperately need a break but naive of traveling alone then join this bandwagon. You don’t have to be Amanda Woods from The Holiday movie and go on a vacation all by yourself, instead you can go on a trip with your niece/nephew for a fun-filled vacation.

A poll conducted on social media users, resulted in more than 5.4 million social media users turning into Holiday Selfies, seconds after checking-in their hotel rooms. Even you can join the fun by becoming a braggie.

Slow Travel – This is one of my personal favorites. I have never liked the idea of traveling under tour packages. Your tour agent will never show you the 100% of your landed destination, rather they will only cover the major highlights, skipping the offbeat spots. The real fun actually lies in exploring a place to the core, understanding the region’s food, culture and sightseeing.

Let’s say, you’re planning to visit Goa and you have only 3 days in hand. Instead of jumping from one beach to another in a desperate attempt to cover the entire Goa, it’s better you rent a scenic cottage in an idyllic setting and experience the beauty of the particular place.


Fashion changes and there’s nothing new in it. But how about getting a transgender transformation in your wardrobe this year?


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Radiant Orchid – Soon after Pantone announced Radiant Orchid to be the official color of 2014, this color went viral, dominating fashion world, interior and even home furnishing.

Bandhgalas for women – The bandhgala is all set to walk from men’s closet to your wardrobe this year. Pair it with slim pants or breeches to give an androgynous twist to your contemporary traits.

Fashion designer, Raghavendra Rathore, who can be hugely credited for reviving this trend, had this to say,

“The bandhgala is a trend that emulates our history and heritage. It can be worn with a knee-length slim jacket, slim pants and smart boots. It’s extremely versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion.”

Bandhgalas for women

Source: rssing.com

Shift blouse – This isn’t your typical saree blouse but it’s a dressy version of your casual T-shirt and not to mention it’s more sophisticated and elegant. The blouse features elbow-length sleeves and boxy silhouette, thereby enabling the wearer a flattering look. This can be a great addition to your wardrobe this year in varying necklines and textures.


Orange for your lips – While Radiant Orchid, the newest version of purple will dominate the fashion world this year, orange is the new red in the makeup world. Collect some juicy orange shades for your pouts. Spring/Summer 2014 has already hinted on this hottest makeup color. All you need is to find the right undertone for your skin. You can take cues from the yester year actress, Mumtaz, who preferred orange both for her outfits and lip color.

Orange for your lip

Source: fudjan.com

Andy Warhol-inspired makeup – As per Vogue,

“Saturated, complementary and brilliant nuances: the eyes take centre stage thanks to über- colourful eye shadows. Our advice? Get inspired by Andy Warhol’s chromatic palette”

Andy Warhol, the American artist and father of pop art, is the source of inspiration for this 2014 makeup trend. Just like MAC had announced Marilyn Monroe-inspired makeup collection last year, NARS, the cosmetic company is all set to launch its Andy Warhol-inspired makeup line. Eye shadows and palettes in pop pastel greens, pasty blues and powder pinks are going to be commonplace on fashion runways. Give a try for this summery yet sexy look.

Nars Andy Warhol

Source: ministryoffashion.co.uk

Metallic eyes – This is an extension of 2013 makeup fads. Play all over again with metallic shades of gold, green and silver to keep up the glamorous appeal.

Fluorescent Eyeliner – As we all know neon was a huge fashion craze last year, some shades of neon have transferred to this year’s fashion even. Use neon eye liners in thin lines for both day and evening looks.

Aqua jogging – Now shed some extra pounds with loads of fun. Ditch the boring treadmill and even the traditional swimming classes instead join the whole new aqua jogging. Pool running is going to be a huge trend this year.


Source: netzathleten.de

Sweatworking – The happy hour sessions, where you used to network with your friends and colleagues is a passé now. The new concept of hangout is ‘sweat-working’. People are now hitting the gym not only to burn their fats but to hang out with their colleagues as well. Green tea and sautéed finger foods are going to replace the regular appetizers and beverages from your happy hours.

Now some philosophical suggestions..

How to make 2014 the best year of your life so far?

If I am not wrong then years pass by before your lashes could kiss each other. Therefore, don’t let this year pass by all over again without any worthwhile achievement. Well, I am not at all referring your career aspects, but your personal challenges being a human being.

2014 Resolutions

Source: wallmeta.com

The first thing you can do is to take complete control of your life, restoring all the positive vibes and wading off all the negativeness.

It’s time you changed your paradigms to let your life start rolling on the joyous path. Past is past, so don’t allow any bad memories cripple you. Flush out all those negative memories that have been haunting you for years. Don’t relate your life to your job, it will complicate your life more. It’s time to move ahead while taking along all the positive things that make you happy.

So, here is a list you can follow –

  • Make realistic goals
  • Motivate yourself working towards it
  • List out lessons learn from past mistakes
  • Vow to change yourself, so as not to repeat those mistakes
  • Find out the challenges both personal and professional
  • Keep no hard feelings
  • Try to take things lightly

Good times will never knock your door, rather you’ve plan towards earning it. Try to bring in some positive changes and you’ll feel the difference soon with beautiful body, soul and mind.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy reading and have a fun-filled year ahead!!

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