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Handmade Embroidered Bags Will Give A Makeover To Your Old Handbags

by Fashionlady
Handmade Embroidered Bags

Handmade Embroidered Bags

If you think needlework is a traditional art which has its place only in artistic mantelpieces and linens which are now being classified as vintage, well, think again. It is a craft which is much in fashion and revamping old stuffs to lend a renewed look. Moreover, it is changing addresses every day, from adorning your sarees, kurtis, blouses and tunics, thread work has come a long way to give new dimensions to modern day accessories, and its new destination is bags! Got old, boring bags stashed in your wardrobe? Give them a new life with contemporary handbag embroidery designs, patterns and crafts. Wondering how handmade embroidered handbags can gel well with your chic attire?


Handbag Embroidery Designs

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How Bags Embroidery Design Can Jazz Up Your Look

Ribbon Embroidery for Vintage Charm

Give your old tote bag a new leash of life with ribbon embroidery technique. This beautiful antique decorative stitch lends a romantic touch to accessories with its delicate folds and sophisticated finishing. This old art can be used to create beautiful floral arrangements on your handmade embroidered handbags. Use silk ribbons to add a touch of elegance. For that extra bling effect you can add some rhinestones and beads too. Easy and fun to do, even a novice needlework artist can work wonders when creating handmade embroidered bags.

Mix the ribbon embroidery technique with straight stitch, lazy daisy, stem stitch and French knots to create that perfect floral enigma on a flat coloured tote bag. When combined in different stitches the ribbons give a different effect each time. You can even tie a silk ribbon bow around the width of the edge for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

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Embroidery Bags

Monogram It

Give a personalized touch to your old tote bags, envelope clutches, weekender bags or cross-body purses with your name initials embossed on them in a stylish manner. Not only will the embroidery bags look unique but beautiful too. You can sew in the pattern with pre-set machine embroidery patterns or draw your own design and carve the initials.

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You can use this personalized DIY technique for your bridal gifts, holiday presents or for personal use. This memorabilia will secure a spot in cupboards and hearts forever. Stencil with a grease-proof paper doily, carve a border design, add an initial and voila! You are good to go. Make sure that you use only mono-coloured thread, using colours in vivid shades can give a very tacky look to your handbag.

Bags Embroidery Designs

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Thread in Leather

Embroidery can be boring and mundane, but it may not be. Why not give your worn out leather bags a dose of imaginative incentive and revamp its look to chic-urbane one? Are you wondering what has embroidery got to do with leather? Hell yes, it can work magic on leather. Plain background, boring pattern but rich texture and luxurious to touch – that is what leather is about. Create a stylish personalized piece with purpose using colourful threads and hand embroidery stitches. Trace a pattern and work your thread in chain or stem stitch. Alternately, you can choose a crochet pattern or an embroidery patch and sew it through. Give your mundane leather bags a vibrant touch and chic appeal with simple tucks.

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Handmade Embroidered Handbags

Handmade Embroidered Bags

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Crewel Thread Work

Worked with woollen threads it lends an ethnic charm to your accessories. Handmade embroidered handbags in crewel stitch are classic beauties. So why not turn your old, mundane handbags to beautiful accessories by working needles in crewel pattern which uses 4 simple stitches in perfect coordination – stem stitch to give boundary, satin stitch to fill in, long stitches running perpendicular to add dimension, short stitch to nail down long ones. Trace any design lightly on the handbag surface and work your threads through in crewel pattern.

Handmade Embroidered Handbags

Handmade embroidered bags are the latest fashion around. Why spend thousands on something when you can refurbish old bags to uncover new trends.

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