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5 Foods to Incorporate in Your Diet to Prevent Premature Greying

by Fashionlady

While salt and pepper hair may be an interesting look for you when you’re old, premature greying is never a good thing. Instead of stressing about it or turning to harsh chemicals to aid you, there are some effective home remedies that you can follow to prevent premature greying of hair. All you need to do is to be dedicated and patient, and in time you will see the expected results.

Let’s look at what foods prevent premature greying:

1. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are quite effective in preventing premature greying. They are a rich source of iron and regular intake helps to keep the greys away. You can also use sunflower oil extract on your hair to help with this. It will not only help prevent greys but will also help improve the texture of your hair.


Source: vewonline.org

2. Amla

The Indian gooseberry or Amla as it is more commonly known is a great saviour when it comes to all your hair woes. Apart from preventing premature greying, it also helps reduce hair fall and even helps in getting rid of dandruff. You can incorporate it in the form of oil on your hair and in your diet as amla juice and pickle. It has a number of health benefits as well and so making this a regular part of your diet will help you improve your overall health tremendously.


Source: beautyhealthtips.in

3. Curry Leaves

For centuries now, people have relied on curry leaves to keep their hair as black as a moonless night. Soak curry leaves in coconut oil and heat this to extract all the goodness of the curry leaves into the oil. Strain and use this oil on your hair regularly. Also, make it a point to chew on a few curry leaves every now and then. If you find it difficult to eat the leaves as such, you can even dry roast them and powder them and then add this powder to a glass of buttermilk. Incidentally, buttermilk is also a very good ingredient in fighting against premature greying.


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4. Ridge Gourd

Ridge gourds are known to enrich the roots of the hair and help restore pigments. This means that it not only helps prevent premature greying of hair but can also restore hair to its formal glory by bringing back the pigments.

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5. Ginger

Grate some ginger and mix it with organic honey. Store this mixture in a jar and take a teaspoon of it every day to help prevent premature greying of hair. Make sure you do this daily; doing it once every now and then will not be enough to help fight the greys. Also, ginger is very good for digestion and if you have any digestive problems, you will see that that goes away as well once to start to take this honey and ginger mixture daily.


You can also boil some freshly grated ginger with your tea and drink this to help your cause. Tea is also said to help fight premature greying so it is a good idea to switch from coffee to tea if you’re a coffee drinker. But remember that it must be plain black tea, with no milk added.


Source: thesweeterthejuice.com

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Causes for Premature Greying

While all these above mentioned foods are effective in preventing premature greying, it is always advisable to know what causes them in the first place. Premature greying could be a result of poor diet, stress, insomnia, or could even be a hereditary condition. So you can incorporate all the essential nutrients in your diet and practice yoga or meditation to help fight stress and help you sleep better. Soy products are said to be very good for preventing premature greying as they are a rich source of protein.

Your lifestyle choices also affect your probability of premature greying. If you smoke and drink alcohol frequently, then you are more prone to premature greying. Only if you tackle the problem as a whole, attacking every aspect of it, will you get complete solutions. So try to make some much needed changes to your lifestyle to gain maximum results from the home remedies.

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