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A Matching Affair: Sunglasses And Lipstick Ideas

by Fashionlady
Sunglasses And Lipstick Ideas

Sunglasses And Lipstick Ideas

Some things just have to be in pairs. So, whether you are rocking your studs and nose pins or sunglasses and lipsticks; there has to be a balance in the chaos. Most people do not think that lipsticks and sunglasses need to match. After all, isn’t it a tedious affair? Well, don’t you worry! We have got your back. We have picked up some of the best sunglasses and lipstick trends that can give you a cue of how great something can look in pairs.

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So let’s get started on sunglasses and lipstick ideas!

When It Is All Red

Red is a colour that suits everyone and can glam up your face in seconds! You wear red lipstick and you are literally smoldering in the sun. The glam quotient is instantly sky high with red lipstick and you can pair it with some retro glasses (Lennon glasses or anything else you may want to name those round sunnies) and complete your look.

Here is another thing you may want to keep in mind. Red is a colour that has various shades too. So, if you are someone with a cool complexion, you should better go with a blue based red. If your complexion is somewhat orange, the best bet would be to have a coral red. Retro glasses and red lipstick – you are the bomb!

Sunglasses And Lipstick Ideas

Check out some celebrity inspiration from Gwen Stefani, the queen of Red Lipstick

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Gwen Stefani Red Lipstick

Source: stylebistro.com


Cat Eyes and Neons

Cat eyes are the newest babies to hit the town, and we tell you: They are here to stay. Cat eyes are very summery and look great with reds too, but if you want it breezy and easy, you should look out from some neon shades, especially tangerine and fuchsia pink. You can pair them up with black cat eyes and any other colour. No matter what, these cat eyes can always look good! So go take them out for a spin.

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Are you excited already to try the sunglasses and lipstick ideas?

Cat Eyes and Neons

Source: pinterest.com

Power Couple

When you want to exude a powerful look, you have to dress your face accordingly. This is what a power couple of sunglasses and lipstick looks like: You coordinate statement sunglasses with a combination of lipstick and gloss. It is smart, sassy and we tell you-very powerful. Go for lip duos like Noni Crème Colour Classic Lip Duo to ramp up that look every now and then. Don’t forget to carry that smile and please groom your eyebrows!

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Lipstick And Sunglasses Ideas

Source: shopify.com

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This is however a bold look and you should make sure that you pick a lipstick shade which matches your sunnies.

Sunglasses and Pink Lipstick Idea

Source: wordpress.com

Now you have your ammo ready! Get amped up and keep these points in mind while buying your next lipstick shade and sunglasses!

Hope you enjoyed this post on how to match your sunglasses to your lipstick. If you have some more sunglasses and lipstick ideas that you would like to share with us, please let us know.

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