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Vintage Fashion: What Was Fashion Back in the 1920s?

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There is always something about the 1920s or the vintage fashion, which we cannot put a finger on. But there sure is an awesome charm that has done its rounds, even when women back then refrained from being too skinny or showing too much skin. The makeup was bare minimal, and the shades used were apt for black and white reels. The eyes were the centre of attention, the lips did the talking and the accessories along with the simple yet glamorous couture said it all. Here’s paying a tribute to the vintage fashion of 1920s, and we hope to emulate it in 2015, with a touch of respect and honour!

Vintage Fashion Of 1920s

Burlesque Was The Fashion Theme Back Then

Chic and cute, girls back then didn’t shy from being flashy with their headdresses. From fancy ribbons to feathers long and soft, our divas back then flaunted them all with total grace and elegance. The smokey eye makeup was best done with Vaseline to seal the graceful beauty of the eyes!

Vintage Fashion Of 1920s

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Lace Up Sandals For The Bodylicious Legs

When girls back then didn’t fat-shame or feel shy of their big legs, they flaunted the beautiful pair in roman lace ups footwear for the feet. Slits to the dangerous high-knee levels were the norm, and minimal makeup, spun the charm

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Lace Up Sandals For The Bodylicious Legs

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Celebrity Pauline Starke Showed Us How

Daring as a celebrity in her own rights, Pauline Starke broke all norms of female empowerment and walked ahead with her own sense of style and fashion. Wearing the famous designer, Assuit, and draped in all her beauty, Pauline Starke looks stunning in the Egyptian cat eye look!

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Doing it like Pola Negri

When silent movies were the norm, beauties from Poland showed us what fashion meant back then. Chic hair accessories and fur coats were haute trends, and Pola Negri, the silent Polish film actress was an epitome of beauty flaunting them on the silver screen!

vintage fashion history

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The Bennett Sisters

Quite the plain Jane look, but that too in the 1920s was hot stuff! While the term Plain Jane has been redefined over the years, The famous ‘Bennett sisters’- actresses in the 1920’s, Joan and Constance were considered style icons, and now we know why!


vintage fashion style

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Laura La Plante And Her Pearls

Laura La Plante, a silent film actress and best known for her love for pearls, stole the show each time she was on the silver screen with her talents and skills. More than sixty movies to her name, the 1920s worshipped Laura La Plante on the same lines as that of Cleopatra in her days.

Now you know why the vintage fashion trends, pearls are still loved by all.

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vintage fashion trends

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Partial Coverage On Lingerie From The 1920s

Lingerie ads weren’t so flashy and bold, as they are now. Women were confident with corsets and long panties, made from cotton, rayon and silk, but the headdress always stole the show and the garter belts too.

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Sensuality At Its Best In 1926

Lupe Velez, a model in 1926 became the reason why most men had sleepless nights. While most women wouldn’t dare bare it all or minimum back then, Lupe Velez was bold and expressive being comfortable in her own skin! Probably this was one of the vintage fashion inspiration that celebrities picked on and decided to go bold over the years.

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vintage fashion designers

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Pants And Roller Skates

Yes, our girls back then dared to do what only the men would; they wore pants and skated around the Riviera for fun! We love this vintage fashion style, you?

vintage Skating Fashions

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We wouldn’t want to compare the new-age girls with the golden beauties back then, and would end with a note saying, every era had its own style defined! Hope this article on vintage fashion trends was fun and helpful.

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