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Hairstyles for Office: Say Goodbye to Boring Hairstyles Officially

by Fashionlady
5 Hair Styles for Your Office - Say Goodbye to Boring Hairstyles Officially

5 Hair Styles for Your Office - Say Goodbye to Boring Hairstyles Officially

The 9-5 rigmarole can be daunting and the workstation is where we girls spent most of out time, isn’t it? We are at the short end of the stick to say so sans creative and innovative ways to doll up- how unfair. The cubicles, the suits worn and the office norms- they just don’t allow us to glam up! In all of that, we tend to forget our hair routines- gorgeous hair wouldn’t happen if you do not invest ten minutes every morning. Here are 5 new hairstyles for office wear, you can easily do; impressing your boss couldn’t be easier!

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Braided twists hairstyles for office

Have long hair and no time to use the flat-irons or the woofers to style the tresses? Here’s a style that’s a little messy but if you know how to carry it right with your corporate wear- you’d be the apple of the eye for the boss; and the reason for many PYT eyes turning green at work. So braid and twist, just like how mommy did it for us back in school- super chic and uber-cute! Office girl meets glam types, isn’t it?

Braided twists


Faux pixie hairdo hairstyles for office

Have hair till the nape of the neck? Curls or straight, wavy too, and fed up thinking if you need to chop them- a la pixie, well wait! Do not let the scissors do the talking yet- go faux pixie and charm the office folks. Throw in some fun while the Monday blues happen; dress up crisp and chic, and grab a few bobby pins for this look. Partition the hair front and back. The front portion could be left hanging loose or pinned to the ear side; while the back could be gathered into a bun and clipped behind. Ten minutes flat and you are done! This makes for a perfect hairstyle for office party as well.

Faux pixie hairdo


Fishtail bun hairstyle for office


For many a day you would have to travel with the boss – meetings, conferences, events and more- your hair needs help! This is a gorgeous look and best for any day, Friday dressing included. You may never want to shun this look forever, but we leave that up to you. Make a plait and roll it up into a high bun. Secure the plait with bobby pins and embellish as you please or leave it as it is.

Fishtail bun


Bouffant with a headband hairstyle

Short girly straight hair or curly locks, and you need help! Comb all your hair to the back and allow them to rest before you use hairspray or mousse. Apply the potion to the tips of your hair and let it set for a while. Partition the hair into front and back portions; comb the back higher than the front- creating a pop-in-lock-in updo- secure the ends with bobby pins. The front portion now; comb the hair backwards if long and use a headband to push it back. If the hair in front is short, let it fall in fringes; the headband would divide the portions pretty!

Bouffant with a headband


Half-up elegance hairstyle

Recently got the locks chopped Rihanna style and now it is bothering you? Here’s what you do. Partition the hair on a side-wave; from left to right or reverse. The ends of the hair should be clipped to the side; the half-updo elegance for office is perfect. Who said girls with short bob cuts or blunt hairdos cannot be sexy and sassy; professional too!

Half up elegance


If you have more styles to talk about or any ideas too, write in to us. Dressing up for work is always fun; you really don’t need more than ten minutes, we swear!

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