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20 Best 4th Of July Nail Art Ideas To Salute America In Style!

by Fashionlady
4th of July Nail Art Ideas

Americans have a unique way of celebrating festivals and occasions. Hey, am not hinting at Halloweens or Christmas but 4th of July – yeah, that is when America got independence. It means missing 4th of July nail art ideas will be a blunder for fashionistas.

4th of July Nail Art Ideas

Source: pshiiit.com

You can celebrate the American Independence day beyond organizing the usual BBQs, watching fireworks at night and spending time with family. Yes, an umpteen range of nail designs in white, red and blue is what you should try your hands on this 4th of July!

Most Popular Nail Art Designs For The 4th of July:

It is time to start showing your true creativity well ahead of the Independence Day celebrations. Here are some super-cute celebratory nail art ideas, which will surely take your national pride to the next level.

So here are some star-spangled nail art ideas ranging from subtle looking stars to tie-dye tips in a full blown way. Nail painting on Fourth of July could not have been more fun!

1. Captain America-Inspired Nail Art:

This manicure was inspired by the superhero Captain America. Wearing it on America’s birthday has its own charm and appeal. Makes one declare one’s love for America in such a creative way.

Fourth of July Nails

Source: youtube.com

2. Patriotic Polka Dotted Nail Art:

If you have been looking around for some beautiful patriotic nails, then check this one. It will get you rocking on that Memorial Day for quite some time.

Captain America Inspired Nail Art

Source: photobucket.com

3. Flag-Inspired Nail Designs:

There can never be anything more patriotic than celebrating the Independence Day with nails painted in the colors of the American flag. White, red, blue nail polish and some glittery nail polish…yes, that’s yippee!

Other tools that are required are a base coat, topcoat, thin brush, stripping tapes, tweezers, and a dotting tool and there you are with one of the fanciest nails to flaunt this 4th of July.

4th Of July Patriotic Nail Art

Source: youresopretty.com

4. Tie-Dye Nail Art:

Look beyond doing tie-dye on fabrics. Think tie-dye nails for the 4th of July. Guess the colors? Yeah, the same white, red and blue. It will be the most creative thing ever on your nails.

4th Of July Nail Design

Source: polishmeplease.wordpress.com

5. Glitter Lined Nail Designs:

When you amp up your American nails with some glitter, rhinestones, and sequins you are ready to steal the show. A bit of glitter doubles up the celebrations on the 4th of July, and you know it.

Glitter 4th of July Nails

Source: beautystat.com

6. Different Nails, One Love (for America) Design:

The American flag design is always the best inspo to wear on the 4th of July. When you wear a different feature of the American flag on each finger, you know what that symbolizes? Unity in diversity! This is what makes America unique.

4th of July Nail Designs

Source: instagram.com/jillstewart77

4th of July Nail Art Design Ideas

Source: 4urbreak.com

9. Minimalist Nail Art:

Paint traditional red on all nails except one with a little American flag. This pattern is classic and cute enough to be worn the entire week before the 4th of July.

American Flag Nail Art

Source: bikini.com

10. Flag-n-Firework-Inspired Nail Art:

Feeling like doing a little extra in terms of nail art? Paint a combo of flags and fireworks on your nails and add a dash of shimmery accents to kick-start the celebrations.

Adorable Nail Art Designs

Source: bikini.com

11. Nail Design That Spells Your Love For The USA:

A full dose of the blue base with the word “USA” written on it, separated with red and white stripes in a diagonal fashion. Tell me, which country can match this celebratory spirit of America?

Nail Trend Ideas

Source: holicoffee.com

12. Patriotic Nail Art And French Manicure Combo:

A trendy nail art idea for Independence Day this is. Just sit and watch how the spirit of the 4th of July has been beautifully captured on the ring finger.

Patriotic Nails

Source: in.pinterest.com/bingdebbie/

13. Blingy Nail Art:

How about adding some bling to get eye-catching nails this fourth of July? It will get you envious glances wherever you go. Yeah, this nail art is heavy since it has both glitter and bling.

In fact, several nails have been dressed up with silver rhinestones and stars in honor of the American flag while other nails have been adorned with red, white and blue stars reminding one of the sparkling fireworks.

Trendy Nail Art Idea

Source: in.pinterest.com/jenikeller/

14. Nail Art To Salute The US Army:

The fourth of July is the right day to honor all those who have served in the US Armed Forces to keep the country safe.

So if you are currently serving in the military, or have family members and friends who have served in the armed forces, this manicure is a perfect tribute to your nation’s heroes.

Patriotic Nail Art Ideas

Source: in.pinterest.com/jenikeller/

15. Negative Nail Design:

Try out the classic negative nail design in the form of half-moons and tips which looks simple and minimalistic, yet so delightful.

Fourth of July Nail Art

Source: instagram.com/paintboxnails

16. Bright And Beautiful Nail Art:

American Independence Day is not just any day, it is celebrated with fireworks. Flaunt red and blue fireworks on a white base and your nails will never go unnoticed.

4th of July Firework Nails

Source: instagram.com/nailsbykristaa

17. Statement Nail Design:

Eager to get an understated look? Then go full white on nails and have just one nail with patriotic accents.

Negative Nail Design

Source: popsugar.com

18. Classic Flag Nail Art Design:

Whenever in doubt, go for a classic American flag design. Patriotic is the mood of the day, remember?

4th of July Nail Design Ideas

Source: twitter.com/tommysablan

19. American Presidents Nail Art:

The nail art celebrates the contribution of the statesmen on American Independence Day in style.

American Presidents Nail Art

Source: reddit.com

20. Cool Zig Zag Nail Art Design:

Go cool with colorful zigzag patterns on your nails this fourth of July.

Best 4th July Nail Art

Source: beautyandu.com

Girls, are you by any chance hard-core nail art addicts? Would you like to be adventurous in applying different 4th of July nail art ideas to each finger or be more on the safe and conservative side?

Write in the comments box and tell us which of the nail designs shown above attracted you the most. We would love to hear from you!

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