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5 Quirky Satchels For The Bride to Keep Her Hands Dolled

by Fashionlady

Quirky Satchels bags
While sitting at the podium with her husband she married, the bride in all her glory and beauty would be the showstopper for sure. She may have dolled up her hands in quirky mehendi designs, and have her arms and wrists embellished with the finest metal desires. What about a quirky little satchel where she could keep her makeup and touches?

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Hand woven vintage and chic

Ethnic touches from the Navajo world, gracing the beautiful hands of the Indian Bride, a satchel with patterns and Aztec lines for sure would be an eye-catcher too. The blessings of the Navajo tribal elders would be on her, bringing in the best of all worlds for a happy married life ahead!

Hand woven vintage and chic

Source: etsy.com

Frida Kahlo and the boho-chic touch

Every bride would like to use a little experimentation to make heads turn, which is why the bohemian satchel with colourful vibrancy doing its dance, would be an awesome satchel to have. Quite hippy and so gypsy, the bride would be the shining star around with a pretty satchel in hand!

frida kahlo mexicana colour

Source: blogspot.com

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Sinfully yours

Dark and embellished with miniature patterns through intricate embroidery, perfect to carry along with at the wedding, the satchel is small but spacious enough for the bride to carry what she needs the most. Embroidered with love and made with care, the bag is spacious enough to house everything she needs, in there.



Source: pinimg.com

Bling and leather

Shouldn’t the bride shine on her big day, YES, is the answer. A little bling on leather so far has been a rage amongst brides-to-be, and adding to this, the chunky gold holders on the bag brings in the exquisite touch too. Spread the love, throw some shine and grab the attention of everyone around, because this is your big day and you cannot afford to have it go down!

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Leather Bling Bag

Source: elaineturner.com

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Minimalism is the key

Keeping it simple, stunning and beautiful at the same time should be the name of the game at your wedding. Too much to hold and manage around while greeting and meeting the attendees, can be cumbersome, we know! The indian summer satchel made of faux leather is the ideal hand item to have on D-Day!

Minimalist Bags

Source: selfridges.com

Here were some of the best quirky and yet stunning satchels for brides to carry at their wedding, and if you do have some of your own ideas to share, we are listening!

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