7 Types Of Embroidery Kurti Designs To Take It To The Next Level


Kurtis have become must-have attires for most Indian women. From college going girls to working women to middle-aged housewives everyone adorns this wonderful and comfortable garment. Of course, the design and the pattern for a kurta differ pertaining to age and body type.

Embroidery KurtiHowever, what is common and remains inseparable is the artwork or embroidery kurti designs. You can easily make a simple and plain kurta into a party wear or a chic outfit simply by adding some embroidery to it.

Latest Embroidery Designs For Kurtis

Being au courant with the latest embroidery designs is a must for any fashionista. To give you a low down on the trending designs that will turn your casual wear kurtis into haute couture, we conjured up a list.

Take a look:

Hand Embroidery Kurti Patterns

Let us show you some beautiful types of hand embroidery designs for kurtis to give it an extraordinary look.

From neckline to sleeve border to back design, embroidery can be adjusted anywhere in a dress. Embroidery is an art and an embellishment to add charm to a dress and it can look all the more charming if the colour combination is taken into consideration. Embroidery patterns can be extremely intricate and heavy to simple and casual.

Here are some different types of embroidery design which you can try for your kurtis.

1. Zardosi Embroidery

It literally means to sewing with gold thread in Persian language. Also, it is the most beautiful and elaborate embroidery work. If you try this hand embroidery kurti designs it will surely turn heads. For a heavier look for your kurti you can even have your entire kurti embroidered with beautiful motifs while, if you want some simple look go for the embroidery designs for kurtis neck line. Zardosi work is mostly done in gold and silver or other metallic colours. It can further be decorated with stones or pearls.

Hand Embroidery Designs For Kurtis

2. Mirror Work Embroidery

Mirror work or Shisha embroidery on kurtis is a very traditional kind of embroidery and can be found in different types of apparels. Though it is very simple, it looks beautiful on any fabric. This hand embroidery kurtis designs can be done artistically. Also the mirror can be of different sizes and shapes to suit your kurti. By a simple line around your neckline or on side cut of your kurti can certainly look charming. It can also liven up a boring kurti and make your attire shine.

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Embroidery Designs For Kurtis Neck

Kantha Embroidery Kurtis
Source: harmeendesign.com

5. Chikan Embroidery

Chikankari embroidery is the pride of Lucknow and has originated since the era of Mughals. It is beautifully done with white colour on fabrics which are light in weight. Nowadays you can find Chikankari work done in different colours along with different embellishments like sequins, mirror etc. It looks absolutely stylish when done in a kurti. Usually it is an all over embroidery done in beautiful freehand motifs.

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Chikan Embroidery Kurti
Source: paytm.com


6. Kashmiri Embroidery

This magnificent embroidery comes from the most beautiful place in India. Kashmiri embroidery is not only known within India but across the world. It is an absolutely must have. Usually, done with different colours and appropriate shading, it is irresistible. Kashmiri embroidery designer kurti usually takes inspiration from nature with its theme revolving around flowers, trees, creepers, fruits, birds, etc.

Kashmiri Embroidery Kurti
Source: kashmirmarket.com

7. Kutchi Embroidery

This world renowned embroidery comes from the state of Gujarat. What is stunning in this form of embroidery is its vibrant colours. It is usually done with more than three colours and embellished with mirror or patches. Because of its grandeur it looks beautiful on any kind of attire. Whether it is a designer kurti or a lehenga or a sari, it adds definitive charm.

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Kutchi Embroidery Kurti
Source: vibgyorcollections.com

These were some incredible embroidery kurti designs. Don’t you think it should be a part of your wardrobe too?


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