Skin Care Routine To Follow Religiously In Your 20s


Aging is the most annoying factor of a woman’s life. But we have to face it, isn’t it? Aging brings along with it multiple tags like skin dullness, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. With time we all start noticing the change in our skin tone.

It’s important to note that the skin undergoes a transformation, when you hit your 20s. The skin starts showing signs of dryness and acne. Hence, it is most important to take care of the skin right from the on-set of 20s. During teenage years, pimples are the most common problem. But after hitting 20s, several skin issues crop up other than zits. You have to learn how to deal with it differently through complete skin care study.


The most important way to deal with all these skin related problems is to follow a daily skin care routine religiously. So apart from dealing with acne, take care of all skin issues to have a healthy glowing skin for years to come by.

There are several skin care tips shown in the video to help your skin look gorgeous. The 20s is the time where your skin might show signs of premature aging. This is likely to happen when skin is exposed to direct sunlight without use of effective sunscreen. And 20s is also the best time to start preventing dry skin by incorporating few care routines that will make you look fresher than ever.

The video shares skincare for sensitive skin and all skin tones and we hope these advanced skin care routine will greatly help you.

Solution For Dry Skin

Sleepless nights or pyjama parties might turn your skin dull. Here is the perfect dry skin care cue to bring that burst of energy to your skin. Give this exfoliating pore treatment a shot and enjoy the results. With a cotton pad, dab the solution onto the face and rub it in circular motions for exfoliation. This can revive your skin texture and bring out the glow. This solution also helps minimize pores and makes it easier to blend in the makeup.

Solution For Dark Spots

Over exposure to the Sun or usage of birth control pills often leads to dark spots. To help resolve this problem, try best natural skin care solution that contains Vitamin C. This solution will help brighten and clear the skin in few weeks. But if these spots are due to hormonal imbalances, then it won’t fade away completely.

Solution For Acne

Acne is a common problem with most ladies in their early 20’s. If you have noticeable breakouts on the face, then remember this face care tips. Use a cotton swab to scoop out the moisturizer from the jar. This will prevent the bacteria on your hands from contaminating the jar. This is one of the best skincare for oily skin that helps prevent future skin breakouts or acne.

Solution For Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes look ugly and unflattering. To avoid this damage to the look, opt for a light reflecting eye cream. Pick a light formula induced cream that has light reflecting pearls. This magical cream brightens the skin and reduces both fine lines and puffiness.

Solution For Acne Scars

Primer works as one of the best solution for acne scars. Though it is not a long term solution, it helps camouflage the acne scars. Depending on acne scar texture, blend in the primer to fill the voids and breakages. Over this base coat of primer, spread out evenly a color-correcting concealer to hide the patched up acne scars.


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